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Friday, October 16, 2015

Voting at WCS2016 Song Contest II - The Hiroba Wars


Thanks for everyone who voted in the first part of the public vote! Now to determine the one and only Donders' Choice we move our battlefield (?) to Donder Hiroba, where you vote with your credits from today to October 25!

Every registered Donder Hiroba user can have at most five (5) votes, the first of which is given for free to all. To get the other four, play on Murasaki ver. with your Banapassport-connected account and you will get one ticket per credit.

Now with your ticket(s), you can check out the list of songs up for choosing. Clicking the title will take you to its Creofuga page where you can listen and read the artist comments. When you are sure which song the vote should go to, click the corresponding Vote (投票する) button. If you have a Twitter profile linked to the Donder Hiroba account, you can have it tweet out your vote on the way too!

tips2 tips3

Donder Hiroba campaign page

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