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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

V Version Update: Pre-order Pitter-patter

A V Version update on Wednesday? What is this magic?

According to some of the vendors of the Chinese version, the first of the version's exclusive C-POP songs would be bundled with pre-orders. Also there is a small key-chain plush toy too, so that's cute.

(song titles not translated)
 精舞門 羅志祥 Show Luo
 你是我的花朵 伍佰 Wu Bai
 920 A-Lin & 小宇 Xiaoyu Song

Plush image from this vendor's listing

Back to Amazon Japan's listing, which now states Amazing Grace (アメイジンググレイス) as a pre-order special towards the Japanese audience. Not naming the genre here because the last time we saw it was AC10 where the Children/Folk genre is still in console games.

Disclaimer: Vendor links are included as sources only. We are not endorsing any specific vendor here.

Across Japan: Murasaki Asia Update (Ver. 2.02) - Not Goin' Places Yet But Still

Same day update with the Japanese version, who would've thought? This Thursday (May 28), together with Japan's Ver. 3.xx, Murasaki ver. cabinets in Asia will also go upwards to a version 2.02.

The update was mainly to fix bugs existing in the game, without the same default song additions as in Japan. Still, the timed additions will be joining as scheduled, keeping you Asian Donder happy to some extent.

 紫煌ノ乱 世阿弥
Shikou no Ran Zeami (June 1)
 待ち受けプリンス 「アイドルマスター」より
Machiuke Prince from The Idolm@ster (June 4)
 マジで…!? 「アイドルマスター」より
Maji de...!? from The Idolm@ster (June 11)

Emphasis on "to some extent" because there is one more disappointment, especially to our Producer-Donders: GOIN'!!! is still under progress to be brought to the Asian version, and won't make it on May 28 as with Japan. Awwww :(

Anyway, check back on Thursday for the First Video of four new songs, even though Asia regions are not getting them.

Update: Wadaiko Master is an official Namco release

This comes from an email I received from a fan three weeks ago but couldn't publish due to personal work. Sorry for the delay!

Anyway, this post is regarding the somewhat fishy-looking Brazilian version of Taiko HD, Wadaiko Master. South American players can set their minds at ease as this is not a hack; NBGI specifically licensed it for that region! One screenshot submitted (above) is from the cardboard banner on its side, showing the copyrights to Wadaiko Master on the cabinet itself.

The email also confirmed that under the Brazilian songs list, one of the three songs is owned by Namco themselves (Samba Alegria and its Ura, the one which is in Namco Original everywhere else), and the other two are considered in the public domain.

Still not convinced? This should seal the deal: a trademark licensing report from Bandai Namco themselves, filed for the name Wadaiko Master! Yup, it's all official.

The songlist is still pretty barebones, but it's heartening to see Taiko HD make it so far across the globe!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Across Japan: Reitaisai in Taiwan, a la Touhou Taiko Festival

What you have been hearing is correct: Reitaisai is going out of Japan and will make a stop at Taiwan on June 6, and Taiko no Tatsujin Murasaki ver. is tagging along! The Asian version Facebook has a customized Chinese promotional poster to prove it!

If you can go the Sanchong Area Stadium at the event, you can take a still exclusive hand on the four Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS songs and their charts:
  • 郢曲/暁闇 東方Project × NAMCO SOUNDS Linda AI-CUE
    Eikyoku/Gyouan Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS Linda AI-CUE
  • 深緋の心臓 -SCARLET HEART- 東方Project × NAMCO SOUNDS kyo feat. あさな (IOSYS)
    Kokihi no Shinzou -SCARLET HEART- Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS kyo feat. Asana (IOSYS)
  • ライコタイコディスコ 東方Project × NAMCO SOUNDS 渡辺量
    Raiko Taiko Disco Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS Ryo Watanabe
  • Ladystar Wandering 東方Project × NAMCO SOUNDS 中鶴潤一
    Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS Junichi Nakatsuru

And this following image shows specialty gift sticker sets to be given with purchases of the limited Banapassport at the venue, including ones with which you can artificially make any card look like a Touhou-themed Banapassport! (Whatever song it is on the notechart one, the score is just 876500. The references wwwwwww)

Link to original post

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Song of the Week! 23 May 2015

In the past month, we got a lot of requests for a particular not-Namco Original tune to show up on our Saturday feature, and this time we're finally going to let it shine in this corner.

So, sit back and enjoy the flagship song of not only the jubeat series, but possibly the entirety of Bemani's rhythm game series as a whole!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

V Version Update: Promotion Video and More on the System, Finally

And you know it's the end of the main song-hype season when today's update adds the promotional video.

...well okay, that alone is no indication of any sort; after all the trailer let us hear Kibou e no Melody (aka the game's theme song) for the first time, complete with vocals! Still, the update is breaking from the "OMG brand new songs and guest characters" format, so let's see anyway.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

First Video: GO MY WAY!! Going A Different Way, and shiny smile

Along with Honey Heartbeat ~10 Stars Mix~ (and its sadistic Ura Oni), GO MY WAY!! joins the songlist in Taiko 3DS2. I bet many of us were expecting something really familiar, right? I downloaded it 15 minutes ago and had one go at it expecting to blur through with my eyes half-closed, seeing as I had already memorized the ch-...hey...this isn't...WHAT.

Yes, the nostalgic IM@S song, much like its counterparts THE IDOLM@STER and Mahou o Kakete! on the Taiko Murasaki arcade, has received a full revamp in its charts, from Kantan to Oni, everything is different.

You'll spot bits of the old GO MY WAY!! Oni chart in the above video, but the patterns in this modern 8* (one star up from the old chart's 7*) are more varied and slightly tougher. Add in troll notes scrolling at x3 speed and you have something the Taiko Team would definitely do in recent times!

It has 555 notes, slightly less than the old chart's 569 on Master route.

 Onto the arcade, where shiny smile also gets the im@s notechart revamp treatment, and even more peculiarly it is also a 8* Oni with 555 notes! Last seen around DS2 and AC11, the new shiny smile adds the fewest gimmicky Call Notechart elements, and feels more like a "normal" update for an old 8* (475 notes) to more modern 8* standards.