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Friday, April 1, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (3 February 2011)- Taiko 14's last code

Finally, the long unlocking marathon for the 14th arcade is over! Just for the previous year, the April's Fools day brings good news for donders. Are you curious?

As the rumor mill stated, the last song finally sees the light of day. Shimedore 2000 bears the final test for the 2000-series lovers with notes from every 2000 song ever created! Strangely, there aren't any traces of Joubutsu in this giant medley, but this is another tale. Note that this isn't pronounced as 'Medley 2000', although in reality that's what it is.

Before this, Namco has said that the 6th code would be the last one. We all knew it wasn't, right? Right? This was their way of tricking us for April Fools...good one, as usual!

Hold on...where is the supposed Ura Oni difficulty for LISTEN TO THE STEREO? You know, the song from Katekyo Hitman Reborn? It's the only song left on the rumor mill that isn't out, and with this extra-last secret code out the song still isn't on the list. Strange.


  1. Excuse me, there was already an ura version of LISTEN TO THE STEREO, but it is in 2P mode.

  2. We already know 'bout the 2p mode of LISTEN TO THE STEREO!!, but maybe the guy who has listed the rumor mill didn't know that, and stated the 2p mode of the song as an unlockable one...

  3. Well that accounts for everything on the list. Rumor mill can now close up shop XD