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Arcade Taiko ta-don!

Taiko no Tatsujin began its life from the arcades. All the machines are made up of one screen in the middle with two drums on the left and right, to support two players. There are two speakers on both sides, so there is no disparity in offset for either player. The first arcade version, and the pioneer of the series, shipped in the year 2001, followed by many, many updates.

Originally Taiko no Tatsujin operated off the much simpler Namco System 10 arcade system board, which basically speaking, had the processing power of the PlayStation1. When Taiko no Tatsujin was first released on a console it retained the old engine, resulting in the first few PS2 Taiko games having PS1 standard graphics and sound.

At the 7th arcade version Namco gave Taiko no Tatsujin a complete overhaul, upgrading the arcade machines to the current, newer system board, Namco System 246, a board based off PS2 technology, and upgraded again to another new format after the 14th iteration to the newer Namco System 357, based off  Playstation 3.

Significant changes to the series will be mentioned underneath each arcade machine's profile.

For Taiko Dojo, the mobile service complementing Taiko no Tatsujin 7 to 14, click here.

Taiko no TatsujinTaiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人)
-First ever Taiko, songs had only a single difficulty 
-Namco System 10
Release: 21 February 2001       Number of songs: 25
Taiko no Tatsujin 2Taiko no Tatsujin 2 (太鼓の達人2)
-Donderful difficulty introduced
-Multiple (incomplete) difficulty levels for each song
Release: 6 August 2001       Number of songs: 36
Taiko no Tatsujin 3Taiko no Tatsujin 3 (太鼓の達人3)
-Balloon notes introduced
-Battle mode introduced
Release: 15 March 2002       Number of songs: 44
Taiko no Tatsujin 4Taiko no Tatsujin 4 (太鼓の達人4)
-Voice samples for '50 combo!' '100 combo!' etc.
Release: 12 December 2002       Number of songs: 48
Taiko no Tatsujin 5Taiko no Tatsujin 5 (太鼓の達人5)
-Song before difficulty select added, but can't choose Donderful in this mode
-Futsuu difficulty added for all Namco Originals
-Able to choose same song more than once per play
Release: 6 October 2003       Number of songs: 54
Taiko no Tatsujin 6Taiko no Tatsujin 6 (太鼓の達人6) 
-Able to choose same song more than once per play only if song is chosen before difficulty
Release: 15 July 2004      Number of songs: 58
Taiko no Tatsujin 7Taiko no Tatsujin 7 (太鼓の達人7)
-Namco System 246, graphical overhaul
-All songs streamlined to 6 genres, complete difficulty
-Go-Go Time and Doron modifier added
-Yam Note added 
-Number of times drumrolls are hit is displayed
-Donderful difficulty renamed to Oni
-Battle Mode discarded
-Ability to choose same song more than once per play discarded
-Popularity Ranking added
Release: 15 July 2005    Number of songs: 80
Taiko no Tatsujin 8Taiko no Tatsujin 8 (太鼓の達人8)
-Game Music genre added
-Baizoku, Sanbai, Yonbai modifier added
-Revival Roulette added after first song is failed
Release: 23 March 2006     Number of songs: 90
Taiko no Tatsujin 9Taiko no Tatsujin 9 (太鼓の達人9)
-Abekobe modifier added
-Song Select mode taken out
-Results screen shows number of 良・可・不可 obtained
Release: 20 December 2006       Number of songs: 100
Taiko no Tatsujin 10Taiko no Tatsujin 10 (太鼓の達人10)
-First arcade Taiko with secret codes
-'Game Over' text swapped for Japanese equivalent
-Option to arrange songs by difficulty added
-Tutorial system changed
Release: 26 July 2007       Number of songs: 102 + 3
Taiko no Tatsujin 11Taiko no Tatsujin 11 (太鼓の達人11)
-First arcade with Ura Oni
-First arcade with different Taiko sounds
-Papa Mama Support added
-Results screen shows total number of hits on drumrolls
-Revival Roulette is replaced with Revival Drumroll
-Position of drum sticks changed
Release: 18 March 2008       Number of songs: 108 + 6
Taiko no Tatsujin 11 AsiaTaiko no Tatsujin 11 Asian Version (太鼓の達人11 亞洲版)
-First Taiko arcade in full Chinese, features C-Pop genre
Release: 25 April 2008      Number of songs: 108 + 6
Taiko no Tatsujin 12Taiko no Tatsujin 12 (太鼓の達人12)
-Announcement of version number changed to Japanese equivalent
Release: 11 December 2008       Number of songs: 112 + 3
Taiko no Tatsujin 12 AsiaTaiko no Tatsujin 12 Asian Version (太鼓の達人12 亞洲版)
Release: 23 June 2009      Number of songs: 143 + 2
Taiko no Tatsujin 12.5Taiko no Tatsujin 12 Don~! to Zoryoban (太鼓の達人12 ド~ン!と増量版)
Release: 14 July 2009       Number of songs: 147 + 11
Taiko no Tatsujin 13Taiko no Tatsujin 13 (太鼓の達人13)
Release: 17 December 2009      Number of songs: 154 +7
Taiko no Tatsujin 14Taiko no Tatsujin 14 (太鼓の達人14)
-First arcade Taiko to congratulate a Full Combo
-Introduced Shinta Mode, a different scoring method 
-Only arcade to receive a software patch
Release: 8 September 2010       Number of songs: 157 + 13 + 5
Taiko no Tatsujin newTaiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人)
-Same name as first arcade
-Namco System 357, new graphic and interface update
-Backlit LCD screen, surround sound speaker system
-Player profiles through Banapassport added, network and DLC support
-Able to choose same song more than once per play
-First arcade with costume and color select
-2 players can choose different difficulties and gameplay mods 
-Scoring system changed, result screen overhauled
-First Taiko to congratulate a Normal Clear
-Yam Note replaced with Kusudama Note, Kimagure and Detarame modifiers added 
-Revival Drumroll is available after every song
Release: 16 November 2011       Number of songs: 147 + 20 +15
Taiko no Tatsujin new 2012Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人) (July 2012 Update)
-First arcade version to have a built-in camera
-Network functionality revamped 
-Don Challenge system for unlocking even more content 
-Dojo Ranking mode added
-Folder for recently played and popular songs added
 Release: 25 July 2012       Number of songs: 210 + 38
Taiko no Tatsujin SorairoTaiko no Tatsujin Sorairo Version (太鼓の達人 ソライロver.)
-Vocaloid genre added
 Release: 13 March 2013       Number of songs: 276 + 43
Taiko no Tatsujin MomoiroTaiko no Tatsujin Momoiro Version (太鼓の達人 モモイロver.)
-Costumes and titles split into two different types
 Release: 11 December 2013       Number of songs: 321 + 41
Taiko no Tatsujin MomoiroTaiko no Tatsujin (International) (太鼓の達人)
-First HD Taiko to be officially released outside of Japan, carries latest firmware
-Certain features from Momoiro currently unavailable
 Release: 27 January 2014       Number of songs: 227 + 34
Taiko no Tatsujin MomoiroWadaiko Master
-First arcade to be released outside of Asia, carries Momoiro firmware
-Brasilian Music genre added
 Release: May 2014       Number of songs: 32
Taiko no Tatsujin KimidoriTaiko no Tatsujin Kimidori Version (太鼓の達人 キミドリver.)
-More folders to separate favorite songs, friend challenges, and promotional sets
 Release: 16 July 2014       Number of songs: 364 + 80 - 20
Taiko no Tatsujin Kimidori Taiko no Tatsujin Kimidori Version (International) (太鼓の達人 キミドリver.)
-Folders to easily find Touhou songs and new licenses
-Monthly Facebook score contests
 Release: 6 August 2014       Number of songs: 291 + 36 - 19
Taiko no Tatsujin Murasaki Taiko no Tatsujin Murasaki Version (太鼓の達人 ムラサキver.)
-Favorites song folder expands to 10 songs
-Tweaked results screen
 Release: 11 March 2015       Number of songs: 421 + 59
Taiko no Tatsujin Murasaki Taiko no Tatsujin Murasaki Version (International) (太鼓の達人 ムラサキver.)
-Tweaked results screen
 Release: 11 March 2015       Number of songs: 350 + 27 - 6
Taiko no Tatsujin White Taiko no Tatsujin White Version (太鼓の達人 ホワイトver.)
-First arcade version with Tokkun Mode
 Release: 10 December 2015       Number of songs: 484 + 72
Taiko no Tatsujin WhiteTaiko no Tatsujin White Version (International) (太鼓の達人 ホワイトver.)
 Release: 20 January 2016       Number of songs: 355 +68
Taiko no Tatsujin RedTaiko no Tatsujin Red Version (太鼓の達人 レッドver.)
-First arcade version with Dojo Ranking Gaiden trials 
Release: 14 July 2016       Number of songs: 538 + 50
Taiko no Tatsujin RedTaiko no Tatsujin Red Version (International) (太鼓の達人 レッドver.)
 Release: 6 September 2016       Number of songs: 439 + 58
Taiko no Tatsujin YellowTaiko no Tatsujin Yellow Version (太鼓の達人 イエローver.)
-Don Point system replaced with Don and Katsu medals
Release: 15 March 2017       Number of songs: 593 + 27
Taiko no Tatsujin YellowTaiko no Tatsujin Yellow Version (International) (太鼓の達人 イエローver.)
-Don Point system replaced with Don and Katsu medals
Release: 5 April 2017       Number of songs: 543 + 5


Spinoff arcades

Taiko no Tatsujin RTTaiko no Tatsujin RT ~Nippon no Kokoro~ (太鼓の達人RT~日本の心~)
-Modified arcade for rehabilitation purposes
-Only Kantan and Futsuu difficulties
-'Drum Hitting' mode for strength training
Release: November 2004?     Number of songs: 20
Medal no TatsujinMedal no Tatsujin- Doki! Ooatari Darake no Sugoroku Matsuri (メダルの達人 ドキッ!大当たりだらけのすごろく祭り)
-Taiko spinoff, Mario Party board game style with Don-chan as the main character
-Songs are used in a drumming minigame
Release: April 2005       Number of songs: 40
Medal no Tatsujin 2Medal no Tatsujin 2- Atsumare! Go! Go! Sugoroku Sentai Don Ranger Five (メダルの達人2 あつまれ!ゴー!ゴー!双六戦隊ドンレンジャーファイブ)
-More new minigames, choice can differ based on in-game season of the year 
-Battle minigame with Waru-Mekadon
Release: February 2007       Number of songs: 43