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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Song of the Week! 31 October 2015

Once again, Halloween is upon us, compelling people to scare unsuspecting victims or be scared in many different ways. According to today's featured track, even supernatural beings are compelled to deliver the best of scares!

 Obake no Oshigoto (おばけのお仕事)
Allx4 (149)x5 (223)x4 (307)x6 (427)
 Taiko 0 S, Taiko Wii 5, Taiko +

Namco Original songs under the 7th rating star became rarer and rarer as the current arcade generation kicked in; nevertheless, rookie-friendly songs continue to pop up every once in a while for the oh-so-beloved Namco Original genre, such as this piece of music from independent musicians.

Obake no Oshigoto (lit. "Your Job as a Ghost") is one of the two debut NO tracks on the final Wii videogame's base songlist (with the other one being Knitting High). As hinted by the title, the song features an unspecified ghost singing about its struggles to perform his job of scaring kids as best as possible, in order to become the best one in circulation. This is a job of no monetary pay-off for the spirited presence, but the prospective of climbing up ranks sure seems to be enough of a motivator for it to come up with more and more effective scare shenanigans!

The song is composed/lyricised by Kyo Kasuya (カスヤキョウ) and sung by Maki Morisame (森実真紀) from the Hirose Kohmi Music School. While the singer began contributing in several music-related projects (mostly with the band une-voix) after her graduation in 2012, the composer started his solo career in 2009 as an acoustic composer/singing talent. While Kyo Kasuya has his own website (link), the only source of information publicly available about Maki Morisame is this page from the aforementioned Hirose Kohmi Music School's website.

Packing in a higher ration of Kat notes, loads of mono-color small note clusters and more than half of the song highlighted by the Go-Go Time, Obake no Oshigoto's Oni mode doesn't fare that much differently from other currently-rated 6* challenges for the genre, while also packing in one of Taiko Wii Chogouka-Ban's longest drumrolls in the game.

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