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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Song of the Week! 23 September 2023


There's such a big talk surrounding certain flowers of sorts, so I'll have to muster my clickbaiting skills to suffice the need...

Monday, September 18, 2023

Taiko no Tatsujin Nijiiro ver. Farewell Tracks (2023/10/18)

2023/10/18 (all locales except mainland China)
  Also in: AC12-14, Wii1, PSPDX (DLC), Plus (sub), DS3, Wii U1, PS4, NS2 (sub)
★2 ★3 ★2
2023/10/18 (Japan exclusive)
Circle of Seasons
  ACN exclusive
★4 ★4 ★6

Farewell Timeline (all times are JST/UTC+9)
Time Milestone
2023/09/29 00:00
  • Farewell Tracks unusable in Donder Hiroba tournaments and challenges
2023/10/18 02:00
  • Crowns and score ranks obtained from Farewell Tracks removed from totals in Donder Hiroba
2023/10/18 07:00
  • Farewell Tracks no longer playable 
  • Scores and rankings of Farewell Tracks removed from view in Donder Hiroba
  • Liked Tracks slot and Favourite Track reverted to none if Farewell Tracks was selected

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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Song of the Week! 16 September 2023


Top-difficulty-contenders ahoy! They both come from the same composer/lead singer duo, too.

Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat Version 1.15.0 Update

Available on 2023/09/15, Version 1.15.0 of Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat brings Donders one series debut track, and one track from way back with a new set of regular notecharts (old Oni notechart is moved to Ura Oni difficulty).

★2 ★4 ★5 ★7
TT -Japanese ver.- ★3 ★5 ★5 ★7
★4 ★4 ★4
Get Wild City Hunter
★3 ★4 ★5 ★8 ★7
Night of Knights Touhou Project Arrange/beatMARIO
ナイト・オブ・ナイツ/東方Projectアレンジ ビートまりお

Utsukushiku Isogashiki Danube
★4 ★4 ★6 ★8
Heaven's Rider Rio Hamamoto (BNSI)
★5 ★6 ★8 ★9
Key: red = series debutgreen = subscription debut

[Plus/STH] The Last of Gakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds (2023/09/29)

The end of an era arrives as the contents of the final update to the Gakkyoku Tori Houdai subscription are teased. Enjoy Taiko no Tatsujin Plus' last six months of operation with a total of 780+ tracks available in the plans, or get RHYTHM CONNECT for more mobile Taiko action.

For a recap on the full details of the service termination of Taiko no Tatsujin Plus, click here.

Gakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds

Tenohira o Taiyou ni

Tarako Tarako Tarako Kewpie Dressing Pasta Sauce Tarako CM Song
たらこ・たらこ・たらこ/キユーピー あえるパスタソースたらこ CMソング

Ouka Ranman
★4 ★6 ★7 ★8

Senkou Valkyria Seifuumeigetsu (Drop × Yura Hatsuki)
★4 ★6 ★7 ★8

Diet Fighter
★3 ★4 ★7 ★8

Tetrarhythmosphobia feat. Lushka
★4 ★5 ★7

BE THE ACE ★4 ★5 ★6 ★6★9
Key: red = series debut; green = subscription debut
Difficulty ratings with * are from past 1st- or 2nd-generation games and may be subject to change

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Namco Taiko Blog (2023/09/14): September NIjiiro ver. Update Goes Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-don-kat

In which the upcoming version update to Taiko no Tatsujin Nijiiro ver. on 2023/09/20 realizes most of the reveals in the 2023/09/03 official livestream plus a bit more.
N.B.: As the mainland China port is technically a separate game, all mentions of "all locales" below do NOT include mainland China. Please look to official channels like the WeChat official account for further information.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Livestream Recap: 2023/09/03 Taiko no Tatsujin Official Livestream

Fall's advent is upon us once more, but there's still some time left to squeeze some Summer-shaped Taiko fun with Etou and Kimizu's livestreaming antics! As usual, after the jump is our go-through the main points being touched upon, while the YT stream per-se appears right above these very lines.