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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (April 2 2015) - Taiko 3DS2 April DLC

Kept you waiting, 3DS2 fans! In the previous livestream, Sasaoka, the game director for Taiko 3DS2, could not attend the event and only had Daifuku restate the March DLC. My goodness, though. Is the April DLC a surprise!

Don't pretend you didn't anticipate this. Oh will you guys not believe what today's song is. Right, so are you ready to check it out? It's...

Ignis Danse!

(cough I can't keep this joke on. Sasaoka stuck to that gimmick right to the end? Props, man.) But yes! Namco's contribution to the AOU makes its way to a home console Taiko for the very first time today. We know this might come as a very pleasant surprise for players of this handheld version to the point it's too good to be true, so we have our own shot of the DLC Shop just to have everyone convinced for good.

The rest of the month's DLC songs are:
April 9th: Evidence of evil
April 16th: Boku wa Shinse
April 23rd: DEBSTEP!
April 30th: Jikuuchou Sousa 2-Ka

Two console debuts, and two more only seen once each on the console big brother Taiko Wii U! Look forward to an exciting month of DLC! Don't forget; Wii U Tokumori is also getting another set of downloadables this month, so both sides get some love.

Link to original post

So what were the ones we stated in our rumor post earlier? Turns out they aren't DLC songs, but leftover song title data within Taiko 3DS2, slated to be included in the game at one point but got cut. Speaking of, earlier today it was briefly rumored in wikihouse that Jinpuumaru and its Ura was to be in the April 23 place.

In other news, another batch of promotional QR codes have their exclusive period expired, and is now available in full glory since yesterday on the 3DS2 official site. Grab the likes of the Taitatsu cabinet-mecha, Tatsudon, and the very vast collection of Meiji collab goodies now!

1 comment:

  1. footnote: the 'gimmick' in question was Sasaoka structuring the original blog post in such a way that the beginning of each line, when read vertically, spells 'ki-mi-do-ri' and repeating all the way to the end of the post.