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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (8 August 2013): Momoiro Clover Z campaign and Vocaloid ZOLA contest

Okay, because we just covered an entire page's worth of Momoiro Clover Z just yesterday it would just be repeating ourselves if we typed it here, so go read the article right below this one to find out details about the campaign! Nothing's changed between yesterday and now for this.

The new thing announced today was a contest involving another Vocaloid, simply called 'ZOLA Project'.

ZOLA is made up of three male vocals combined into one software, and a large-scale music composing and artwork contest is being organized on ZOLA's official website, which runs from August 1 to September 24 this year. There are tons of prizes to be given away in multiple categories. Taiko no Tatsujin involvement is in the Original Composition category, with three winners standing a chance to get their creation into Taiko no Tatsujin plus copies of the latest home console Taiko no Tatsujin games.

Other parties are involved in the Original category too, with Lawson offering 4 winners the chance to have their songs played in their stores nationwide for a week, BSFuji TV station offering two other winners to have their songs used as ending themes for one of their variety shows, and LIVE DAM taking another four more to use in their karaoke outlets! There may be overlap; one song can win the hearts of more than one sponsor and be selected multiple times.

One last announcement from Namco; the official Taiko blog will not update next week and the Twitter account will be inactive from August 12 to 19 for a week-long summer break. The week following that will go normally, with the Area Challenge leg of the Taiko Tournament beginning right there and an update planned for the second batch of CreoFUGA 2013 winners. See you then!

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