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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (26 April 2011) - Taiko iPhone's new Song Pack

While all attention is focused on Taiko PSP DX right now, another song pack is released on the under-rated iPhone Taiko! A few nice surprises here. It's announced on the Taiko Team's blog today! More details and images about the new iPhone tunes are available if you click Read More.

The new Song Pack will gift iPhones a special background image when you start the app, for the 10 years of Taiko celebration!

At the same time of the revealing, Taiko Team has announced a free giveaway of Namcot Medley, together with the happy 8-bit brigade we've all seen before in past Taiko games. Just update your version of Taiko no Tatsujin+ to get the song!

The Game Music pack contains five songs:
・スペランカー (Spleunker)
・ソニック4 エピソードⅠ メドレー (Sonic 4 Episode 1 Medley)
・モンスターハンターメドレー (Monster Hunter Medley)
・もじぴったん (Mojipittan)

We've heard of three of these before but what? Sonic in a Taiko game? Yep you heard right- it's a Namco-Sega collaboration!

At last, we have a high quality screenshot for the custom dancers of Sonic's song. Namco wanted to make a tribute to the blue hedgehog's 20th anniversary in a really stylish way, indeed!

The last (and only) time we have seen a song from a Sega game was in the 9th Taiko arcade for MAGICAL SOUND SHOWER, coming from the racing arcade game OutRun. Will Namco and Sega collaborate more in the future, as they have with Taito, Konami, Nintendo and Capcom?

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  1. When did Namco collaborate with Konmai...?

  2. If you want to really stretch it…
    Remember that song from YGOGX?
    YuGiOh is created by Konmai.
    I think Star Soldier (remember the medley?)
    is also somewhat related to Konmai,but I forgot
    exactly how.