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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Taiko Team's Sixth UStream: Let's Make Music Together, part 2!

Etou's notechart-crafting project continued last Friday with the latest Nicovideo/UStream live session, where another CreoFuga creation slated for this year's arcade tournament is the event's main feature. Here's a very fast recap of what happened this time, including some other quirky events!

As you can see from the screenshot above, the song on the spotlight is D's Adventure Note, created by Dan@Yomi (暖@よみぃ), a change from his old nickname Yomii since the previous stream . Remember that the difficulty stars shown are all placeholders except for Oni!

Etou set a high difficulty bar for this one, offering a 10* model with 787 notes. One hour and a half later, the finished product has almost 100 extra notes, focusing more on note streams and 1/24 Don note clusters. With 872 notes, this still feels like a really missed opportunity for a new Ban-Nam combo (876) Oni mode, doesn't it?

After a 10-minute stream hiatus, the second part featured the Taiko Team again and 17-masu talking about the latest Taiko collabs and promotions, much like the previous direct presentation did.

I'm not gonna lie, but the majority of this section literally consisted of... 17-masu and the Taiko Team dining. As part of the Taiko x Stamina Tarou promo we already saw last week, this behavior is kinda justified, but this also meant that little to no new facts have been revealed this time. Old gadgets we have already seen, like the Gashapon keychains and some of the Ichiban KUJI prizes like the Don-chan/Kat-chan pillow have been shown, but the only Taiko-related content that was genuinely new was a limited-edition Banapassport and some sticker sheets which will be given to all participants of this year's Taiko arcade tourney (while stocks last).

So, ... that's about it, for this time. If you want to watch the stream for yourselves but missed the direct, re-runs are available both on UStream and on Nicovideo.

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