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Thursday, July 28, 2016

3DS3 Update (July 28 2016): A Midsummer Night's Update

There is so many new stuff there is no space for an intro... or am I just too under-interested of filler to make up stuff? Must be the heat.

DLC: Summer Break Anime Pack (August 4, 500 yen +tax)
 怒りをくれよ Ikari o Kure Yo
   「ワンピース フィルム ゴールド」より One Piece Film Gold
 超絶☆ダイナミック!? Chouzetsu☆Dynamic!? Console debut
   「ドラゴンボール超」より Dragon Ball Super
 スタートライン! Start Line! Console debut
   「アイカツスターズ!」より Aikatsu Stars!
 いつも何度でも Itsumo Nando Demo Console debut
   「千と千尋の神隠し」より Spirited Away
   映画「クレヨンしんちゃん オラの引越し物語~サボテン大襲撃~」より Crayon Shin-chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack!

DLC: WCS2016 Preliminary Pack (August 4, 300 yen +tax)
 トオリヨ Toori Yo Console debut
   テヅカ Tezuka
 輝きを求めて Kagayaki o Motomete Console debut
 Choco Chiptune. Console debut

QR Code Additions

  • Hinokagutsuchi (ヒノカグツチ) (Short Distance Type)
    from CoroCoro Comics (July 15)
  • Space Doguu (うちゅうどぐう) (Long Distance Type)
    from CoroCoro Ichiban! (July 21)
  • Black Knight (ブラックナイト) (Magic Type)
    from Bessatsu TelebiGames Magazine Special Splatoon Issue (July 28)
    from TelebiGames Magazine September 2016 (August 1)
  • Fierce Poison Grass (モウドクソウ)  (Magic Type)
    from CharaParfait (August 1)
  • Outfit: Vacation (バカンス)
    from Midsummer Treasure Hunt Attack (look from participating store for posters)

Namco Taiko Blog (July 28 2016): August in Red ver.: Celestially Heroic

Paling in comparison with the four whopping collaborations and new songs for August 3's version update, here a small little news burst about August 1-2's additions.

DonChare Unlock Song: August 2016
 君のプラネット Kimi no Planet Arcade debut

Gift/Reward Shop limited outfit: August 2016
Hero (ヒーロー) (not to be confused with 勇者 which we sometimes translate as Hero)

Other than that there's not much else except asking you to stay tuned to the first DonChare of the version. Next week we take a retrospective with the Team on the song choices for WCS2016. Come back if you are interested.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

First Video: Battle -Denkousekka-

 Battle -Denkousekka- (バトル―電光石火―) Puzzle & Dragons Cross (2/4/5/8; 364 notes on Oni)

The Japanese Midnight has come, and right at the end of this Wednesday are also the first videos of the battle theme from the latest couple of Puzzle & Dragons titles for the Nintendo 3DS.

Much like the previous P&D songs, it's quite the short challenge with 1/16 note clusters that can still bring on a fight with them. Watch out for the change of pace at the end!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Taiko Plus/STH: One Piece Film Gold Collaboration, the Full Details

Now that the Taiko x One Piece collaboration has been openly advertised by Bandai Namco in everything Taiko-related, it's time to frame the whole picture of what mobile players will get out of the event for their Taiko mobile app.

Namco Taiko Blog (25 July 2016): Taiko AC Red Game Version 1.10

Seven whole items to cover in this big update, whew! Let's see what's in the gift box for arcade players this coming month.

Taiko no Tatsujin x Rakuten Eagles

You know the marketing effort for Taiko is getting super heated up when it shacks up with a baseball team of all things!

Fukubukuro Gyouza Jiman Shoutengai no Uta Lyrics

Artist: Unknown