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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Song of the Week! 28 February 2015

For the first Classic song feature of the year, let's take a look at a niche, console exclusive arrangement from the Sony-oriented Taiko games.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Nintendo 3DS's New Taiko Theme

One last bit of news for today, this time coming from Bandai Namco's main website. Though if no information about new downloadable Taiko content has been announced from the Taiko Team, the website's 3DS themes section has just added the voice for a new drumming theme!

Going by the name of Taiko no Tatsujin Medetai Version (太鼓の達人 めでたいばーじょん), this theme will be released next week, on March 4th. Much like the two already-released themes, this one is priced 100 Yen and doesn't feature any kind of custom background music or custom sound effects.

Across Japan (Feb 27 2015) - Jikuuchou Sousa 2-ka Abound

A very quick note that Jikuuchou Sousa 2-ka, Jikuu 1-ka's still cute and upbeat sequel, will arrive at Asian cabinets on March 1 punctual. Hug it while you wait for the Murasaki treatment that will not be on March 11 (or play the tournament, it's gonna be big they say).

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Taiko Plus: Popular Song Pack 21 and the Stolen Thunder

iPhone スクリーンショット 1

How often is iOS Taiko no Tatsujin Plus stealing song debut from other games? Quite frequently, especially when you count today's new Popular Song Pack 21 (人気曲ぱっく21), which has stole Murasaki ver.'s thunder in featuring the awaited Assassination Classroom theme, among others in a usual-priced 600-yen pack:

 青春サツバツ論 Seishun Satsubatsu-ron Assassination Classroom
 イマジネーション Imagination Haikyuu!
 桃源郷エイリアン Tougenkyou Alien Gintama
 さくら Sakura (Ketsumeishi)
 ごめんなさいのKissing You Gomen Nasai no Kissing You

And quickly we also do the first video here: Seishun Satsubatsu-ron has the medium-high difficulty set of 4/5/7/8. The 408-note Oni sees quite a few instances of longer clusters (5- to 7-hit) in condensed groups among otherwise quite sparse sections.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First Video: Matsuribayashi de Geragerapo

First of the two Geragerapo no Uta remixes for the new Yokai Watch anime (and Yokai Watch 2 game also), Matsuribayashi de Geragerapo is a solid 3/4/5/7, whose Oni has 292 notes of moderate 16th triples not unlike its predecessor.

Notably Jibanyan and co. now dances to the new Geragerapo moves as shown in the new Matsuribayashi opening animation (down-down-up instead of cross-cross-up). Will Hatsukoitouge de Geragerapo, expected at Murasaki launch, also feature its new dance too?

Namco Taiko Blog (Feb 26 2015) - Murasaki Release and Livestream

Well we've all been waiting for the big date's reveal, so let's cut to the chase then:

Across Japan (Feb 25 2015) - February Tourney Results!


...are as shown. Not being a top-tier challenge unlike some previous bouts, Hyakka Ryouran Oni attracted 8 DFCs during the tournament, with Garnet and Watashi~ tied at first with 9 drumroll hits. The two again comes close at Shunyuu Muzukashii with two more DFC, with Watashi~ winning out as double victor by just 1 drumroll hit and 240 points ahead.

Putting aside the past, let's look to March! This month's tournament in the Oni department will be slightly different, going back to the more conventional tournament rules: Three candidate songs, and Shin-uchi and Shin-uchi only for modifiers. The event starts March 7~15 and the song choices to be announced on March 4.

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