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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Song of the Week! 30 April 2011


Well, after the continuous analyses of high difficulty Namco Original songs, it's time to give an intermediate song a chance. This was Yusri Khairi's request from a few weeks ago. Ready?

Kitto Motto Zutto (きっと もっと ずっと)
Allx3 (136)x4 (182) x4 (248)x5 (353)
Taiko Anime 2, CD Anime

A great title that rhymes at every step, Kitto Motto Zutto (literally, 'I'm more sure, forever') is performed by the same people who made Hibike! Taiko no Tatsujin, the theme song of the game it comes from, Tobikkiri Anime Special. It briefly describes some of the everyday situations of the Don Ranger squad, featured in both PS2 Anime compilations.

As the ending song of the 2nd Anime compilation, this song is performed in three different versions for its three different ending videos (which also symbolizes how anime series love having multiple ending themes), each available in play mode on a different difficulty (Oni is excluded from this rule). The 'Kantan' version is sung by Mizuki Ichiro and Horie Mitsuko, the 'Futsuu' one is sung by Kageyama Hinorobu and Horie Mitsuko, while 'Muzukashii' version is sung by all three. Each version has different lyrics.

The version available for Oni difficulty is the Muzukashii version, which uses mixed lyrics from Kantan and Futsuu versions. Like most of the old Namco Original songs, Kitto Motto Zutto features a festival rhythm, with tons of usual festive sounds (like the recurrent 'a-sore' in the song). This also influences the song's beat pattern, focused on a steady 1/12 spacing with occasional 3-Kat clusters.

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  1. Additional info: This song is used in the ending of Taiko no Tatsujin Anime 2. There are even three versions of the song: Kantan version sung by Mizuki Ichiro and Horie Mitsuko, Futsuu version sung by Kageyama Hinorobu and Horie Mitsuko, and Muzukashii version (used in the game) sung by all three. Each version has different lyric, with Muzukashii version uses mixture lyric from Kantan and Futsuu version. (I know all of this after using Don Point cheat and viewing three ending scene, but unfortunately I can't find the videos at Youtube)