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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Song of the Week! 31 August 2019

A quick one for today; something from the past... that is titled after the future!

Friday, August 30, 2019

[RANDOM] - Audio Deka's Official Youtube Recordings (+ Extra)

Although Taiko-focused streams are a thing of the past nowadays, the Namco musicians-powered Audio Deka drama series is still kicking strong with occasional new episodes for their NAMCO SOUNDS livestream line... Such is the case of this 5th episode, which has been uploaded on the sound team's Youtube channel.

Not only that, all the former episodes were published as well, grouped into their own dedicated playlist! If you want to relieve the silly antics of the audio detectives with pristine video quality, now there's an official way to do so.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

[NS] - Tatsujin Challenge Pack Vol.7 and Even More Vocaloids

Two new 5-song packs are headed to the Nintendo Switch Taiko game, slated to a September 5th release. Both packs can bolster series-overall debuts with Bandai Namco-related internal resources, no less!

Tatsujin Challenge Pack Vol.7: September 5th, 2019 (500 yen+tax)

OK I'm blue rat
Yumeiro Coaster
Mr. Runner 
Mr.ランナー/MOES feat. Singman
Key: red = series debutblue = console debut

Vocaloid Songs Pack Vol.3: September 5th, 2019 (500 yen+tax)

Roki MikitoP feat. Kagamine Rin
ロキ/みきとP feat.鏡音リン
Ame to Petra Balloon feat. flower
雨とペトラ/バルーン feat. flower
Cantabile×Passione OSTER project feat. Hatsune Miku
カンタービレ×パッシオーネ/OSTER project feat.初音ミク
Juukinzoku Fugitive Ryuwitty
future beat feat. Mirai Komachi
Key: red = series debutblue = console debut

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Namco Taiko Blog (August 28 2019): An Eggs-hilarating Autumn Breeze of Green ver. Updates

About one month apart is a good rate for Taiko no Tatsujin Green ver. update to pump out. So how about one coming to you on September 4 2019 sounds? As always, we will let the song list prelude them all:

Monday, August 26, 2019

Site Announcement: Taiko Time 9th Anniversary!

It's still August! Still on time for the Taiko Time 9th Anniversary celebration! Real world obligations! You know that from last few years already!

It is during this past year that Taiko no Tatsujin is back into the global spotlight outside of just Japan, Asian arcade goers and foreign importers, thanks to the double whammy of PS4 Session de Dodon ga Don and Nintendo Switch Version both getting their worldwide versions. No matter since whenever you decided to join our little voyage, thank you for sticking with us for your English-translated Taiko no Tatsujin information.

This year we have the staple Anniversary Quiz plus a little side tournament (last done in 6th Anniversary), but with quite a twist in the format compared with past years. I guess I'll let the event post do the talking in further detail then, coming September 1.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Song of the Week! 24 August 2019

Within the sea of BMS-popularized Variety additions we're getting on the arcade fields from Spring to this Summer, there's one peculiar song that could be easily associated to this independent artist corner while not being an actual BMS addition!

It's time to welcome back one CreoFUGA-winning talent under his other, most-known alias...

[PS4] Taiko Ranked Match Event: dSports Fest

As summer ends, it's time to work out to the imminent autumn breeze! The new Taiko Ranked Match Event dSports Fest (dスポーツフェス) (as opposed to eSports it's "don sports"?) debuts between August 30 and September 10 (start/ends at 18:00 JPT), featuring again rewards returning (from Moonlight Master Festival last year) and brand-new.

Houkan no Kugetsu Middle Verse "The Sighing Princess"

Sports Digestdon
スポーツダイジェスドン/~Fill in The Sky~

TitleFest Points
Title: dSports Fest Is Here
Greeting: Give Up and the Performance Ends Here
Body: Moon
Houkan no Kugetsu
Head+Body: Mosquito-coil Piggy
Head+Body: Skateboarder
Head+Body: Bicycle
Sports Digestdon
Head+Body: Tennis
Title: dSports Fest Master
Don Koban ×3
ドン小判 3枚
Every 10
★ If you already received the returning reward(s) in past events, 10 Fest Points are given instead.

Friday, August 23, 2019

[RANDOM] - Taiko no Tatsujin's 4-koma Manga Serialization

Since June of last year, Corocoro Magazine has been hosting a comedic Yonkoma (lit. '4 Panels') for a younger audience, falling under the title of Taiko no Tatsujin 4koma-saii de Dodon ga Don! (太鼓の達人 4コマ祭でドドンがドン!).

Starting on August 28th, this series will start getting a separate serialization of its strips, with the release of the series' first tankobon! Under this new guise, the series will also receive a slight title change, in Taiko no Tatsujin 4koma-saii de Dodon ga Don! Don-chan Sawagi-hen (太鼓の達人 4コマ祭でドドンがドン! どんちゃんさわぎ編).

Source (corocoro.jp)

First Video: MOIL

For the niche of players that are nostalgic for rap-like playable licenses in Taiko a-la Longtime Respect, the latest addition to the Anime genre is here to satiate that need with a notelight Oni notechart that enrolls the same charting techniques.

MOIL Keina Suda/Ni no Kuni
        須田景凪 映画「二ノ国」より