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Monday, July 30, 2018

[RUMOR] Twitter Snippets (July 28-30 2018): AC0 Blue ver.'s Purportedly August Update

We have today this tweet above leaking a purported version update to Taiko no Tatsujin Blue ver. coming August 8 2018. The contents of the update are, reportedly:
  • 13 new songs, 8 available immediately and 5 unlockable/to be released later
  • Full Combo titles for some of the above songs
  • Fixes and additions to Performance Battle Mode
  • Actual Ranking Dojo courses for Blue ver., finally (but should be only until 10-dan as previously hinted
When confronted by others for supporting evidence on an earlier leak, the person claims (in text only, without media) that it is from a notification email from BNEI to arcade operators. While understandable on confidentiality grounds, we'll have to stick this into the [RUMOR] bin until a Namco Taiko Blog or press releases come around... if BNEI ever decided to do so.

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