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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Song of the Week! 25 June 2022


The great silence surrounding the next Nintendo Switch entry has finally been lifted! Let's celebrate with one of the newly-revealed tracks to be joining the fun on its base song list.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

First Video Portal: June 2022


Plastic Love
★2 ★4
★5 ★7


せかいのおと -sekai note- FILTER SYSTEM/Synchronica
  FILTER SYSTEM 「シンクロニカ」より
★1 ★2
★4 ★8


★4 ★7
★8 ★10

[NS2] Donderful/Rhythm Festival Release Date Reveal Video and Additional Launch Day Details

Ever since the initial Nintendo Direct reveal back in February, we didn't get anything else in terms of new intel surrounding the next Nintendo Switch major release for the series. That, however, changes today as in one night we might have received TOO MUCH to talk about in just one meager recap post!

Aided by the release date reveal video from the JP Bandai Namco YT channel and (of course) the game's freshly-updated website, we're taking a look at everything that has been revealed today, bit by bit.

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[Xbox/WinPC] Overshadowed Mediocrity: late-June 2022 DLC Addition

Announced on the same day as the other, way bigger news, the fifth round of DLC additions for Taiko no Tatsujin The Drum Master for Xbox (Series X/S) and Windows PC has no series- or console-debut tracks again.

Touhou Project Arrange Pack Vol.2: 2022/06/30 (440 yen, tax incl.)

Necrofantasia ~ Arr. Demetori Touhou Project Arrange/Demetori
ネクロファンタジア ~ Arr.Demetori
  東方Projectアレンジ Demetori
★5 ★7 ★8 ★10
Grip & Break down!! -Tatsujin Edit-
  Touhou Project Arrange/SOUND HOLIC feat.Nana Takahashi
Grip & Break down !! -達人Edit.-
  東方Projectアレンジ SOUND HOLIC feat.Nana Takahashi
★4 ★5 ★6 ★7 ★9
Akeboshi Rocket
  Touhou Project Arrange/Kishida Kyoudan & the Akeboshi Rockets
明星ロケット/東方Projectアレンジ 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ
★3 ★5 ★6 ★8
Key: red = series debutblue = console debut

Game Music Pack Vol.2: 2022/06/30 (495 yen, tax incl.)

Tales of Berseria Medley
テイルズ オブ ベルセリア メドレー
★4 ★6 ★6 ★8
★4 ★5 ★7
Wings of Tomorrow (Tatsujin Mix)
  「GOD EATER 2」より
★4 ★6 ★6 ★9
  「ACE COMBAT 04」より
★3 ★5 ★7 ★9
The Invincible Blade Soulcalibur V
★3 ★4 ★5 ★7
Key: red = series debutblue = console debut

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Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat Version 1.7.0 Update

After a slightly longer hiatus (3 months), Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat is back with a smaller update that still packs a punch.

Plastic Love
★2 ★4 ★5
Battaille Décisive Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone.
★3 ★3 ★5 ★7
Tell Me Beat kinoshita feat. Kagamine Rin
テルミービート/キノシタ feat. 鏡音リン
★3 ★5 ★6 ★8
GO ON ~Mirai e~ Taiko de Time Travel 2022/steμ respecting Time Travelers
GO ON ~未来へ~/太鼓 de タイムトラベル2022
  steμ respecting タイムトラベラーズ
★2 ★3 ★5 ★8
/~Seasons of Asia~
★3 ★5 ★5 ★7 ★8
Key: red = series debutgreen = subscription debut

Aside from the usual song list expansion, the app is now also equipped to collect anonymous data which feeds back to the Taiko Time to improve user experience.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

2nd Nippon Columbia Taiko Contest - The Final Entries


The Taiko Team has usually been eager on telling on Twitter when all of the a song-making contest's public entries have been uploaded on the contest page for everyone to see... but that doesn't look like the intended course of action for this one edition! Thus, after giving the benefit of the doubt for a few more days, we're just assuming at this point that every valid entry is already online.

Step right in for a final slew of talents from the last 5 page additions! Among the final contestants, we can find...
  • Raitei Akatsuki Kane (雷霆暁鐘), by the nicknamed siqlo (pronounced 'saikuro'). Already a multiple-time SOUND VOLTEX contest winner (Electric Injury; Adrenaline Rush among these), he's also found a place inside lowiro's Arcaea, with the collaboration song Mirzram.
  • Venus Victrix, another song submission from a trio of artists: the nick-named deli., vocalist Dadaco (駄々子) from Retropolitaliens (Toon Town Toys' Tune from Taiko gaming) and one Carmer (かるめん) who might mislead people thinking back to a certain The future of the Taiko Drum-shaped composer (at least it tricked me...). Will the trio succeede where other ensembles have failed in the past? (Also, what's up with the lyrics choice at the beginning...)
  • Shadow Fairies, by Black Oblaat. This one here is a really fresh name to witness, seeing as his online-posting musical activities stretch as fas as mere months, with the personal YouTube channel starting out with IA-powered Vocaloid songs!
  • Akumade Yamitsuki (あくまでヤミつき), an upbeat tune where former 11th-hour-submission contest winner Versus tags with the Taiko-recurring vocalist Yura Hatsuki (葉月ゆら). Should this tune cut in, it'd be the first song without her usual partnership with Drop!
  • Fantasia Sonata Lily, A song from the nicknamed PYKAMIA that not only already bolsters a presence within mobile music gaming as a BGM composer, but that also makes some of these for motern Vtubers, too! Joining the artist are power metal talent Ring and DJ Timotei, here credited as Satsunan (薛南).
  • Stella no Senritsu (ステラの旋律), from the sole winner of the second Taiko CreoFUGA contest's Overseas Asia divition! BTB/Ben TinyBunny is back at it again with a full-instrumental piece, and a more aggressive one in tone from his former Asagao!
  • PRESSSTART NEWWWORLD, a chiptune-based submission from the nicknamed HALLPBE.S, from Jaxalate Records. Among the former works, two of the same author also made it into music gaming: Egoistical Drug from the defunct MÚSECA and Enola Farewell from Deemo II.
  • Hexenprozess, starring the nicknamed Δ→Low who's applying into the yearly Taiko song contests for the third year in a row... and every time with a couple of tracks to boot!
  • Hidari Kulikku ga Osenai (左クリックが押せない), also from a duo who's been attending the recurring contests for the third year in a row! After earning a winning seat with 2020's edition and missing the mark the year after with two different submissions how will Risshu and Choco's latest creation fare, this year?
  • Hakujitsumi, Kirisame ni Tokete (白日夢、霧雨に溶けて), ending our recap with a newcomer tangent once more! Composer Goto (後藤) -who already got the song Predation into mobile music game Overrapid- is joined by vocalist Zerowan (ぜりょわん) in the hopes of landing one of the vacant Taiko seats this edition is offering.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Song of the Week! 18 June 2022


Adding another line to the "forever gone" records in Taiko history is one song from an ongoing LEVEL-5 franchise, one that hasn't been a stranger of this blog in the past either...