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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS Script: (2-1) Darakel Crevasse - Beginning

Warning: may contain plot spoilers.

どんちゃん「でっかい どうくつだドーン!


???「うわーん うわーん

ラルコ「ひぃぃい! でたぁ!オバケだぁ!

???「オバケじゃないよ くまの まっくんだよ

どんちゃん「まっくんは どうして 泣いているのカッ?

まっくん「ママが へんなんだよぅ ぜんぜん せんたくも そうじもしなくなって
ごはんも とってきてくれないんだよう まいにち かってきた カップめんだよぅ

ラルコ「なんてダメな おかあさんだ! ボクがいって しかってやろう!

まっくん「ママはダメじゃないよぅ! へんな玉をみつけてからおかしくなったんだよぅ


まっくん「ママのごはんが 食べたいよぅ。。。

どんちゃん「ボクも 食べたいドーン! ママはどこにいるんだドン?

まっくん「さいきんは どうくつのおくから めったに でてこないよぅ
おねがいだよぅ ママをもとにもどしてよぅ

ラルコ「よーし! このボクにまかせとけ!

どんちゃん「まっくんのママをさがしに どうくつのおく いっくドーン!


Don-chan: That's a huge cave-don!

Raruko: Not scared....I'm not...scared.....

???: ...waaaah......waaaahhh...

Raruko: Eeeeeek! It's...It's a ghost!

???: I'm not a ghost. Just Makkun, a little bear.

Don-chan: Why are you crying Makkun?

Makkun: Mom has been acting strange. She isn't doing anything, not bathing or cleaning or even cooking. I eat cup noodles every day...

Raruko: What kind of mother is she? I'd sure like to give her a piece of my mind!

Makkun: Mom's not like that! I think it was after she found some strange orb.

Don-chan: Of course, it's one of the orbs da-don!

Makkun: I want to eat Mom's cooking again...

Don-chan: Me too da-don! Where is Mom now?

Makkun: Mom hasn't come out from inside the cave in ages. Please, you have to get Mom back to normal!

Raruko: Alright! Leave it to me!

Don-chan: Let's go into the cave and look for Makkun's mom-don!

Script provided by Zekira


  1. OMG They have instant noodles in this world too

  2. Cup noodles: Surpassing even time and dimensions themselves!