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Monday, October 5, 2015

Taiko Time's Guide to Voting at WCS2016 Song Contest

太鼓の達人 ドンだー!世界一決定戦2016 課題曲募集だドン!

Here is a pictoral guide on how to support your favourite songs at the first round of voting for the World Championship 2016 Song Contest! The voting started last Saturday on October 3 and will end on October 12.

Before you start, make sure you have a Twitter account, which is what Creofuga use to connect to you and track the votes. Each person may put in one vote for each song each day, so you on your own can give a song at most 10 votes of support!

NB. Although we only show the desktop site here, the mobile site works so similar that the guide also works.

Step 1: Find the song you like. We use Packer's submission Bara no Hana to demonstrate, being our long-time resident composer and all.

Step 2: Click the circular Vote (投票する) Button on the right. The red-yellow streak around it shows its current popularity.

Step 3: Confirm with Twitter that you authorize Creofuga to use your Twitter account. Click Sign In in the pop-up. Twitter will redirect you back to Creofuga to confirm your vote when it's done.

Step 4: (optional) Opted in by default is that Creofuga will sent a Tweet for you to your Twitter feed at the same time as you vote.
       Step 4A: To opt out, uncheck Tweet at the Same Time as Voting (投票と同時にツイートする).
       Step 4B: If you keep opted in, you can also change the contents of the tweet in the text box.

Step 5: After checking everything, click Vote, agreeing to Voting Terms and Conditions (投票規約に同意して投票する). Although you really should first click the Voting Terms and Conditions Here (投票規約はこちら) link below and read all of the ToC.


Step 6: When you see this Voting Completed (投票が完了しました), your vote has been counted. You can now close the pop-up.

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