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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kuon no Yoru lyrics

Composer: JBG Music Academy, K-MASERA (JBG Sound)
Lyrics: Chiho Hashimoto (橋本千歩)
Vocals: Saori Fukuyama (福山沙織)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (27 July 2012)- Two minor Taiko 0.5 updates

Less than two weeks after Taiko 0.5's update is out and already we're seeing a firmware update for it? Don't worry, it's pretty minor stuff they probably forgot to add in.

Because the songlist is getting really large (over 200 songs!), the folder system was introduced from Taiko 11. And now to save even more of our time, Namco is adding in a feature to close the folders so players can skip through genres even more easily. Simple tap the right kat followed by the left kat quickly to close the folder, like you would do to sort songs by difficulty in Taiko 10-14!

The update (Game Version 1.03) goes live on August 1, 2012.

That very day is also the beginning of the first Don Chare, so expect another update on it on that day!

Link to original post

And another post made just two hours later, to tell us about the FAQ page they have set up for Taiko 0.5 Simply head here to see it (or here if you're on a mobile).

Link to original post

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taiko no Tatsujin being updated

As expected, it's an existing cabinet being upgraded for the new major firmware, but then, how did they manage to retrofit the camera on top? That was not recorded in the video here. There's a lot of camera movements, but quite a miracle that someone actually managed to get permission to film the installation process!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Song of the Week! 28 July 2012

Next week, this blog will turn 2! Once again, we want to thank our viewers for all the support given to this English Taiko no Tatsujin fanbase: this is all thanks to you guys!

Like last year, we are going to celebrate the anniversary with another Taiko related event, but let's focus on this week's featured song first.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Taiko 0.5 unlock list

All unlockables are limited to Banapassport users only.

Don Point unlocks
Only three songs and a large set of costumes are unlocked through this updated version of Taiko 0

Famires Wars (ファミレスウォーズ)
Kayou ~Flourishing Blossoms (花漾 ~Flourishing Blossoms~)
Kayou ~Flourishing Blossoms  (花漾 ~Flourishing Blossoms~)
Phantom Rider
Phantom Rider

All Uras are unlocked with their corresponding songs.

Chibi Don (ちびどん)
Forest Friend (もりのなかま)
Train (でんしゃ)
Navy (水兵)
Akabeko (あかべこ)
Dragon Year (たつどし)
Warrior (武者)
Princess (姫ギャル)
Shark (さめ)
Earth (ちきゅう)

Title unlocks
The content will be unlocked at the end of the credit after the titles are given out. For the full list of Taiko 0.5 titles click here.

Kimi to Hibiku Harmony (キミと響くハーモニー) - Clear any song included in Taiko 3DS songlist
Soroban 2000 (十露盤2000) - In one credit, play only Juumensou (colorful ver.) and full combo all attempts
Haya Saitama 2000 (はやさいたま2000) - Play only Saitama 2000 with any speed modifier turned on in a single credit. At least one attempt must be a full combo.
Kita Saitama 200 (きたさいたま200) - Play only Kita Saitama 2000 in a single credit
The Carnivorous Carnival - Full combo Taiko Time Ura with the Detarame mod (Random Notes) turned on OR full combo Densetsu no Matsuri (any difficulty) with the Detarame mod turned on.
Kaze no Fantasy (風のファンタジー) - Full combo Angel Dream while wearing the Hero costume on any difficulty
dance storm / dance storm - Play only Rotter Tarmination or Dodon ga Do~n on the 1P drum on any difficulty in 1 play and full combo all attempts
Lightning Passion (らいとにんぐ ぱっしょん)/ Lightning Passion (らいとにんぐ ぱっしょん) - Play only Rumble Ranbu or Samba Alegria on the 2P drum on any difficulty in 1 play and full combo all attempts
Oranda Nadeshiko (和蘭撫子) - Clear Koi no Shohousen
DIMENSIONS - Clear Oranda Nadeshiko
Hanaoto Ura Hyoushi (花オト裏拍子) - Clear DIMENSIONS
Kaze no Kuni no Ryu to Kishi (風の国の龍と騎士) - Clear Dokidoki Munekyun Omatsuri Time
3piece Jazz-Party! - Clear Kaze no Kuni no Ryu to Kishi
RAGE v.self - Clear 3piece Jazz-Party!
Kechadon 2000 (ケチャドン2000) - Full Combo a song with a title ending in "-don" (JP or English) after changing the profile's nickname to anything ending in どん
 Many wow bang! /   Many wow bang! - Full Combo all songs whose title start with the letter 'M' in English (upper case or lower case) in a single credit after changing the profile's nickname to 'Bashon' (ばしょん)

Hero (ゆうしゃ) - Clear any song included in Taiko 3DS songlist
GUMI - Clear any song by Megpoid GUMI on any difficulty once
Dragon Quest (ドラゴンクエスト) - Play Overture (Dragon Quest X) once
Mametchi (まめっち) - Play Doremi Fasorairo once
Yumemitchi (ゆめみっち) - Play Doremi Fasorairo once
Cheeseburger (チーズバーガー) - Take a picture of yourself with one of the six Taiko no Tatsujin Happy Meal toys using the arcade built-in camera, then start playing (limited from November 2 to 22)
Stag Beetle (カブトムシ) - Clear all songs in a single credit, all songs chosen must be new to Taiko 0.5
Chogouka-Ban (超ごうか版) - Clear all songs in a single credit, all songs chosen must be in Taiko Wii 5's songlist (after November 29, 2012)
Pirate (かいぞく) - Play J-Pop songs 10 times
Submarine (せんすいかん) - Play Classic songs 10 times
Cat and Spoon (ねこと杓子) - Play Game Music songs 10 times
Goldon (ゴールドン) - Play Namco Original songs 10 times
Heavy Metal (ヘビメタ) - Clear all songs in a single credit, all songs chosen must have a Kanji title
Strawberry (いちご) - Clear all songs in a single credit, all songs chosen must be related to colors
Beetle (かぶとむし) - Clear all songs in a single credit, all songs chosen must be new J-Pop/Anime/Variety songs
UFO (うちゅうひこうし) - Clear all songs in one credit, all songs chosen must be robot anime songs
Tiger (とら) - Clear all songs in one credit, all songs chosen must be teenage anime songs
Black Drum (黒太鼓) - Clear all songs in one credit, all songs chosen must be 2000 songs
Bouquet (ブーケ) - Clear all songs in one credit, all songs chosen must be hiyama songs
Red Carp (めでタイ) - Clear all songs in one credit, all songs chosen must be 'no Mai' songs
Maneki Neko (招き猫) - Clear all songs in one credit, all songs chosen must be Kikyoku songs
Muse Police C (ミューズポリスC) - Play Extreme MGG★★★ on any difficulty once
Muse Police M (ミューズポリスM) - Play Music Revolver on any difficulty once
Happy Festival (お祭りはっぴ) - Play Taiko 0.5 with your Banapassport once
Sunflower (ひまわり) - Play Taiko 0.5 in August 2012
Tsukimi Dango (月見だんご) - Play Taiko 0.5 in September 2012
Halloween (ハロウィン) - Play Taiko 0.5 in October 2012
Yosenabe (よせ鍋) - Play Taiko 0.5 in November 2012
Santa Claus (サンタクロース) - Play Taiko 0.5 in December 2012
Kagami Mochi (鏡もち) - Play Taiko 0.5 in January 2013
Oni with Gold Club (オニに金棒) - Play Taiko 0.5 in February 2013

Taiko sounds
Festival (お祭り) - Clear all songs in a single credit
Drum (ドラム) - Clear all songs in a single credit, all songs chosen must have an English title
Dog and Cat (いぬねこ) - Clear all songs in one credit, all songs chosen must be related to animals
Tambourine (タンバリン) - Clear all songs in a single credit, all songs chosen must be old J-Pop/Anime songs
Deluxe Taiko (豪華な太鼓) - Clear all songs in one credit, all songs chosen must be hero anime songs

Don Challenge unlocks
All songs will be unlocked by default on the month following the Don Challenges. For more details on the goals that need to be met, click here.

Chiriyuku Ran no Tsuduru Uta (散りゆく蘭の綴る詩) - Clear 8 goals in August 2012.
Sword Battlers (ソードバトラーズ) / Sword Battlers (ソードバトラーズ) - Clear 8 goals in September 2012.
Hello! Halloween (ハロー!ハロウィン) - Clear 8 goals in October 2012.
junction - Clear 8 goals in November 2012
Senpuu no Mai- Heaven (旋風ノ舞【天】) - Clear 8 goals in December 2012
Senpuu no Mai- Earth (旋風ノ舞【地】) - Clear 10 goals in December 2012
Dokidoki Munekyun Omatsuri Time (ドキドキ胸きゅん おまつりタイム) - Clear 8 goals in January 2013
Boku wa Shinse (ボクハシンセ) - Clear 8 goals in February 2013

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (26 July 2012) - CreoFuga interviews, part 1

This post is an interview with the first two winners of the CreoFUGA music making contest: DUNKEL who composed DIMENSIONS, and MOES who composed Dokidoki Kyun Omatsuri Time.

Namco Taiko Blog (26 July 2012) - Sunflower August and Don Challenge

As promised, today's blog entry is about the arcade events which will begin on August, with major focus about the new Don Challenge feature.

Taiko PSP DX's IDs, take 12

For celebrating one year of downloadable content for the third PSP videogame, this month's hidden IDs are A LOT MORE than usual! Seriously, it's like grouping four or five months of hidden songIDs all in a row, and there's a lot of songs both old and new!

Taiko no Tatsujin Codename: Katsu-Don update post

The latest update of the current arcade generation has been released, and we're ready to provide a live update once again! (and just two weeks after 3DS...phew!) We will also cover the PSP DX July download pack in this post, but they will be labeled with Roman numerals to differentiate them from the arcade updates.

Current number of updates: 26 (VI) and counting

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fan Feature: Be Green! and others

Tomorrow's another busy day for us with the arcade update and all, so here's another round of custom chart features from our dedicated readers before we start! Don't hesitate to submit yours; either by email or shared on our Facebook group! Let's see what we have in store today.

jylee18, one of our most avid contributors, has made his own music before, and this is another one of his ambitious projects. He's recently snagged a copy of voice synthesizing software Vocaloid 2 (Hatsune Miku) and created his own song with it and another music synthesizing software. Called 'BE GREEN!', the song is a remixed rock song which sends a message to the world to stop pollution and things that are harming the environment. Spread the word!

The song is in full English, and we all know how Miku handles English....not so well, it's a lot of garbled romaji, but jylee18 has uploaded a 2nd version of the song with major fixes to Miku's pronunciation. You can listen to the song here. The video above is an 8* Oni chart for BE GREEN!, with a Ura Oni chart too.

Here's the Ura Oni, with 900 notes and more dense clusters.

And now, another one from Yusri Khairi, who's got five more custom maps uploaded to his channel. Here's one of them, the Jubeat cover of Bach classic Heaven and Hell (Orpheus in the Underworld)

Borrows heavily from the Master route notes of Taiko's Heaven and Hell with a few added in, it even has around the same BPM too. A familiar way to enjoy a different version of a song we've probably played before!

Taiko 3DS Stamp Album and rank

All the unlockable content in Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS is arranged into a list of achievements called a stamp album (スタンプ帳), similar to the list used by Taiko PSP DX. For each achievement you obtain, a certain number of Taiko Points are added to your profile. Get a certain amount of points to raise your rank!

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS costume list

Instead of being able to change colors for Don-chan, Taiko 3DS allows you to choose between the four different drum characters, the yellow and green ones being introduced in Taiko Wii 3. There are four sets of costumes, one set each for Don-chan, Kat-chan, Calcutta=Dondi (yellow Don) and Yomogimaru (green Don).

The costumes in each set look similar to each other with a color change or slight reskin, and each set of four is unlocked all at once (example: unlocking the Sweets costume would also unlock the Blueberry Mousse, Orange Bavarois and Green Tea Parfait costumes at the same time). However each character may only wear a costume allocated to it, eg Don-chan cannot wear any of Kat-chan's costumes.

For how to unlock the costumes, click the link to the unlockables page at the bottom of the table.




Happy Festival
Red Happy shirt
Yellow Happy shirt
Green Happy shirt
Sister Maid
Tsundere Maid
Gothic Maid
Blueberry Mousse
Orange Bavarois
Green Tea Parfait
Soccer Ball
Bowling Ball
Golden Taiko
Silver Taiko
Bronze Taiko
Jade Taiko
Scary Shark
Cool Shark
Cute Shark
Blue Train
Brown Train
Green Train
Chibi Don
Chibi Katsu
Chibi Calcutta
Chibi Yomogimaru
Ramen Stall
Yakisoba Stall
Crepe Stall
Kebab Stall
Heavy Metal
Rock Star
Heavy Metal Animal
Heavy Metal Kabuki
Portable Shrine
Platinum Shrine
Bronze Shrine
Emerald Shrine
Blue Tengu
Yellow Tengu
Green Tengu
Blue Warrior
Golden Warrior
Silver Warrior
Polar Bear
Pink Bear
Grizzly Bear
Panda Bear
Hero Don
(ゆうしゃ どん)
Hero Katsu
(ゆうしゃ かつ)
Hero Calcutta
(ゆうしゃ カレクッタ)
Hero Yomogimaru
(ゆうしゃ よもぎまる)
Mirage Castle
Legend Castle
Secret Castle
Beef Ricebowl
Fish Fillet Ricebowl
Curry Ricebowl
Giant Ricebowl
White Peacock
Gold Peacock
Rainbow Peacock
Big Ribbon
Striped Ribbon
Checkered Ribbon
Leopard Print Ribbon

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Back to Taiko 3DS song list

Monday, July 23, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (23 July 2012)- Score deletion

This short post is a reminder to tell all players that once the Taiko 0 arcades have been updated to Game Version 5.00 two days from now, the player data on Donder Hiroba will be reset together with titles and Don Points! The data reneweal will take place on July 25th, at 2.00am, so the slate will be wiped clean while everyone in Japan is fast asleep. Better take a snapshot of your old scores before they are gone! Crowns and costumes remain, however.

Donder Hiroba will also be in read-only mode from 2am onwards until the update goes live. Until then, sit tight!

There is a small source code message in this blog post too.

"25日はK○W○S○K○HBで僕と握手!" (I will be shaking hands with K_W_S_K_HB on the 25th!)

Sounds like a person name, with the vowels blanked out! Wonder who it is, and what it has to do with the arcade launch?

This Thursday's blog entry will be about the first month of the Banapassport mechanic "Don Challenge", which will start on August 1st.

Link to original post