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Saturday, June 23, 2018

[NSwitch] - Taiko Switch Tidbits from World Hobby Fair Summer '18

With the Taiko Switch game being available in its first public outing, some Taiko troopers came out to report on the new game's more spicy song list details. So far, howevern, the best we could find as a more credible evidence is this picture, highlighting the star ratings of the game's theme song, Furifuri♪ Norinori♪.

Not only that, it appears that a brand new Game Music track is also brewing from a distance (with that distance being the top corner of the snapshot): the oddly-titled TD - 28619029byte remix -. This title is eerily reminiscent to the title of the remix tracks that were featured in Namco's pre-2000s arcade racing game Techno Drive, but its numerical title doesn't match any of the three pre-existing tracks from said racing game... what could it mean?

From another Twitter user, we (allegedly) come to know that the Oni modes for the leftover launch Namco Originals in the game are all rated as 8-star modes, except for Tonde Mite (トンデ・ミテ) which has a 9-star Oni instead.

Song of the Week! 23 June 2018

It's been a while since our last J-POP-themed feature, so let's compensate that with one of the most popular tracks for the genre in recent memory!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Namco Taiko Blog (22 June 2018): Imminent Fever for the Battle Mode - Blue ver. June 27 Version Update

Okay, I'll try to refrain from making Amitie puns
With yesterday's first-hand news on the Performance Battle Mode, there of course must be a version update on June 27 to add them in. Today's official Namco Taiko Blog talks about just that.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

[AC0B] - Introducing the Ensou Battle Mode

Today's big news for the series comes from the Bandai Namco Youtube channel, where a trailer of the much-anticipated Battle mode receives its first official presentation. As neither the official blog or the Twitter account talk about it today, we only have the video above to talk about.

Officially titled as the Ensou Battle (演奏バトル) mode, this is a Banapassport-exclusive campaign for single-player action, pitting the player against hordes of enemies as they play songs from the Blue Version arcade. Successful hits count towards clearing enemy waves and charging up special attacks, both of which are bound to get powered by levelling up with multiple plays of the Ensou Battle mode.

This video's description pinpoints the Ensou Battle mode's release on June 27th.

Shoutout to user Deadwantsha from the Taiko no Tatsujin Discord group for the tip!

Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version Performance Characters and Skills


The Performance Characters (演奏キャラクター) is a new functionality seen in Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version, and currently exclusive to that game also. Instead of playing as the default Don-chan/Kat-chan or your customized My-Don, you can choose to play as other characters from the series, or even characters from other collaborating franchises. Performance Characters are all fully and uniquely animated, and come with a short profile blurb in-game.

Most Performance Characters owns one or two Performance Skills (演奏スキル) which can help players clear a notechart by decreasing the overall difficulty with more lenient judgement or easier spirit gauge maintenance. As of the writing of this, it is not known whether you can use the character without having the skills active.

Performance Characters can be unlocked across gameplay, as well as downloaded as additional contents. See also our Unlock Guide and Additional Contents List for details.

List of Performance Characters
Key: Unlockable DLC

CharacterPerformance Skill

Normal Performance いつもどおりの演奏になる


Drumroll Note Support Lv. 1 連打音符サポート Lv.1
Balloon Note Support Lv. 1 風船音符サポート Lv.1

Spirit Gauge Harder to Drop 魂ゲージがへりにくくなる

Bachio Sensei
No Don/Kat Distinction ドンカツの区別がなくなる

Wada Inu

Wada John

Lantern Eel
Drumroll Note Support: Large 連打音符サポート・大
Omenkozou (Kitsune)

Cat and Ladle



Spirit Gauge Easier to Raise 魂ゲージふえやすい Lv.1
Spirit Gauge Harder to Drop 魂ゲージがへりにくくなる

Lenient Hit Timing たたくタイミングやさしい
Balloon Note Support 風船音符サポート Lv.1
Gold Don-chan
Spirit Gauge Start at 50% 魂ゲージ50%スタート
Large Note Entry Support 大音符入力サポート
E5 Hayabusa

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

[NSwitch] - Taiko Switch Preload Now Active

A quick one for today; we've been informed from our audience over the Taiko no Tatsujin Discord group that the incoming Taiko game for the Nintendo Switch is already available for the preload purchase option, starting from today!

Under the same price of the digital version (reported to be 6588 Yen, tax included), it's already possible to purchase the game and download a good chunk of the game's data ahead of the official release day, drastically cutting the waiting times on July 19th's Midnight release. For those opting to get the game by eShop means, be sure to use a Japanese (or general-Asia area) Nintendo Network account in order to display the correct eShop outlet.

Shoutout to user Deadwantsha for the tip!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Oira song list


Available for download and playable on iOS and Android devices on April 1 2018 only, the Oira (オイラ) app is part of the April Fools 2018 shenanigans for Cygames' hit mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy. The ominous dimly-lit face on the title screen is that of "Oira"(オイラ), the wonky humanoid form of GF's series mascot and dragon Vyrn (ビィ) as seen in some official media like the 4-koma comics and past April Fools events. The visual premise is to roll "Oira" into a Don-chan-like drum shape (sometimes with uber-buff arms and legs), and giving all notes the "Oira" face as well.

The game features actually playable Taiko no Tatsujin-style notecharts for 15 songs from the Granblue Fantasy series. Songs that already appeared in actual Taiko no Tatsujin (Kimi to Boku no Mirai and Sora no Michishirube) also get exclusive notecharts just for this game. Unlike most modern Taiko no Tatsujin games though, most songs only have two to three difficulties. Each song either comes with a set of fully choreographed custom dancers, or features a tense battle between the Drum Master-class character and a fearsome GF enemy. After each play, you also have a choice to share your performance on your social media, with special result-image template exclusive to each difficulty (not just each song).

There is good evidence that instead of just a one-way mock-up by the GF makers, this game is also recognized by Taiko Team: Cygames has openly stated that the app is made in supervision by Bandai Namco Entertainment in an official news post, and BNE is also listed as a "Special Thanks" in the ending credits. Kinda puts it into perspective when 2018 was the most underwhelming April Fools Taiko no Tatsujin has had for years.