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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Kaichuu Teien o Motsu Shoujo Lyrics

Artist: Harunaba (はるなば)
Vocals: Chihiro Ishiguro (石黒千尋)

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Song of the Week! 15 June 2019

Due to time constrains, we couldn't have our usual "last goodbye" feature to the nth arcade-exclusive song that is about to leave Taiko gaming for good, due to its imminent removal.

Rest assured that every knot comes to our comb, though...

Friday, June 14, 2019

Namco Taiko Blog (14 June 2019) - A Primer to the AI Battle Performance Mode

While we've heard before of June 27th as the day of the latest song removal round for Taiko arcades, today we're also informed that said day will also mark a more positive change to the Taiko scene: the introduction of the AI Battle Performance (AIバトル演奏), Green Version's signature game mode!

Courtesy of Etou, today we also have a general description of this game setting, aimed to polish the players' drum-hitting skills.

First Video: Bokura no Mae ni Michi wa Aru

Bokura no Mae ni Michi wa Aru

From the singer of Love Fantasy comes the latest DLC-debut track for the Nintendo Switch Taiko game, featured here one day after its release! (...sorry about that)

While you gawk at the song's 8-star Oni challenge video from Youtube, we want to thank chatbox user Araden for the signalation of this song's Oni gameplay being already leaked... weeks ago, in fact! For the First Video post format, however, we just stick to video links that can be easily embed for posting means, so we did not post about the video up until the official Nintendo Switch debut.

plus Lokamp forgot to embed that link in the latest NSwitch leaks feature, sooooooo

List of Title Parts in Taiko no Tatsujin (Green Version)

From Momoiro Version 2.04 onwards, arcade Banapassport players are able to set titles for their personal nickname either with one of the titles previously unlocked by doing specific tasks or by creating a new one by scratch by using specific title parts.

These title parts are basically divided into two different groups: nouns and phrases ('Group A') and symbols or connectives ('Group B'). Players can use up to 2 words from Group A and a symbol/connective from Group B to construct a custom title, following the scheme A-B-A. Any spot of said scheme can be left blank and the slots for Group A words can be filled with the same word.

While all the units from Group B are unlocked by default, players have to get the title parts from Group A through the rewards shop. Certain Group A parts can be unlocked only by achieving specific goals just like regular titles, whose unlocking requirements are explained into White Version's unlock page.

List of Titles in Taiko no Tatsujin (Green Version)

The title stem was introduced by a firmware update in Taiko 0, and gives players with access to Banapassports nicknames to put beside their usernames while they play, as a mark of their in-game achievements, much like in other rhythm games with user profiles. The titles can be interchanged in Donder Hiroba when you have obtained them, and the one currently selected will display on the arcade screen wherever the player name is. Some titles unlock hidden content like songs and costumes.

It is possible to get more than one title in a go by overlapping the conditions for unlocking them. In addition, for newer players, Don Points (DP) will also be given out for titles they get (until Red Version).

Almost all the titles from the Blue Version are available on Green ver. as well, with the addition of new title unlocks. Once again, titles are not ordered under a numerical order.

Titles are listed below, translated into English wherever possible.

Taiko no Tatsujin Green Version: Rewards Shop

Originated from Momoiro Version, the Rewards Shop allows Banapassport players to unlock new elements for the arcade play (namely, customization avatar elements and songs) that are not unlockable through the unlocking of selective avatar titles. Previously a service which was exclusive to the Donder Hiroba platform, the Rewards Shop functionalities have been reworked from Yellow Version, disbanding the former system based on the Don Point/Shopping Point currency and dividing its catalog into two main different outlets, each using their own currency.

Together with the main Rewards Shop alternatives, the service is also supporting other theme-based outlets that are available for a limited time (like for the case of collaboration events and such), which also refer to one of the two currencies used in the main RS sections.