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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Taikojiro - Sotsugyou 2000

The kanji mean "Graduation", as the song itself re-assembles a joyful ceremony. Between the changeling scrolling speed, notecharts from Kita Saitama and X-DAY are easily trackable along Go-Go Time sections!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Staff Interview- crystalsuicune

And our final staff member! Sorry for taking so long with this- guess I was trying to pace things way too slowly. No harm done~ crystalsuicune knows a lot of Japanese- way more than any other staff member, and thus she helps out fix any and all translation errors on the site. She also has great artistic skill. Be sure to check her stuff out sometime!

Song of the Week! 26 February 2011


This time I'm going to talk abut two Game Songs! The first one is suggested by kookono:

Taiko no Tatsujin: Wai Wai Happy Rokudaime unlock list

Oni difficulty - Get 8800 Don Points

Taiko Sounds
Hero (ヒーロー) - Get 500 Don Points
Heroine (ヒロイン) - Get 2200 Don Points
Xevious (ゼビウス) - Get 5000 Don Points
English (えいご) - Get 16000 Don Points
Fart (おなら) - Get 22000 Don Points
Snore (イビキ) - Get 30000 Don Points
Super Fart (超おなら) - Get 42000 Don Points
Donko (どん子) - Get 58000 Don Points
Wada-Inu (和田イヌ) - Get 76500 Don Points

(incomplete info for minigame-related Taiko Sounds. Please contact me if you know!)

Burning Force Medley (バーニングフォースメドレー)
-Get 1200 Don Points
Swan Lake ~still a duckling~ (白鳥の湖 ~still a duckling~)
-Get 3500 Don Points
Yokuderu 2000 (よくでる2000)
-Get 6800 Don Points
Taberuna 2000 (タベルナ2000)

-Get 12000 Don Points
Atashi Ikasama Koi wa Ikasama (あたしイカサマ恋はイカサマ)
-Make 21 fried squid balls in the minigame 'Ikayaki Stall'

Doron Mode - In a new profile, set Master (ますたぁ) as the profile name
Double speed - In a new profile, set your player name to 'Baisoku' (ばいそく)
Triple speed - In a new profile, set your player name to 'Sanbai' (さんばい)
Quadruple speed - In a new profile, set your player name to 'Yonbai' (よんばい)
Sudden Death - In a new profile, set your player name to 'Kanpeki' (かんぺき)
99999 Don Points - In a new profile, set Taikono (たいこの) as the profile name, then change it to Tatsujin (たつじん)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taiko songs on Mario Paint

One of the most loved features of the Super Nintendo game Mario Paint is its comprehensive and user-friendly music editor, in which players can create and arrange songs with a wide arsenal of 8-bit sounds. A Taiko lover of Mario Paint, jylee18 from Malaysia, has used its Flash version for computers and from there, created many Mario Paint versions of popular Namco Originals. Enjoy!

Taiko no Tatsujin: Tobikkiri Anime Special unlock list

Oni difficulty - Get 8800 Don Points

Taiko Sounds
Hero (ヒーロー) - Get 500 Don Points
Heroine (ヒロイン) - Get 2200 Don Points
Robot (ロボット) - Get 5000 Don Points
Fart (おなら) - Get 16000 Don Points
Snore (イビキ) - Get 22000 Don Points
Super Fart (超おなら)- Get 30000 Don Points
Burp (ゲップ) - Get 42000 Don Points
Monster (かいじゅう) - Get 58000 Don Points
Wada-Katsu (和田かつ) - Get 76500 Don Points
Tower of Druaga (ドルアーガの塔) - Cover all locations in the special course of the minigame 'Flying Ladle'
DIGDUG - Hit 12 of each different object in the special course of the minigame 'Water Gun Bath'
Turtle (かめ) - Collect all items in the special course of the minigame 'Floating Parasol'

Be The Ace
-Get 1200 Don Points
Mirai e no Kagi (未来への鍵)
-Get 3500 Don Points
Positive! (ポジティブ!)
-Get 6800 Don Points
Ike! Mekadon (行け!メカドン)

-Get 12000 Don Points

Doron Mode - In a new profile, set Master (ますたぁ) as the profile name
99999 Don Points - In a new profile, set Taikono (たいこの) as the profile name, then change it to Tatsujin (たつじん)

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Site announcement: Four new buttons

Starting today, I've made some simple buttons to better organize the links in each of the arcade and console Taiko pages linking to their official sites and others. Not only will it reduce the text clutter, it's also easy to see and click! I've also taken the chance to do a bit of code cleaning-up (though it isn't noticeable in the published article).

The four buttons will always be arranged in this way. Neat!

Namco Taiko Blog (21 February 2011) - 10 years of Taiko no Tatsujin!

Ten years ago, on February the 21st, a timid rhythm game made its appearance into japanese arcade rooms with its unusual pair of giant drums. And nowadays, ten years after that symbolic day, we are going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Taiko games!

Taiko Drum Master unlock list

Oni difficulty - Clear and pass 25 songs on Muzukashii (Hard) mode, or get a total play time of one hour

Taiko March
-Get 5 crowns
Don Rangers 
-Get 10 crowns
Ridge Racer
-Get 15 crowns
The Genji and the Heike Clans (KAGEKIYO)
-Get 20 crowns

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Song of the Week! 19 February 2011


It's that time of the week again! This week it's my choice. Wanna know which song caught my eye?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feature: Character Relation Chart

You know you haven't lurked the official Donder website enough if you haven't seen this beaut. It's a comprehensive (for the time) relationship chart for nearly all the characters in the Taiko series! Of course, since this was made a long time ago, naturally several familiar faces we know now aren't in the chart, including:

-Professor Otowa and his assistant, and Arumi-chan/Dr. Waruru with all robots from Taiko Wii 2
-Dokon Gang from Taiko DS2
-Kodama from Taiko Wii 1
-Ponko and all related characters from Taiko DS3
-Green and yellow drums from Taiko Wii 3 (their names don't stick. At all.)
-FRIGGIN MEKADON (and Meka-Katsu)

The above is a translated version of the chart, done by me. Click on it to see it full-size and study each person's significance in the series! It's the little things that make it more fun. Albeit a bit geeky.

If I were to expand the chart I would try to include those characters, especially Mekadon, on it. His is pretty easy to figure out- if you've played the later PS2 games you know who made him and how. Don't know about Meka-Katsu though. The rest of them don't seem to have any intricate relations with characters outside of Don/Katsu.

The original chart and all characters still belong to Namco Bandai, of course. All I did was translate. The original in Japanese (in .pdf format) can be found here.

Namco Taiko Blog (17 February 2011) - Taiko 10th Anniversary

This week's update is all about the 10th anniversary of the Taiko series. Although it was talked about before the beginning of February, this week is the real time to start celebrating Taiko's latest milestone. According to the blog anyway. Most of it was random talk though, not many important details.

The picture above is the entrance to their office, adorned with a 10th Anniversary banner (which they casually refer to as their 'Future Lab'). Namco had also held their 30th anniversary for Pac-Man not too long ago. Also, if anyone wants to answer the Namco Original survey on the official Donder site, better do it quick- it's in its 24th day and ending soon!

'その1'? The first of a series of 10th Anniversary blog posts it seems.....hope they won't go too far with this. (we're still waiting on Taiko 14's last few secret codes)

Link to original post

Monday, February 14, 2011

Taikojiro- Kita Saitama 2000 EX.#

Forget everything you knew about insane, impossible to clear custom notecharts- this thing redefines insanity. Not a single crazy notechart I've ever come across which proclaims how hard it was could top this one. Unless the song is over 10 minutes long, I doubt you'll find many custom jobs with over 2600 notes like this one.

A rejigged, super-insane Kita Saitama 2000 with notestreams so dense and continuous I doubt even Mekadon would be able to make sense of it without crashing (the final dkdkdkdkdkd stream is 1/114 beats....my god...), and to add to the hurt there's notes scrolling at a negative speed, that is, scrolling backwards from the left. Not many of them, but it's cheating nonetheless.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Black Rose Apostle Fanart

According to this week's song theme, crystalsuicune has sent us her graphical interpretation of Black Rose Apostle. Fresh from the drawing studio!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Song of the Week! 12 February 2011


As suggested by crystalsuicune past weeks, this time it's the turn of an Ura song! Let's see what is it...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hibike! Taiko no Tatsujin lyrics

Hibike! Taiko no Tatsujin (響け!太鼓の達人)
Composer:  Kousaki Satoru
Vocals: Kageyama Hironobu, Mizuki Ichiro, Horie Mitsuko

Namco Taiko Blog (10 February 2011) - A special survey!

As we previously said past week, the Twitter account of the Taiko Team counts over 2000 followers, a well-known value for every fine donder around the world. In order to commemorate this impressive result, Eto's Taiko Team has started another survey, the "Namco Original Songs Sequel" (続編を遊びたいナムコオリジナル曲).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Staff Interview- Zekira

Although he 'resigned' from being one of our contributors, he's one of our biggest fans and still inadvertently finds errors in the site. Please welcome the most skilled Taiko player of our blog staff, Zekira!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taikojiro - Custom Ura modes

It's quite known that Taikojiro donders love to play with the songs, in order to create alternative and more challenging beat patterns. This time I'm going to introduce a couple of these!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Feature: An unskilled player's quest for Full Perfect

I've unlocked Oni mode before. I've FCed songs on Oni before. I've FCed ten star difficulty songs on Oni before (though a certain few remain out of my reach). The next step, aside from drilling on with the few remaining songs I CAN'T FC no matter how hard I try, is to score as high as I can on the songs I've mastered.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Song of the Week! 5 February 2011


...well, after 6 Namco Original picks in a row, here's a song from the Classic genre, requested by koocono months ago. (had to clear the backlog sometime)

SORA-IV- clearer video

Done on Taikojiro after someone managed to worm the music file out to the Internet. Still no arcade HQ. (on Youtube. Boffins with access to Nicovideo can see the arcade HQ here)

Random: How many words did you all copy from the blog yesterday?

Friday, February 4, 2011

SORA-IV Bunpasong first video

Still waiting on that high-quality, but we can at least get a feeling of the song for now. It's actually not that hard save for the unfair middle part. And Kaori Aihara's voice is still just as sweet (or annoying, depending on how much you liked Total Eclipse 2035) as before. Still, vocals for a SORA song?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taiko no Tatsujin 14 arcade code 5

Conditions: After Taiko no Tatsujin 14 code 4 has been used
Number of songs unlocked: 2
  • Sora-IV Bunpasong (SORA-IV ブンパソング)
  • Fuun! Bachi o Sensei (風雲!バチお先生)
Ura difficulty unlocked: Fuun! Bachi o Sensei (風雲!バチお先生)

Slot in your coins and stay at the Title screen. Hit the rims of the drums the listed number of times in this order.

    Player 1            Player 2
 Left     Right      Left     Right
   1                                   1
If the code is successfully inputted, a daiyaki will appear on the lower-right corner of the title screen:

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Namco Taiko Blog (3 February 2011)- Taiko 14 5th code


The big news today is yet another two secret songs revealed for Taiko 14, and as usual the released songs were perfectly in line with the rumor list. This time the two songs are SORA-IV Bunpasong and an old favorite, Fuun! Bachi o Sensei, along with its Ura difficulty. SORA-IV is 8* on Oni and rather unique. It's described by the blog as having a 'universe' theme.

The blog also mentions the next milestone of the Taiko Team's Twitter account, which reached 2000 followers just a few days ago.

5th code already and there was no mention of it being Taiko 14's last code...it might just break 12.5's record for most secret songs in an arcade! Though, half of them are revived old songs.

Link to original post

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saitama 2000 on Music GunGun! 2

It's nearly a week since the release of Music GunGun 2, a new Taito rhythm game. Do you remember it? If not, check out our past article about it.

Finally someone has recorded a sample play of Namco's infectious techno song Saitama 2000!After years of featuring Taito songs on Taiko, it's kinda nice to see this in return!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Taikojiro - Seirogan2000

Has zero meaning in English. This fake 2000 song is based on a popular Taiwan-Japanese pharmaceutical house, known as Taiko, and 'Seirogan' is the name of one of its medications. Its logo is a trumpet we can see several times along the video!

Site announcement: Introducing the Fan-made corner

Hi there, fellow donders! The Taiko Time staff is proud to open the Fan-made corner. Placed in the Others page, the Fan-made corner will be a list of fan-made things related to Taiko. You know, like fanart, custom notecharts, figurines, anything! If you find any interesting Taiko-related tributes or other stuff, keep us posted and we'll have more to write on every now and then!

Blog contributor,

(Note from pikaby: since we want it to be a loose listing instead of being a strictly updated one like the rest of the site, the links in the Fan corner will go to the respective labels, and newest posts will show first. To see older posts, just press 'Older Posts' on the bottom of the page, just like any other old blog)

Popcorn Parade lyrics

Popcorn Parade (ポップコーン★パレード)
Composition: Yuri Misumi
Vocal: Narahashi Miki