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Friday, February 11, 2011

Namco Taiko Blog (10 February 2011) - A special survey!

As we previously said past week, the Twitter account of the Taiko Team counts over 2000 followers, a well-known value for every fine donder around the world. In order to commemorate this impressive result, Eto's Taiko Team has started another survey, the "Namco Original Songs Sequel" (続編を遊びたいナムコオリジナル曲).

Unlike the previous Namco surveys, this one isn't aimed on the revival of old songs (as seen for Taiko 14, for example), but for the creation of a new one; people can vote for their favourite Namco Original tune, even from the older versions! The most voted will be taken as a model for the creation of a brand new song, with the same musical style of the model. This can mean both the enlargement of a pre-existing series of songs, but also it can create a new trend!

Wanna join the poll? Keep reading...

For a short period of time, this little form will appear on the Taiko Donder homepage:

Complete all four fields and send your vote! They are, in order:

-) Age
-) Gender (Male (男性) or Female (女性))
-) Favourite console for Taiko games
-) Favourite Namco Original song (be sure to use their original names!)

The Namco Original Songs Sequel poll will expire on February 24, 23:59 P.M.

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  1. Needless to say I asked for Saitama2012 :P

  2. I want a second incarnation of Black Rose Apostle, if only to torture myself with even more hand-raping 10* songs :P

  3. I wouldn't mind a 10 star rendition of Takkyuu, just to mess with your brain every time you play (unless you're good at perfecting)

  4. ...why do I have a feeling I accidentally selected female from the choices...

  5. I would like the carnival series to have sequel, 夜桜謝肉祭 is a good example, I hope the sequel will have the carnival music remix with some other 画竜点睛 series music.

  6. I loved Lee Jia Yi and Sp3000's ideas! Because both mash-up songs and Takkyu de Dakkyu are generally awesome <3

    By the way, my vote lays around Don Engatsu no Fue Fuki and SORA-I Earth Rise. The Taiko tracklistt merits more calm tunes!


  7. SORA-I led to SORA-III, Lok :P

  8. ...was Taiko no Tatsujin released for the PS3/ Xbox 360?

    Anyway, so many favourites hmmm. Secretly I want another addition to the Mika series, but I like Jia Yi's suggestion of remix of the traditional songs. (i just played rumble ranbu, i love the tune...)