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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (29 October 2015) - November's Series-Closing Donchare

While the rest of the world is preparing all of their spooks and scares for the next Saturday, the Taiko Team is packing a Don Challenge month with a new entry for a quite recent Namco Original song series...

Indeed, November's Don Challenge song turns out to be the brand-new Shiuryu (秋竜 ~Shiuryu~), fourth and final entry of freelance composer Azu♪'s Season Dragon series. With the Japanese portion of the title that can be read as Akiryu, the song is about Autumn (with Aki being the Japanese term for said season). Like for the previous songs' debut, Azu♪ stepped in for his comments about Shiuryu's creation.

Unlike for the other Season Dragon songs, he admitted that this one has been the hardest of the bunch to create, as he originally hadn't a clear idea of what kind of sound could give a clear image of Autumn. The idea, however, came with the many celebrations running throughout the season like Halloween, and the lonely feeling that the season itself might leave due to the cold approaching fast. Because of the trick-or-treaty celebration of Halloween, the final Season Dragon has the Japanese part of the title not literally matching the English part, as it has to be read as Shiuryu for a word play, as in Katakana, Shiuryu (しうりゅう) can be roughly translated as "Tooth-uryu", tasting all of Halloween's sweets. As usual, check out a portion of the song on the original blog entry!

Together with Shiuryu, Taiko Murasaki is also welcoming a doctor for all your after-Halloween tooth issues! Of course, we're not talking of a real one; the Doctor (お医者さん) outfit can be unlocked during November, with the Head gear being gifter upon playing once in the next month and the Body part being a Rewards Shop purchasable item.

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