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Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to download songs (Taiko PSP games)

The Playstation Portable Taiko games allow players to expand their tracklists with a fine selection of songs from the Namco servers via Internet!

All you need for the download is:

-) PSP system with Taiko PSP 1 or 2 (quite obvious, isn't it?)
-) Memory Stick Duo
-) A connection cable for PSP-PC
-) Personal Computer with Internet Access

~ Preparation steps ~ You have to do this only once!

-) Go to the Game Setup menu (ゲーム設定) (on the far right), and then select the Memory Stick Duo menu (メモリースティック デュオ), as shown below:

-) Select the voice "Preparing to Download" (ダウンロードの準備), and answer "Yes" (left) at every question:

Now the game is ready to receive the songs via download!
From here, there are 2 methods for the download. Both of them are valid:

~ Memory Stick/PC Download ~
Works for Taiko PSP 1/2

1) Plug the Memory Stick Duo to the PC (or the entire PSP system with a Connection cable), and use Explorer to jump into the Memory Stick's files.

2) Go to the directory of Taiko PSP's save file. Its address changes a bit within the 2 games:



3) Once here, open the .htm page DOWNLOAD.htm (it appears in both savefiles):

Now you've opened Namco's download zone for Taiko PSP games! There are some difference between the two pages:

Taiko PSP 1

 Taiko PSP 2

4) To access the download page, click the green button (PSP 1) or the red one (PSP 2), according to your Taiko game. After this, select a song from the list (all the names -with exceptions- are in Japanese. So, if you have some troubles recognizing your favorite ones, remember to check the games's songlists on our site!)

After choosing a song, a similar box will appear on the download page :

These two buttons contain the two pieces which form a PSP Taiko song. The .DON file has the hi-quality audio of the song, while the .KAT file holds its beat patterns. Together the files are big approximately 1~2 MB.

5) Download both the .DON and the .KAT files and put them on the Taiko save file folder, in the Memory Stick. (remember, it's PSP/SAVEDATA/PPCD00765_NAMCO_TAIKO for PSP 1, and PSP/SAVEDATA/PPCD00765_TAIKO2_DL for PSP 2!)

Now you'll be able to play the song after the next startup. Have fun!

~ PSP Download ~
Works for Taiko PSP 2

If you can connect your PSP to Internet, you can directly access the download page through the PSP Internet service! Just select PSP from the navigation menu with the disc game inserted to jump into the website, then follow steps 4 and 5.

Back to Taiko Portable 1 song list
Back to Taiko Portable 2 song list


  1. I have attached all the .don/.kat files in a single rar file.

    You can download it here:

  2. when i start the game, it shows that the downloaded songs are loaded. But i cannot find the songs in the game :( what do I do wrong?

  3. I think that is right bout that. Nice info and thanks. Need to get in google feed.

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  4. It was really useful. Thank you so much. I download songs by myself and it works fine.
    NOTES :
    1) you don't need songs for PSP1 to download...because many songs of this from PSP2 ;
    2) blue songs can't work.