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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS Script: (4-8) Fuzi Graveyard: Rock Star's Grave

Warning: may contain plot spoilers.

ロックスターのはかば --- ヘビメタゾンビ (Rock Star's Grave --- Heavy Metal Zombie)

ヘビメタゾンビ「ウォー! ロッケンがロール! ヘビーにメタるぜ!

どんちゃん「しぶい おっちゃんだドン! ちょっと かっこいいかもだドン

ラルコ「どんちゃん! そんなこといってないで どいてもらうよ!


どんちゃん「ボクも ロックンロールに めざめそうだドン!



Heavy Metal Zombie: Wrroaagh! The rock is roll! The heavy is metal!

Don-chan: It's a grim-looking guy! He's somewhat cool da-don

Raruko: Don-chan! Why are you saying such things!


Don-chan: I'll also try to go for rock and roll da-don!

Raruko: A Taiko Rock musician. That might work as a new genre of music!

Script provided by Zekira

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