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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Twitter Snippets: 3rd and 4th Tenkaichi Otogesai songs

Hot on the heels of Namco's two songs for the second AOU rhythm game event are two more song teasers! The first is from Sega's maimai Orange PLUS, which will be very fast (205 BPM!) and be named after a Greek god of wind. Now, there's several wind deities in Greek mythology, but the first that comes to mind would be Aeolus. Maybe that'll be the song title?

Also, a reference back to FUJIN Rumble. But nope, not this time!

The 4th song is from Konami's representative, Sound Voltex III Gravity Wars! Again, a vague hint to the song's theme; Raisis, SDVX's girl mascot, finds something called a 'Voltenizer Maxima' and decides to....gain muscles? Is this a song about muscles? But Muscle March seems too weird for this collab...wait. Right. This is Konami, not Namco.

Anyway, keep in mind that despite the hints, these are all brand new songs, so you don't have to look in each respective game's songlists for matching tunes; you won't find em!

1 comment:

  1. Yo just a quick heads-up,the song for maimai has already been revealed earlier to be Aiolos by xi of BMS fame.(Aiolos happens to be a different spelling of Aeolus,incidentally)

    As for SDVX,apparently a more accurate translation would be "If I were to choose between Raisis (a cute girl) and Voltenizer Maxima (muscleman),I would no doubt choose muscle!No regrets at all!"