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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

[SITE] - June 2016's Housekeeping Plans

Six months have come by, meaning that a new round of blog maintenance is upon us! Together with us trying to keep up to date most of the Taiko Time blog's still active corners, we're also working on some new elements to be added or integrated within this coming month's end:

  • As you may have noticed, we're experimenting a new way to forward you to our latest three "First Video" posts with a small text box placed right below the quick links to the Song of the Week archive. This feature is still in a rudimentary state, but feel free to tell what yo're thinking about this (or our other blog features for that matter!) though one of your contact methods.
  • Speaking of features, we're almost ready to have some special articles as well for these coming weeks' end, such as some user-suggested Sympho-Neighbours topics and another Feature article. A feature that may or may not become the topic for one of our future Song Series Showcases...
  • Together with this mystery trope, we're also putting our heads together for new Game Music-related Series Showcases! Together with June 2016's expected updates, we're planning to have dedicated pages for the God Eater, Klonoa and Synchronica songs.
  • Our 2nd Lyrics Feature Request Poll is nearing its half, but we're always open for user suggestions for our next round! We already got Atashi Ikasama Koi wa Ikasama and Dokidoki Don-chan Sawagi as our first early requests, but for the 3rd LFRP round we're still open for a maximum of 6 more requests.
  • Finally, we think that it's about time for us to start working on our next Jumbo Brand Corner, which will take us all to the wonders of Gensokyo! We'll begin preparing the pages for the Touhou Project Corner in this coming month, sorting the related arrangement songs by game release and order of debut in Taiko gaming.
Once again, we're always open for any kind of suggestions from our readers, so feel free to reach us out with the side Chatbox//Facebook/Twitter/other contacts we've provided if you want to!

With that settled, it's time to work on those projects. See you there!


New Taiko x P&D Cross Collab Updates

パズドラクロス 神の章

Following up last weekend's reveal, Famitsu's website has recently updated the bigger picture of this collaboration frame on the Taiko side. Together with the (still unknown) P&D X songs coming to Dokodon! Mystery Dungeon, Walking Through The Towers will make a rampant return as free DLC.

All the collaboration content will be available for free from the P&D X games' release (July 28th) to the end of August, after which month the content will be converted as paid DLC.

Source: []

Monday, May 30, 2016

[RANDOM] - Dragon Spirit Medley in Groove Coaster

One of Taiko no Tatsujin's first Game Music-related medleys, the Dragon Spirit Medley is about to cross boundaries with Taito's Groove Coaster series, thanks to the arcade's next online tournament. 

Going under the title of Super Shooting Game Festival (which ironically is coming after yet another shooting-based game series tourney, mind you), this event will start in 2 days with brand new song inclusions from different developers' shooting games, with Masubutchi Yuuji's medley of Shinji Hosoe's Dragon Spirit original score being one of the brand new outsiders entries for the tournament.

Source (GC update that adds them)
Source (Super Shooting Game Festival)
And GC confirming it is the same as the Taiko one

Taiko 3DS 3 x Puzzle & Dragons Cross Collaboration!

パズドラクロス 神の章

If the multiplayer-oriented songs appearing on White Version and the most recent Taiko Plus/STH score attack event haven't satisfied all of your Puzzle & Dragons collaboration needs, here's yet another course for everyone in the incoming Taiko title for Nintendo 3DS!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Feature: Score Fixing

Score fixing (点数調整 tensuu chousei or スコア調整 score chousei) is when you play a song in Taiko no Tatsujin and make the ending score something nice-looking, be it a round number (most often 1,000,000), repeated digits (say 777,770), or something with a goroawase connection (765,000 and 876,000 are in theme with the series, for example). While it is not necessary, some score fixing feats also assumes the requirement of a Donderful Combo (getting all 良s) and clearing all notes as normally as possible except yellow drumrolls.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Song of the Week! 28 May 2016

For May 2016's Ura Feature, here's a little something directly from Taiko Team leader Etou's favorite Anime series!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Taiko Plus/STH: Touhou Invasion is Complete

Remember when we say that Touhou Project arrangement picks are quickly invading every current console (Vita, 3DS, Wii U), and then all the people who consider iOS and Android legitimate console platforms got mad at us for excluding those two?

Well okay, that never happened, but now we can safely not have that happened at all, when Touhou picks are also coming to Gakkyoku Tori Houdai on both platforms!

Gakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds: May 26
 ナイト・オブ・ナイツ Night of Knights
   東方Projectアレンジ ビートまりお Touhou Project Arrange / Beat Mario
 ネクロファンタジア ~ Arr.Demetori Necrofantasia ~ Arr. Demetori
   東方Projectアレンジ Demetori Touhou Project Arrange / Demetori

And what's that? The invasion is still ongoing with a total of 3 consecutive months of more Touhou songs for GTH? Sign (insert whoever likes Touhou songs) up!