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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soroban 2000 Morse Codes

Soroban 2000 is a 2000 song that hides the most secrets. When it isn't torturing people to death with the tiring notes and high BPM, it's sending out hidden messages to players through the power of Morse Code.

As a reminder, to get to the message, you have to completely ignore the first 317 notes and all drumrolls/balloon notes in between them. Soroban then proceeds to transmit the message via notes and drumrolls.

The messages are different for every arcade and console version Soroban is on, so there's lots of things the Taiko Team had to say (most of it is just for fun, though).

PS2 Nanadaime:
「マニアのみんなこんにちは 2000シリーズの全作曲はLindaAI・CUE,全譜面作成はタカハシがやってます これからもよろしくね」
'Hello to all the fans. The whole 2000 series is composed by LindaAI CUE, and all the note patterns created by Takahashi. Thank you.'

Taiko no Tatsujin 10:
'Good evening* to all the fans. I have an ultra-secret piece of news! The 'sensei' you hear in Kechadon 2000 is actually Takahashi-kun's voice. Amazing.'
* 'Good evening' is actually 'konbanwa', but in the message it's 'kombo-nwa', a pun on the word 'combo' and 'good evening' in Japanese.

Taiko no Tatsujin 11, 12 Asia:
Includes Morse Code for all difficulties from Kantan to Oni. Oni is a message from the Taiko Team, while the rest make up a story by some teenager trying to act immature.

Kantan: 俺の名前はドカオ 最近第3の目がよく暴走して困っているごく普通の高校生だ しかし俺は伝説の英雄の末
'My name is Dokao. I'm just a regular high school kid who's recently had trouble going nuts over a third eye. But, I'm the legendary warrior of the future'
Futsuu: 裔でもあるのだ さて今日も街中に潜む魔物を退治するか 選ばれし戦士は忙しくて困るぜ 早速ター
'It's true, I'm a descendant. Today I'll be going into the city again to repel the evil beasts. I don't really have a choice, a hero's life is tough and busy. Gotta run-'
Muzukashii: ゲット発見 俺に流れる神々の血よ その力を解き放ち邪悪なるものを焼き払え 何効かないだと ならばこいつはど続く
'I've discovered something. The blood of the gods flow within me. I can use that power to burn the evil....it doesn't have an effect. But I shall continue on.
Oni: マニアのみんなこんにちは ここで秘密のコマンドを大公開します ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA(いわゆるコナミコマンド)
'Hello to all the fans. Here I will reveal a hidden command. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A (Konami code)

Taiko no Tatsujin 12/12.5:

The message, instead of being three sentences, is one long paragraph broken at irregular places. So I've labeled the difficulties in colors. The message for Kantan is in red, Futsuu in green, Muzukashii in blue.

お知らせ 今週のドカオ100%は作者不在のため休載です。マニアの皆さん お初です。パーティーに行ったママ 帰って来ゐ あの先輩の代わりに今日は私が超お得なマル秘情報をお知らせするよ。いつも遊んでくれている皆さんのために、とっておきのアイテムを隠しておいたの。証言を元に見つけ出せたら金運が上がりそうだけど保障はしないのでそこよろしくね。

Notice: This week's Dokao 100% is delayed because the author is absent. Nice to meet all you fans for the first time. Before my mom comes back from her party, I'm standing in for the other teacher to tell you some super-secret information. This is for all of you regular players, there is a very valuable item hidden somewhere. Testimonials have shown it to raise your wealth luck, but there is no guarantees. Feel free to get it though.

Note: On Oni, the first half with the giant note cluster is a password for mobile phones, followed by a second half of regular Morse Code.

Oni: 網の中に逃げ込んだアイツはピンクの波をこえて今頃は富士山のてっぺんにいるだろう。捕まえたら転がすんだ。わかったかな。ヒントはサービス終了だよ。それではまたね。
'That thing escaped on the Net and is now hidden above the pink-colored waves, on the pinnacle of Mount Fuji. Go catch it and roll it. Understand? Hint: The service has ended. Later.'

The 'object' that's on the pinnacle of Mt.Fuji refers to the hidden clickable point on top of Mt.Fuji....in the official Taiko no Tatsujin 12 website. It leads to a download page for the PDF Taiko no Tatsujin board game. 'Roll it' refers to the dice used in the game. 'Service has ended' refers to the shutting down of the mobile phone Taiko Dojo for Taiko no Tatsujin 7 and 8. It's still viewable, but records and scores can no longer be submitted.

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Uses a different character for Kantan to Muzukashii. This time it's Piyo-chan.

Kantan: 私ぴよちゃん 今年で2才のレディよ 好きな食ベ物は焼のりなの 今日は黒いねずみの耳を焼のりと間違えて齧っちゃったわ
'My name is Piyo-chan, this year I'm a 2-year old lady. I like fried food. Today I mistook the ears of a black mouse for fried food and bit it.'
Futsuu: 私ぴよちゃん お気に入りの服はコアラのTシャツ コアラって怠け者でひどい偏食家なのよね私コアラって大嫌いだわ
'My name is Piyo-chan, I like wearing koala T-shirts. But real koalas are lazy and picky with their food. I hate them.'
Muzukashii: 私ぴよちゃん 今日はパパと一緒にショッピングにきたの なのにパパったら自分の洋服見てばかり 男としては最低ね
'My name is Piyo-chan, today I went shopping with dad, but dad only goes to browse through clothes for himself. Men are awful.'
Oni: マニアのみんなこんにちは ここで耳より情報を大公開 太鼓チームのタカハシの誕生日は4月20日 プレゼント待ってます
'Hello to all the fans, and I'll reveal what I just heard. Taiko Team's Takahashi-san's birthday is on April 20. We await your presents~.'

Taiko no Tatsujin 13, 14:
Kantan: 今回のモールス2000はややカオスな感じでお届けしてみます 皆さんが気になっている世阿弥の正体ですが実はし
'This time the Morse Code 2000 feels a bit chaotic. About the question of Zeami's identity which everyone is talking about, it's actually 'Shi'.
Futsuu: 好きなことが仕事になるのは幸せなことなんだけど不幸せなことも含めて全部好きになる覚悟が必要なので難しい
If you like your job, all the good and bad things, you'll grow to love. It's hard to realize this.
Muzukashii: 今度のエイプリルフールには何をしようかな なんてことを7月から考えてます 嘘まみれの一年と言えよう 仕事しろタカハシ
'I have no idea what to do for this year's April Fools, I've been thinking about it for 7 months. It's the one day of the year where lies are everywhere -Takahashi'
Oni: モールス信号に変わる新しい暗号のアイデアを考えて みたもののどうせ速攻で解読されてしまうだろうから諦めた
'I'm thinking of new ideas to switch up these Morse Code messages, everyone out there seems to decode it so fast.'

Taiko no Tatsujin PSP DX: Similar to Taiko 12/12.5, one long message connecting all four difficulties. Red is Kantan, green is Futsuu, blue is Muzukashii, purple is Oni.

ドンだーのみなさんこんにちは。今日はまず皆さんに謝らなくてはいけません。それというのも太鼓の達人14ではモールス信号の事はすっかり忘れてました。でゆふふほい(ミス?)なとごめんね。そこで今回思い出しちゃったわけだけどなんとここで 重大発表。エトウの誕生日は6/29です。誕生日プレゼントは前後半年間受け付けてます。よろしく。これを読んでるあなたへ。モールス信号にかわる新しいアイデア募集しています。応募はこちらから念波をで送ってください。


Greetings to all donders. First of all, we would like to apologize to all of you today. It's because we completely forgot about the Morse Code message for Taiko no Tatsujin 14.  We missed it, so sorry for that. And now this time we just thought of something that could be a big revealing. Etou's birthday is on June 29th. If you want to give a birthday present to him, you can give it to him, from half a year before to half a year after his birthday. And now this message for you who are reading this. We are now accepting new ideas from you on the Morse Codes. If you want to submit one, send it to us by telepathy from now onwards.

Taiko no Tatsujin 0.5:

Kantan: 相変わらずモールス信号で今回もお送りします というか今回は忘れなかった さてさて今回のモールス信号では
We give you a completely changed Morse Code as before, nope we didn't forget it this time. Well then here is your Morse Code message.
Futsuu: 前作から加わった新システム称号についてちょっとした話をお送りしたいと思います なんとなんと今回の称号では
New system titles have been added since the previous game, just as we promised when we talked about it a little while back. What are the titles this time then?
Muzukashii: 前作には無かったような条件の称号が今後増えるらしいです なんだってー 今後追加されるらしい新しい条件とは
New conditions for getting titles have been added since the previous game ...whaat? Now then, what are the new conditions?
Oni: 私は探検家のエトウ 称号のヒントを発見したが これ以上の解読は困難だ こんな時、誕生日プレゼントがあれば
I am the detective Etou. I found a hint for a title. It seems very hard to decipher. At this time, looks like a birthday present.

Taiko no Tatsujin Sorairo Version (credits to tetsutaro for the translation!):

Kantan: こんにちは モールス2000の時間です 太鼓チームからの最新ニュースをモールス信号に乗せてお送りします 解析班よろしく
Good morning, it is time for Morse 2000, where the latest news from the Taiko Team are sent out through Morse code. Nice to meet you analysis team.
Futsuu: 天気予報です 今年も太鼓の達人は熱くなるでしょう それがエトウの仕事ですって はいその通り てへぺろ
Weather forecast: This year Taiko no Tatsujin will also be hot. That is Etou's job. Yeah that's it. *wink*
Muzukashii: エトウズキッチン 鶏肉 エリンギ 玉ねぎを塩コショウ ファサー 水 バター コンソメ クリームチーズで煮込む ご飯と一緒にどぞ
Etou's Kitchen: Chicken, eringi, onion drizzled with salt and pepper, and cook together water, butter, stock, cream cheese. Serve with rice and enjoy.
Oni: 緊急ニュースです ドンだーの間でうわさされていた ゆうーーげーーざざーらーざーさいーきょうーざざーーぶつん
Emergent news: As it is well rumored among Donders, Yuu - - ge - - zaza - ra - za - sai - kyou - zaza - - bunn

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii U Version (credits to tetsutaro for the translation!):

Kantan: さあ始まりました ドコドンファイターズトーナメント え 今日は4月1日じゃないの しまった 嘘を考えすぎた者の末路
So it has begun, Dokodon Fighters Tournament. Eh, today is not April 1st so it is closed. (This is) the end of over-thinkers to the pranks.
Futsuu: これを書いているのは夏の暑い時期 次回のエイプリルフールに向けて今から準備しています 何事も準備が大事
We wrote about this at the hot summer times. We are preparing for the next April Fools. The important thing is we are preparing anything.
Muzukashii: エトウズキッチン 揚げ茄子をぶつ切り 薄めた麺つゆにつけ しそ しょうが ねぎをまぶして夏にぴったり 冷やしてどうぞ
Etou's Kitchen: Chop fried eggplants into chunks. Cook in light miso soup. Sprinkling shiso (a herb), ginger and spring onions is great at summer. Serve cold and enjoy.
Oni: 月日が経つのは早いもの 瞬きも許されない程だ 我が道を行かんとするはいつの日か 今日も流るる どんとかつよもぎドンディ
Days and months pass quickly, shorter than a blink of the eye. While someday when I travel on the road, today still runs. Don and Katsu Yomogi(maru) Dondi (Calcutta)

iOS - Super Skills Pack 2

Kantan: やあ皆さん久しぶりですね そうですモールス2000の時間です 皆さんのお手元にやってきました この感じ懐いね
Hey everyone, it's been a long time. Yes, it's time for Morse 2000. Seeing everyone trying hands-on, this feeling is quite nostalgic.
Futsuu: エトウの結婚式は0月の良き日に行われます 御祝いは前後半年間受け付けております 今後もよろしくどうぞだドン
Etou's wedding will happen on a good day in the zero-month. Wedding gifts are accepted from half a year before to half a year after. Going forward, please continue to send your best regards da-don.
Muzukashii: エトウ'sキッチン キャベツを敷き詰め 砂抜きあさりを上に 刻みにんにくとバター醤油で味付け蒸し焼き アツアツでどうぞ
Etou's Kitchen: Spread out cabbage. Season desanded clams with chopped garlic and butter, soy sauce and steam. Serve hot and enjoy.
Oni: 何度目の夏が来るのか 進学受験私有私欲大変だけど後にも先にも今だけ 最高の夏を今年も一緒に楽しもう
How many times summer has come. College, exams, privatization, lusts and extreme happenings aside, sooner or later it is only the present. Let's enjoy together this year's best summer ever.

Taiko no Tatsujin Yellow Version

Oni: 血で血を洗う歴史は封印された 穏やかな時が流れた しかしいつまでも平穏*は続かない 新たな脅威が迫っている ほらそこまで
The history where blood will have blood has been sealed. Steadily do time flows. Yet, stability does not continue into eternity. A new threat is imminent. See, that's it.

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