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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Across Asia: Update from Murasaki

As expected, the songs on the poster from Taiko Team aren't the only ones that are new to the game. Hataraku 2000, Jinpuumaru (Ura) and Zeihen ~transformation all made it in, the Don Point unlocks are as usual. Two other songs were opened up to Asia, that have been in JP since the original firmware. That's a three year wait!

The songs are:
  • Punishment
  • Kill Me no Baby

The evidence comes from the Taiwanese group of Taiko fans!

Both are high-difficulty Onis, sure to give veteran players quite a bit of entertainment!

Murasaki (Asia)'s songlist will be updated with the changes as soon as possible!

Addendum, April 17 2015:
After a first day it is also confirmed that more latecomers including Sakuranbo, Kiseki, and Kurae! Butto Burst!! also made it.

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  1. Another post claims Sakuranbo also (no pics)