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Monday, August 26, 2013

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS Script: (4-4) Fuzi Graveyard: Graveyard #2

Warning: may contain plot spoilers.

はかば2丁目 --- ジャンケンガイコッツ (Graveyard #2 --- Jan-Ken Skeletons) (Note: "jan-ken-bon" is "rock-paper-scissors")

ジャンケンガイコッツ(グー)「おれが やっつけてやる!

ジャンケンガイコッツ(チョキ)「いや おれが やってやる!

ジャンケンガイコッツ(パー)「いやいや おれにまかせろ!

ジャンケンガイコッツ「よし ジャンケンできめるぞ!
ジャンケン ポンッ! あいこでしょ! あいこでしょ! あいこで。。。

どんちゃん「もういいから はやくするドーン!!

ラルコ「えーい 演奏でしょうぶだ!


どんちゃん「ジャンケンポン! あっちむいてドーン!

ラルコ「どんちゃんの演奏は グーチョキパーの どれよりもつよいんだね!


Jan-Ken Skeletons (Rock): Let me do this!

Jan-Ken Skeletons (Scissors): No, let me!

Jan-Ken Skeletons (Paper): No, no, I'll handle this!

Jan-Ken Skeletons: Let's settle this with rock-paper scissors! Janken pon! Aiko desho! Aiko desho! Aiko de..... (note: "aiko deshou" is chanted when there is a draw in the game)

Don-chan: Hurry up and get it over with ta-don!

Raruko: Let's do a performance battle!


Don-chan: Janken pon! Achi muite-don! (note: "achi muite hoi" is used as a second round after the rock-paper scissors. Read this for details.)

Raruko: Don-chan, your performance is stronger than rock, paper and scissors!

Script provided by Zekira

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  1. A lot of the playground game terms used are untranslatable without losing the original meaning, so I'll leave them be. Read the links too!