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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Song of the Week! 28 November 2020


This ending week marked the dual-3DS Taiko game rerelease in Asian countries for Nintendo Switch, one week ahead the rest of the world.

It's not the first time the greater Asian countries get dibs on advanced Taiko goodness... let alone exclusive playthings that not even Japan had the pleasure to toy with. Meet another of those today!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

[NS-RPG] Release Day Cosplay, Campaign and Oopsies

While it's not going to be a very smooth release day for Taiko no Tatsujin Rhythmic Adventure Pack (in Asia), let us open with a brand new TVCM featuring real-life Don-chan, Tocky (rabbit in the basket), Ticky, Tia and Popokaka (monkey and handler in tow).

Nintendo Switch Taiko Series Campaign
While stock lasts, if you purchase a copy of either NS1 or NS-RPG with a Taiko controller from designated participating stores, you can get a special-design box and clear folder as bonus gifts.

Taiko Goofs: Adventure Edition
A new Taiko no Tatsujin game is always welcome with us, but unfortunately Rhythmic Adventure Pack has not been exactly a marvel in terms of performance and polish. A common complaint by early adapters is the sudden unstable performance of touchscreen controls, which was not found in the original NS1.
Doing the post-release survey (up until 2021/02/25) could be a way to reflect how you think and make for better future experiences.

[NS1] Last Christmas I Gave Namco My Wallet: Nintendo Switch Version December 2020 DLC


After breaking the record of the largest overall tracklist (counting DLC) in Taiko no Tatsujin history, NS1 goes on to snatch a tied first in the largest Classical-genre tracklist (tied with PSP2 at 26). The DLC addition that pushes NS1 to the top is December 2020's Classical Arrange Pack (クラシックアレンジパック) with five arrangement tracks of classical pieces.

In the Pops genre, we are reminded that artists part of the UUUM multi-channel network has been a constant injector of new licenced songs by the eponymous UUUM Pack (UUUMパック). Two more individually-sold tracks are also available, one of which is very seasonal.

Classical Arrange Pack: December 3 2020 (500 yen+tax)

Charlie Dash!
チャーリー ダッシュ!
★4 ★7 ★8 ★10
Nocturne Op.9-2
★4 ★6 ★7 ★8
★5 ★7 ★8 ★10
Classic Medley (Wedding ver.)
★4* ★5* ★5* ★7*
★4 ★7 ★8 ★9
Key: red = series debutblue = console debut
Difficulty ratings with * are from past 1st- or 2nd-generation games and may be subject to change

UUUM Pack: December 3 2020 (400 yen+tax)

★2 ★3 ★3 ★5
★1 ★1 ★2 ★2
JOIN US UUUM Collab Unit
★2 ★3 ★3 ★7
Key: red = series debutblue = console debut

Individual DLC Tracks: December 3 2020 (150 yen+tax each)

LAST CHRISTMAS ★? ★? ★? ★?
Yoru ni Kakeru
★1 ★2 ★4 ★8
Key: red = series debutblue = console debut

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

First Video: Nijiiro Version V08.18's New Songs

The dreaded Nijiiro Version update with the final main Ranking Dojo trials is finally here! Witness the brutality of the contest-submitted contenders with a spoonful of licensed treats, starting with the latest A3! Anime theme.

Dakara Boku wa Ongaku o Yameta Yorushika
 / Circle of Seasons A3!

Stick Trick ShowTime!! MisomyL

Rasen Shukai Kidou
螺旋周回軌道/BlackY feat. Risa Yuzuki
Hakanaki wa Gensho ni Mau

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Song of the Week! 21 November 2020

With the last few Ranking Dojo main courses coming up in a few days, let's warm the ground up with a modern top-difficulty contender with a history on said mode, shall we?

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Namco Taiko Blog (November 19th, 2020) - November 2020's Arcade Taiko Update, the Full Deal


We already got an appetizer last week, but here's a complete digression of what's in store for the next Nijiiro Version update, going live next week on November 25th.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

First Video: Nihiki wa Nekotomo!

Japanese Taiko players are now able to enjoy the latest piece of free song DLC for the ongoing Switch game, closing the Nekotomo referencing circle with its ending theme being made playable. While a considerable difficulty bump in comparison to the game's launch day Nekotomo track, it doesn't go that much differently from your average Anime song charting of the same Oni rating.

Nihiki wa Nekotomo! Neko Tomo Ending Theme
★2 ★3 ★3 ★6