Changelog (last update 27/2/2014)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Song of the Week! 19 April 2014

It's sneak peek week! Here's one of the licensed songs to debut in the upcoming Taiko 3DS2 (unless Momoiro beats it to the punch).

Friday, April 18, 2014

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS2: More Details and Screens

The hype train yesterday was for the new arcade update and its bunch of new songs (including the three Game Music Triangle songs!), new articles for Taiko 3DS2 have been made by Famitsu and 4Gamer at the same time the official website made its first update.

There are tons of new details about the Story Mode and in-game screens to look at, so let's get started!

Taiko Plus: the Return of the Ura modes!

From today, another trio of older songs for the Apple-friendly Taiko game will gain their arcade-introduced Ura modes for an extra layer of challenge. Just be sure that you game's version is 2.1.0 or later!

This time, the songs involved are Namco Originals Rumble Ranbu and Taiko Time (from the Namco Original Pack 1) and Anime song Switch On! (from the Popular Song Pack 7), for the first time with its Ura Oni in a console game. Remember to update your Taiko + version if you don't see the new Uras displayed!

Taiko Team Livestream Recap (April 11 2014) - GMT and Touhou Galore

Sorry that this recap post is coming very late. We were not present at times and were trying to recover as much details as we can. If you have any more details you would like to share, please feel free to do so in the comments or chatbox!

The livestream on April 11 2014 is hosted by Etou, Sasaoka, Masubuchi and Takemoto. The key points of discussion include various collaboration news, appearance in different events, and other house-cleaning matters across the Taiko scene. This time Takemoto also live-tweets the goings of show along the broadcast.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog 2 - April 11th Stream recap and GMT's Phase 2

Today's second blog entry is about the continuation of the Game Music Triangle collaboration, as well as a recap of the last Taiko Team live streaming session. Until we finish our coverage of the stream, here's the abridged version that the Taiko Team has listed today on their blog.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First videos of Momoiro Version 15.06's new songs

Since today's blog entry is about stuff we already know, it's time to focus our attention to something that's actually new: Momoiro Game Version 15.06's new songs! Here are the first videos for its new songs.

Namco Taiko Blog (April 17 2014, 1 of 2) - Taiko Wii U April DLC

Expect two blog post from the official Namco Taiko Blog today! The first one, published just earlier today, is about Wii U Version DLC for April. We have already did a coverage on that previously, so we are going to skip the details here.

Meanwhile, enjoy some HD screenshots and images of the Kumamon elements added with the Variety song Kumamoto Surprise!