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Friday, August 20, 2010

Using Game Modifiers in Taiko Arcades

Works on Taiko arcade 7/8/9 and above, depending on the feature added at the time.

You must use the Oni difficulty unlock command before doing this! After unlocking Oni, go back to Kantan and hit the left rim 5 times. The background will turn dark blue, and Don will say 'Baizoku!' (double speed). Hit it every 5 times to switch to whichever modifier you wish to use, in the order shown above. For more information on the modifiers themselves, click here.

Normal --> x2 --> x3 --> x4 --> Invis --> Reverse --> Normal

The pink numbers on the right is the version of the arcade which the modifier was first used.

Note: From Taiko 11 onwards, the method to reaching game modifiers has been slightly changed because Taiko sounds were introduced. It's the same process, but instead of going back to Kantan, stay on Oni and hit the right rim 5 times.

Autoplay and Sudden Death (Kanpeki) are console-exclusive.

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