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Friday, October 8, 2010

Taiko no Tatsujin Portable Song List

Taiko no Tatsujin Portable boxart

Taiko no Tatsujin Portable was released on August 2005 alongside Tobikkiri! Anime Special. It is the first handheld Taiko, and the first console Taiko to be released outside of PS2. As the PSP has the exact same button setup as the Dual Shock, Taiko games can easily be made for PSP. The downside is that no simulated drum-style controller can be connected to it, unlike the Tatacon for PS2 and Wii and the touch-screen for DS.

Portable makes up for it by having a large, expansive song list consisting of many popular songs and Namco Originals and is also the only platform that supports downloading extra songs online, which are stored as .don and .kat files on the PSP's memory stick (which changed to the usage of .edat files for PSP DX). Support for Portable 1's downloadable songs stopped as soon as its successor, Portable 2, was released, but you can still download the existing songs to this day. To give a comparison of the average size of one song, you can store a maximum of 19 songs in an empty 32MB memory stick. (source)

The PSP Taiko games are also the only ones to have the Bell note, which makes use of the analog stick below the PSP's D-Pad. Two PSPs can play together in competitive multiplayer, and if you only have one, you and your partner can share the PSP too! D-Pad and L button for 1P, and ○△×□ and R button for 2P! Imagine all the trembling and laughing that ought to cause.

How to download songs

No. of songs      38 (total 60) 
No. of secret songs4
No. of downloadable songs 22

J-Pop (10 songs)
Natsu Matsuri (夏祭り)
x3x2x5x6 (video) (2P video)
x3x3x3x6 (video)
Neo Melodramatic (ネオメロドラマティック)
Porno Graffiti
x4x4x4x5 (video)
Sakuranbo (さくらんぼ)
Ai Ootsuka
x4x4x4x9 (video) (2P video)
Tsubasa (ツバサ)
Under Graph
x2x3x3x7 (video)
Hana (花)
Orange Range
x3x3x4x8 (video)
Choo Choo TRAIN
x3x2x4x7 (video)
Mirai no Chizu (未来の地図)
x3x3x3x5 (video)
The Blue Hearts
x4x4x5x6 (video)
Omatsuri Ninja (お祭り忍者)
x4x4x5x8 (video)

Anime (8 songs)
DANZEN! Futari wa Precure Ver. Max Heart (DANZEN! ふたりはプリキュア Ver. Max Heart)x3x3x3x5 (video)
Dragon Ball Z
x3x4x4x6 (video)
Lum no Love Song (ラムのラブソング)
Urusei Yatsura
x4x5x5x7 (video)
Rewrite (リライト)
Fullmetal Alchemist
x4x4x3x5 (video)
Ai o Torimodose! (愛をとりもどせ!!)
Fist of the North Star
x3x5x2x8 (video)
Touch (タッチ)x4x5x6x6 (video)
Lupin III Theme '78 (ルパン三世のテーマ'78)x4x4x5
x5 (video)
ignited - ignited - (ignited-イグナイテッド-)
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
x3x4x5x8 (video)

Variety (4 songs)
We Will Rock You
x2x2x3x5 (video) (2P video)
Matsuken Samba II (マツケンサンバII)x5x4x5x8 (video) (2P video)
I'm A Slave 4 U
Britney Spears
x2x2x4x5 (video) (2P video)
TRUTHx5x6x5x7 (video)

Classic (5+6 songs)
Jupiter (木星)
Gustav Holst
x5x5x5x5 (video)
Turkish March (トルコ行進曲)
x4x5x6x7 (video)
Ride of the Valkyrie (ワルキューレの騎行)
x4x4x6x5 (video)
Fascinating Rhythm (魅惑のリズム)
x4x5x5x6 (video)
The Entertainer (エンターテイナー)
Scott Joplin
x4x5x6x7 (video) (2P video)
O Vreneli (おおブレネリ)x4x3x5x8 (video)
Die Forelle (ます)x3x3x4x7 (video)
Holdiridia (ホルディリディア)x4x4x5x7 (video)
Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks (殻をつけた雛鳥の踊り)
x3x4x4x8 (video)
Carmen Prelude (カルメン 組曲一番終曲)
x4x2x4x8 (video)
Classic Medley (Rock ver.) (クラシックメドレー (ロック編))x4x5x8x10 (video)

Namco Original (11+16 songs)
Onpu no Uta (音符のうた)x1x2x2x4 (video)
Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikoiro (虹色・夢色・太鼓色)x3x6x4x3 (video) (2P video)
Donko's First Date (どん子のファーストデート)x4x4x3x5 (video) (2P video)
Taiko March (太鼓のマーチ)x3x5x5x5 (video) (2P video)
Mojipittan Medley (もじぴったんメドレー)x4x4x3x6 (video)
Mappy Ondo (マッピー音頭)x3x6x5
x6 (video)
Katamari On The Rocks (塊オンザロック)x4x5x5x8 (video)
Dragon Spirit Medley (ドラゴンスピリットメドレー)x4x6x7x8 (video)
Scroll Mika (スクロール・ミカ)x4x6x6x10 (video)
Ridge Racerx5x6x8x10 (video) (2P video)
Yokuderu 2000 (よくでる2000)x5x6x6x10 (video)
Kechadon 2000 (ケチャドン2000)x5x6x7x10 (video)
Tower of Babel (バベルの塔) x4x5x5x8 (video)
Don-chan Sekai Ryokou (どんちゃん 世界旅行)x4x4x6x7 (video)
Mekadesu. (メカデス。)x5x6x6x9 (video)
~Genpei Toma Den Medley>~ (~源平討魔伝メドレー~)
x4x6x6x9 (video)
 Garyoutensei (画竜点睛)x5x6x6x9 (video)
Soul Calibur II (ソウルキャリバーⅡ)
~Brave Sword, Braver Soul~ 
x3x5x5x9 (video)
Fuun! Bachi o Sensei (風雲!バチお先生)x5x5x7x8 (video)
Rare Hero
Ridge Racer
x5x7x6x9 (video)
Diet Padarise (ダイエット・パダライス)x5x5x7x10 (video)
Our Planet Earth (僕の地球 僕らの地球)
Mr. Driller Drill Land
x4x3x4x7 (video)
Lovely-X (ラブリーX)x5x6x6
x7 (video)
Tower of Druaga Medley (ドルアーガの塔メドレー)x5x6x7x10 (video)
Saitama 2000 (さいたま2000)x5x6x6x10 (video)
Go Go Kitchen (ゴーゴー・キッチン) x5x6x7
x8 (video)
Koibumi 2000 (恋文2000)x5x7x8x10 (video)

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