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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Twitter Snippets 2 (13 April 2015) - The RPG Extreme

The baseball-related collaboration wasn't the only hot Taiko news for yesterday, as another Nicovideo stream has anticipated something from this week's incoming Taiko stream.

The livestream for this year's edition of the Exibitors Wars (出展企業ウォーズ) event has revealed that the edition of this year will feature the highly-anticipated Square-Enix title Final Fantasy XIV, and the Taiko arcades available for the event will feature the limited song The Navel Extreme (極タイタン討滅戦) for every attender to enjoy. If you can attend the event that's a one-time chance to try out the only song featuring giant note balloons and mid-way drumrolls during said giant balloons!

This Friday's Taiko Team livestream will give further details about the Exhibitors Wars event as well, so we'll be getting a more detailed reminder in a few days.

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