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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WCS2016 Song Contest Now Opens to Overseas Entries

太鼓の達人 ドンだー!世界一決定戦2016 課題曲募集だドン!

The "around September" that we were told is now fixated to September 1 15:00 JPT, that means all of you music creators who are reading this should really get working!

To come with the opening for the Overseas division (and I mean actually divided into a separate tab) the Team has prepared translated sets of the official rules and entry requirements and music creation guidelines in Korean, Traditional Chinese and Traditional Chinese (yes, not sure why we have separate tabs for "Taiwan" and "Hong Kong" when both are in almost the exact same Traditional Chinese text). If you hadn't been able to read the Japanese texts, these should help greatly in your creation.

See also: Announcement on AC0 Asia FB

V Version Update: "Sold Separately" Launch Songs!

Together with the DLC pack announce of the last Thursday, September's public DLC lineup is now joined by V Version's pre-order and promotional tracks, starring both the three launch free song DLC (Tutti!Uchouten Vivace and Dr.WILY STAGE 1) and the three retailer-exclusive pre-order songs (No Way BackAmazing Grace and Takara no Oka).

Each of these songs can now be bought separately from the game's "Additional Content" store, at the price of 150 Yen each (plus taxes), with the release dates set on today for the free launch DLC songs and on September 3rd for the pre-order tunes.

While there's no word about the Asian DLC distribution plans yet, this is a wonderful occasion for JP-copy users to gather those pesky retailer-exclusive packs, as well as future V Version players who couldn't fetch the three free launch songs in time!

First Video: Touhou Project x NAMCO SOUNDS and then some

Count the last time when for three consecutive days we have new songs of which to show First Videos! First of the three is the 6.08 Version Update to Murasaki fresh out this morning! Check out the five videos while we work on the DonChare list for September.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Site Announcement: Taiko Time 5th Anniversary - Song Series and Other Updates

(The same) quick celebratory drawing picture thingy slapped together by nigelliusnitrox

Hi there, people! As August winds up, it's time to wrap up what sorts of updates we have in mind for our 5th Year milestone, both subtly applied to the blog and/or incoming tweaks currently planned for the next few months.

As you may have noticed, we started the Sympho-Neighbours feature at a non-weekly basis; the Taiko no Tatsujin franchise is just beginning to reach out multiple rhythm game franchises, so we found this addition to be a valuable corner for our readers to the surrounding rhythm game series which are still active and strong in Japan. Our next one should come the next Sunday!

Today we also had a small update about our Song Series, involving us finally putting in the Murasaki/V Version tracks that can be grouped under certain series. The song additions and minor updates have occurred in the following song series:
Finally, we have also disbanded the hiyama song series, with an updated Tsukikage SASURAI feature now included in the Song of the Week blog post which originally included the Uchuu SAMURAI. We'll bring back the song series if a third track by hiyama gets released on Taiko games in the future.

In our next blog housekeeping month (which is the next December, as previously announced), we'll be putting the last touches by updating the Taiko Guinness Hall and Vocaloid corners; if major updates of any other nature will occur before December, you'll be quickly warned by us with another site-related blog entry.

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to add in time the small quirks we had planned for August, but rest assured we're geared towards implementing the following additions in the next few months:
  • A special icon for Kantan modes on arcade games which are compatible with the Papa Mama Support, the kid-friendly, 2-drum feature active from Taiko 10 onward;
  • A new page for our Console section about the console Taiko games' Demo Versions, often available as either stand-alone discs or downloadable trials for selected Playstation 2, Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita titles.
Last but not least, there's still one day left for your anniversary questions! We'll be publishing our answers next Sunday, a few hours after the currently-scheduled Sympho-Neighbours.

Once again, thank you for sticking with us and bearing with our slow summer website update workload- the month of August has always been a source of work for us, between real life and blog editing action...

See you soon, folks. Keep on drummin'!


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Song of the Week! 29 August 2015

As being anticipated earlier this year, a brand new Lupin the Third animated series is making its worldwide debut tomorrow, for the first time in a country that is not its creator's homelands! Let's welcome the Italian-first series debut with a proper Lupin III track.

Jikuuchou Jikuu 1-ka Lyrics

Composer, Lyrics: Kawagen Collagen (カワーゲン・コラーゲン) = Yoshinori Kawamoto (川元義徳)
Vocal: unmo

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Across Japan: Don't Eat! It's Touhou!


In twists you might not have guessed, this is one of the very rare times the Asian version Murasaki ver. being very on time with non-Namco Original songs. In addition to Taberuna 2000 unlocking by normal DonChare schedules, the four Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS songs are also open on September 1.

Plus Abyss of hell (and hence Norudon 2000 too?) still to be opened next Monday (August 31), there are a lot of new songs this early September that you would want to plan your arcade visits ahead.