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Monday, August 12, 2013

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS Script: Interval - 2 Orbs

Warning: may contain plot spoilers.



ラルコ「ふふふ! さっそく 2つめのオーブをてにいれたぞ!

どんちゃん「そのオーブは いったい なんなのカッ?!

ラルコ「このオーブは お姫さまの声。。。



あれは お姫さまの たんじょう日 だった


お坂では せいだいな パーティがひらかれていた

そこに ひとりのピエロが あらわれたんだ!

マオウ「みなさま! わたくしの かれいなマジックをごらんください!

マオウ「お姫さまの声を なんと! 7つのオーブにかえてみせます!




姫は その歌声で 世界のあくの チカラを きよめていたんだ!



マオウ「ジャジャーン!姫の声が 7つの美しいオーブにはやがわり!



みんなが あわてたときには もうおそかった

声をうばわれた 姫は チカラをうしなって

オーブも 世界のあちこちに とんでいってしまった


ボクは そのひとつを ひっしで おいかけて。。。

そこからは ハッキリおぼえていない


どんちゃん「そんなことが あったのカッ!

ラルコ「なんとしても。。。 なんとしても ボクは姫をたすけだす!


ラルコ「だいぶ よふかし しちゃったね! もうねよう!

おやすみ どんちゃん!




That night...

Raruko: Hoho! Two orbs now!

Don-chan: What are the orbs actually?

Raruko: These orbs contain the princess' voice.....and...her life.



It was on Her Highness' birthday.


A grand birthday party on the slope of a hill. A lone clown showed himself at the party!

Maou: Everybody! Gather around, and witness my magnificent magic!

Maou: Oh look it's the princess' voice! I will split it into seven orbs!


Maou contained the princess' voice as his power

The princess' voice is also her life

She uses that voice to banish dark forces from this world!

...And then


Maou: Ta-da! The princess' voice is now 7 beautiful orbs!

Maou: And now these orbs are.... *performs trick*


You are all too late. I have claimed the princess' voice and she has lost her power. As for the orbs? They're scattered all over the world by now.

Maou: Ahahahahaha!


I chased Maou with all my energy, and I don't remember anything more after that.


Don-chan: So that's what happened.

Raruko: No matter what....no matter what, I will save the princess!

Don-chan: *yawn*

Raruko: It's getting really late! Let's get to sleep! Goodnight, Don-chan!

Don-chan: Goodnight da-don...

Script provided by Zekira

1 comment:

  1. Worst. Birthday party. Ever. Soprano and Peach should have a chat about parties getting ruined because evil bad guy of the week decided to show up.