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Friday, August 31, 2012

Non-stop arrange play

Wow really? We've gone two years with the definition of 'arrange play' being in the glossary but never shown any video of it on the blog itself? Well, I'm pretty sure a lot of you have seen it done before at least once, but if you have not seen arrange play before, here are some videos. Basically, arrange play is doing the song as usual, but inserting imaginary notes in between note clusters by yourself. Test your cognitive skills!

Most of the very first non-stop arrange play videos on Youtube are done by one 'okayasu7777', who's done almost everything you can think of on the later PS2 games.

Non-stop arrange of Taberuna 2000. Slipping notes in between the big dons is not easy, and very easy to slip up and miss.

And this one on the arcade by a slightly more entertaining person. Lion Ura on Taiko 0. Look at his hands move!

And this one for White Rose Insanity Ura, using thumbs to perform the non-stop arrange, even at the increased scroll speed!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Chogouka-Ban song list

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii Chogouka-Ban

This compilation (lit. Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Super Deluxe Edition) is the fifth Taiko no Tatsujin game to be published for the Nintendo Wii and is released on November 2012. Despite newer consoles switching over to the third graphical interface of the HD arcade (such as Taiko 3DS), this Wii Taiko sticks stubbornly to the old interface, with one minor change: Don-chan's design is the new one. Various other things from the old format are kept; there's no option to stack multiple game modifiers together and still no mention of drumroll count on the results screen. Three features did make it through however, and that are the new scoring system, Random note modifiers Kimagure and Detarame, and the Kusudama Note replacing the Yam Note.

It bears a striking resemblance to its prequel Ketteiban in terms of gameplay modes. Fuuga and Mirai, the wind and lightning gods from the story mode of the previous game, are back for another round of lessons in their Taiko Classroom. Tsumamikui Ensou, a.k.a Guide Mode is also back, so players can still pause and practice tough bits of all the songs they want to play. Don-chan's mail and costumes are still stored in a space called Don-chan no Takaramono (Don-chan's Treasures) like in Ketteiban, and there are over 30 costumes, all of them from the new arcade. One new game mode in this is a collection of over 30 minigames, called Shunkan Soukai! Don-chan Sawagi (瞬間爽快!どんちゃん騒ぎ) which includes all-new minigames as well as classics from Taiko Wii 3 and the PS2 Taiko games, presented in multiple-game, quickfire fashion rather than full minigames.

It is said to have 100 songs in the promotional material, but there are actually 105 songs on the disc, putting it side by side with Ketteiban as the largest non-download songlist. Among them are lots of old favorites being brought back and mixed in with almost the rest of the Taiko 0 and 0.5 arcade songs that aren't already on a console version. Four Namco Original series are completely filled in this songlist (discounting future Rose and SORA songs), making for an epic package of songs and there are surprises even in the other genres; the Variety genre alone has 3 Uras to itself, something that has not happened before on any console Taiko.

Official Site Unlock Guide

No. of songs      105 
No. of secret songs45
No. of songs with Ura 15

*Difficulty ratings shown are for the song's latest appearance on an arcade or console Taiko and are subject to change.

J-Pop (10 songs)
Manatsu no Sounds good! (真夏のSounds good!)
x3x3x3x5 (video)
Heavy Rotation (ヘビーローテーション)
x6 (video)
Kaze ga Fuiteiru (風が吹いている)
Ikimono Gakari
x3x4x6x7 (video)
Tsukema Tsukeru (つけまつける)
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
x3x4x3x6 (video)
Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo -Z ver.- (行くぜっ!怪盗少女 Z ver.)
Momoiro Clover
x3x4x3x6 (video)
x3x4x5x9 (video)
Memeshikute (女々しくて)
Golden Bomber
x3x4x5x8 (video)
Bakuchi Dancer (バクチ・ダンサー)
x4x4x6x8 (video)
Linda Linda (リンダリンダ)
The Blue Hearts
x4x6x5x5 (video) (2P video)
x3x4x6x8 (video)

Anime (14 songs)
Yajirushi ni Natte! (やじるしになって!)
Pokémon Best Wishes!
x1x1x2x3 (video)
Kimi o Nosete (君をのせて)
Laputa: Castle in the Sky
x2x3x4x6 (video)
We Go! (ウィーゴー!)
One Piece
x3x2x5x6 (video)
Totsugeki Rock (突撃ロック)
Naruto Shippuden
x3x4x5x5 (video)
Jounetsu de Mune Atsu! (情熱で胸アツ!)
Inazuma Eleven GO Chrone Stone
x3x4x5x7 (video)
Haru Uta (ハルウタ)
Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker
x3x4x5x6 (video)
Busters Ready Go! (バスターズ レディーゴー!)
Tokumei Sentai Go Busters
x2x1x3x3 (video)
Zutto Zutto Tomodachi (ずっとずっとトモダチ)
Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!
x1x2x3x4 (video)
x2x3x5x6 (video)
Let's go! Smile Precure (Let’s go!スマイルプリキュア!)x1x1x3x4 (video)
Yume o Kanae te Doraemon (夢をかなえてドラえもん) x1x1x2x4 (video)
Anpanman no March (アンパンマンのマーチ)x2x1x5x1 (video)
Orion o Nazoru (オリオンをなぞる)
Tiger & Bunny
x7 (video)
A Cruel Angel's Thesis (残酷な天使のテーゼ)
Neon Genesis Evangelion
x4x4x6x7 (video)
 A Cruel Angel's Thesis (残酷な天使のテーゼ)
Neon Genesis Evangelion
---x8 (video)

Variety (6 songs)
Matryoshka (マトリョシカ)
Hachi feat. Hatsune Miku and Gumi
x7 (video)
Matryoshka (マトリョシカ)
Hachi feat. Hatsune Miku and Gumi
x9 (video)
Senbonzakura (千本桜)
feat. Hatsune Miku
x3x5x6x7 (video)
Senbonzakura (千本桜)
feat. Hatsune Miku
---x8 (video)
Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before/After Medley (大改造!! 劇的ビフォーアフターメドレー)
Inscrutable Battle - TAKUMI/Artisan
x4x5x7x9 (video)
Oshiri no Yama wa Everest (おしりの山はエベレスト)
Oshiri Kajiri Mushi
x1x2x4x5 (video)
Oshiri no Yama wa Everest (おしりの山はエベレスト)
Oshiri Kajiri Mushi
---x9 (video)
Otemoyan (おてもやん)
Omodaka feat. Paradise Yamamoto
x3x5x6x7 (video)
ABC no Uta (ABCの歌)x1x1x1
x8 (video)

Classic (12 songs)
Orpheus in the Underworld Overture (「天国と地獄」序曲)
Jacques Offenbach
x4x4x5x6 (video)
Carmen Prelude (カルメン 組曲一番終曲)
x3x5x5x7 (video)
Ninth Symphony (第九交響曲)
x3x3x3x6 (video)
When the Saints Go Marching In (聖者の行進)x4x4x7x8 (video)
Mars (火星)
Gustav Holst
x4x5x6x7 (video)
Minuet (メヌエット)x5x7x8x9 (video)
Surfside Satie (サーフサイド・サティ)
Erik Satie
x5x7x8x8 (video)
Kare Kano Kanon (カレ・カノ・カノン)x3x4x5
x8 (video)
Pavane for a Dead Princess ~Kimi no Kodou~ (亡き王女のためのパヴァーヌ ~きみのこどう~)
x3x5x5x6 (video)
Pavane for a Dead Princess ~Kimi no Kodou~ (亡き王女のためのパヴァーヌ ~きみのこどう~)
---x8 (video)
Flight of the Bumblebee (熊蜂の飛行)
Nikolai-Rimsky Korsakov
x3x4x7x9 (video)
Classic Medley (クラシックメドレー)
Rock ver. (ロック編)
x4x5x8x9 (video)
Fantasie Impromptu (幻想即興曲)
x5x7x8x9 (video)

Game Music (17 songs)
Overture (序曲)
Dragon Quest X
x3x4x4x5 (video)
Dragon Ball Heroes (ドラゴンボールヒーローズ)
Galaxy Mission theme song (ギャラクシーミッションシリーズ テーマソング)
x3x3x4x6 (video)
Great! Animal Kaiser!! (グレート! アニマルカイザー!!)
Animal Kaiser
x3x4x6x8 (video)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii (New スーパーマリオ ブラザーズ Wii)x3x4x6x8 (video)
Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G Medley (モンスターハンター 3(トライ)G メドレー)x4x5x6x7 (video)
Tales of Xillia Medley (テイルズ オブ エクシリア メドレー)x3x5x7x8 (video)
x3x4x6x6 (video)
THE iDOLM@STER Live For You!
x4x5x6x8 (video)
Mojipittan Medley (もじぴったんメドレー)x4x4x3x7 (video)
Dragon Spirit Medley (ドラゴンスピリットメドレー)x4x6x8x7 (video)
Dragon Saber Sunken City (ドラゴンセイバー 水没都市)x5x7x7x9 (video)
Symphonic Valkyrie (シンフォニック ワルキューレ)x4x5x5x7 (video)
Kamikaze Remix
Ridge Racer 2
x3x6x8x10 (video)
Metal Hawk BGM1x5x6x8
x10 (video)
Karma (Tatsujin Mix)
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
x5x6x8x9 (video)
Doom Noiz
Galaga Legions
x5x6x8x10 (video)
Angel Halo
Ridge Racer 3D
x5x7x8x10 (video)

Namco Original (46 songs)
Dokidoki☆Don-chan Sawagi (どきどき☆どんちゃん騒ぎ)x3x4x6x7 (video)
Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -Gekijouban- (初音ミクの消失-劇場版-)x5x7x8
x9 (video)
 Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -Gekijouban- (初音ミクの消失-劇場版-)---x10 (video)
Obake no Oshigoto (おばけのお仕事)x4x5x4x6 (video)
Knitting High (ニッティング・ハイ)x4x4x6x7 (video)
Ramen de Yo-Men!! (ラーメン de Yo-Men!!)x4x4x5x7 (video)
Fly awayx4x5x5x7 (video)
Famires Wars (ファミレスウォーズ)x2x4x5x8 (video)
Hey, Mr. Professor (ヘイ,ミスタープロフェッサー)x3x4x6x7 (video)
MATSURI D/Ax5x7x7x8 (video)
Chiriyuku Ran no Tsuduru Uta (散りゆく蘭の綴る詩)x4x6x6
x9 (video)
Omoi o Te ni Negai o Komete (想いを手に願いを込めて)x4x5x5x7 (video)
Ninja wa Saikou (忍者は最高)x3x4x5x7 (video)
Sword Battlers (ソードバトラーズ)x4x6x6x7 (video)
Sword Battlers (ソードバトラーズ)---x9 (video)
Toryu (冬竜 ~Toryu~)x4x5x7x8 (video)
Toryu (冬竜 ~Toryu~)---x9 (video)
Phantom Riderx4x6x7x8 (video)
Phantom Rider---x9 (video)
Dodon ga Do~n (ドドンガド~ン)x4x5x7x8 (video)
Dodon ga Do~n (ドドンガド~ン)---x10 (video)
Samba Alegria (サンバ アレグリーア)x4x6x6x7 (video)
Samba Alegria (サンバ アレグリーア)---x9 (video)
LOVE Ikusa!! (LOVE戦!!)x3x5x7
x8 (video)
Reviver (リバイバー)x3x4x5x8 (video)
Tokoyami no Mori (常闇の森)
Prologue "False God Resurrection" (序章「邪神復活の夜」)
x4x4x7x8 (video)
Houkan no Kougetsu (崩冠の紅月)
Middle Verse "The Sighing Princess" (破章「嘆きの姫」)
x5x5x6x8 (video)
Eringi no Ekubo (エリンギのエクボ)x5x6x7x8 (video)
Neko Kujira (ねこくじら)x4x6x7x8 (video)
Scroll Mika (スクロール・ミカ)x4x5x7x7 (video)
Crane City (クレーンシティ)x5x6x7x9 (video)
Diet Padarise (ダイエット・パダライス)x5x5x7x8 (video)
Wasure Na Gusa (わすれなぐさ)x4x6x7x9 (video)
Menkui Miracle (メンクイミラクル)x5x6x8x8 (video)
Canadea (カナデア) x5x7x8x8 (video)
Numujika ac.10 (ヌムジカ ac.10)x4x5x8x9 (video)
Stage 0.ac11x5x7x8x9 (video)
Akuukan Yuuei ac12.5 (亜空間遊泳ac12.5)x5x7x8x9 (video)
Arumujika ac14.0V (アルムジカac14.0V)x4x7x7x9 (video)
3Q-4U-AC00x3x6x4x7 (video)
Tanhou ~Blooming~ (綻放~Blooming~)x3x5x6x7 (video)
Tanhou ~Blooming~ (綻放~Blooming~)---x8 (video)
Kayou ~Flourishing Blossoms~ (花漾~Flourishing Blossoms~)x3x4x5x7 (video)
Kayou ~Flourishing Blossoms~ (花漾~Flourishing Blossoms~)---x9 (video)
SORA-I Earth Rise (SORA-I アースライズ)x3x5x7x8 (video)
SORA-II Gliese 581 (SORA-II グリーゼ581)x4x4x7x7 (video)
SORA-III Heliopause (SORA-III ヘリオポース)x4x6x7x9 (video)
SORA-IV Bunpasong (SORA-IV ブンパソング)x4x7x7x8 (video)
SORA-V Cosmic Bird (SORA-V コズミックバード) x3x4x6x8 (video)
Black Rose Apostlex5x6x8x10 (video)
Black Rose Apostle---x10 (video)
White Rose Insanityx5x5x6x7 (video)
White Rose Insanity---x8 (video)
Blue Rose Ruinx5x7x8x8 (video)
Red Rose Evangelx5x7x7x9 (video)
Suuhaa 2000 (スーハー2000)x5x7x8x10 (video)

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