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Sunday, April 26, 2015

First Video: Sachi Sachi ni Shite Ageru on Wii U2

And the mystery song DLC for Wii U2 is Sachi Sachi ni Shite Ageru, after NicoNico Chokaigi has its exclusivity ended a few hours back. It comes with a full body Sachiko Kobayashi costume so you can last-boss across the Taiko fields. Dandy.

Check out the First Video portion after the jump.

 さちさちにしてあげる♪ Sachi Sachi ni Shite Ageru (3/6/7/7/10; 366 notes on Oni; 743 notes on Ura Oni)

The regular Oni is only slightly mixing up the 1/5/5/6 original Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru [Shita Yan Yo], with a bit more notes (27 more) and a bit different clustering here and there. The structure (long drumrolls, balloons) are generally the same.

The first ever legitimate Ura Oni (not Sou-uchi) in the J-POP genre though gives us more recent trends of abundance in long mixed streams and 24th strings mixing with 16ths. Think how Go Go Kitchen got the Ura treatment in the same game as an analogy.

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