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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Taiko Nintendo Switch Version - Launch Window Update Post

The Taiko Switch game's release is upon us, and with that is also our latest launch-window blog coverage! After the jump we're listing any other song list/unlockable updates we're getting as the release date draws closer.

NS1 Song List
Last update: 19/07/2018
Oni/Ura Oni video footage: 16/16
No. of Updates: 20 (FINAL)

Ratings / Max Combo (Hardest mode)
Additional Notes
3/3/5/7 (446)
The first opening theme for the 2nd season of The Seven Deadly Sins's Anime series. An averagely-sped Oni chart full on 1/16 note formations like many others, with the added pe3rk of some scrolling speed eye-candy before the Go-Go Time.
3/4/5/6 (360)
Opening theme of the Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Anime series, available as a free song DLC for a limited time. A 6* Oni chart for an Anime song like many others, with some added quirks such scrolling speed changes and couples of 3-hit Don clusters.
3/4/5/7  (489)
The sole Variety song of the upcoming Watagashi Taiko no Tatsujin soundtrack, from Oyatsu Company & The Puh. A middle-road approach to some of the trickier cluster formations that are commonplace on higher-rating Oni modes, in a 1/16-dominant notechart.
4/5/7/10 (723)
One of the game's unlockable tracks, as well as the first one in our launch coverage to boast a top-ranked Oni difficulty. Think of it like a slightly-easier take on Puchipochi's Oni mode. Based on the Clarinet Polka, which is rumored to be of Polish origins (polska = Polish language in Polish)
4/6/7/9 (657)
The Pac Toy-Box theme from Pac-Man Championship Edition's videogame sequel. Eerily reminiscent to Ridge Racer (Oni) and Taiko Time (Ura Oni), due to the many consecutive small cluster sections for the former and the time signature-hybrid small clusters for the latter.
5/7/8/9 (882)
A custom-cut track from Namco's early-2000s arcade racing title Techno Drive. A cluster-heavy Oni mode with some 1/16 spiked and a liking to mild scrolling speed trickery during the entirety of its length.
2/2/2/2 (348)
The theme song of Nekotomo, the second game in Bandai Namco's plushie-friend '-Tomo' series after Kumatomo. Easily the most simple Oni addition of the day, with little to no clusters to be seen for the joy of Taiko beginners of every age.
4/5/7/8 (787)
Another pick of background music for the mission racing game Critical Velocity. This unlockable track checks in with an Oni chart starring some complex clusters down the way, while straying away from non-1/16 cluster spike trickery.
9* Ura Oni (761)
One of the debut Game Music tracks from the first Taiko title for the Nintendo 3DS, now enhanced by an extra difficulty setting. The more you go on, the longer the note clusters get!
3/4/6/7 (386)
Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version's theme song. Its Oni mode sports a swing-styled notechart with plenty of 1/12 note couples to hit.
9* Ura Oni (665)
The Ura Oni variant of the Nintendo Switch game's theme song, which can be easily seen as an harder version of the modern Oni chart for Off Rock. Watch out for those shifts to 1/16 clusters, too!
3/5/7/8 (581)
One of the two newcoming launch Namco Originals from Yako Danchinomiya of School Matters song series fame. An average-sped Oni chart mostly featuring 1/16 cluster-based formations, with the occasional note spike here and there.
3/6/7/8 (496)
The first commissioned song from CreoFUGA contest-winning artist ☆Shoji☆, also starring Honoka♡Erika. Another swing-basede chart to the Nintendo Switch game's newcomer ammo, more keen on adding big notes into the mix.
4/5/6/8 (885)
The first new Namco Original starring Kanto voice actress Kaori Aihara, after her illness-related hiatus period from professional works. Slowly but surely, its many long clusters might take the toll on careless players who are not used to note formation variety!
4/5/6/8 (508)
The latest Namco Original from detune artist Go Takuro, starring the newcoming singer Miho Tsujibayashi. While the Kat-based 1/16 clusters are here for some eye-candy, be careful of the backbeat-based note formations towards the Go-Go Time section!
4/6/8/9 (559)
The second Namco Original debut in this game from Yako Danchinomiya, also starring Tadahiko Yokogawa for the first time. The highest-ranked Namco Original of the launch lot is based on its irregular rhythms (mostly off-beat clusters), with a dash of the still-patented trippy barlines(TM).

UPDATE 20. Videos for all the newcomer launch songs/Ura Oni songs are now available; as such, it's time to declare this update post closed. This post will remain pinned until this coming Sunday.

Further updates on the Nintendo Switch game's launch content will be delivered through different blog posts, such as its unlockable content and the Demo version. Who knows, maybe we have something
 juicier to talk about its inner secrets this week-end...

UPDATE 19. The game is officially out for digital download means! This also leads to us getting the star ratings for the newcomer Anime DLC song Shinka Riron.

Expect the leftover newcomer song videos' coming in the next few days!

UPDATE 18. (Important!) Note that the earliest preloads of the game did not come with the Gold Don-chan early purchase bonus and needs extra steps to get it. Check our separate coverage for a more detailed rundown and how to claim it back.

UPDATE 17. Confirmed the addition of an Ura Oni mode to the returning Game Music track Assault BGM1 (rated 9*).

UPDATE 16. The Nintendo Switch Taiko game got already leaked online, days ahead of its intended release date. For what concerns our pre-release song coverage, the resulting data leaks lead to assume that there are no more song unlocks after the aforementioned Clapolpolska, anchoring the game's starting song list to 74 songs.

UPDATE 15. Videos added for Namco Original newcomers World Heritage: Prelude and Tonde Mite.

UPDATE 14. Taiko Switch videos are starting to pour out! The first one is for Clapolpolska, the brand new unlockable Classic song, confirming the star ratings we caught up from yesterday.

UPDATE 13. Two more unlockable songs reported without picture evidence (for the time being): Zeami's Souryuu no Ran (with 80 Performance Game/Party Game plays) and newcomer Classic song Clapolpolska (クラポルポルスカ), after 100 Performance Game/Party Game plays. Play modes reportedly rated 4/5/7/10. 74 songs

UPDATE 12. Unlockable: You'll Melt More!'s Antonio from Yellow Version, in its console game debut. Available with 60 Performance Game/Party Game plays. 72 songs

UPDATE 11. Unlockable: Assault BGM1 from 3DS2 times, available after 50 plays on Performance Game/Party Game modes. 71 songs

UPDATE 10. Unlockable: Namco Original staple The Carnivorous Carnival after 40 plays on Performance Game/Party Game modes combined. 70 songs

UPDATE 9. Unlockable: V Version's Jotei ~Imbiratuula~ with 30 plays on Performance Game/Party Game combined. 69 songs

UPDATE 8. Unlockable: Houou Tenbu Mugen Kuzure by playing Performance Game or Party Game for a total of 20 times. 68 songs

UPDATE 7. Unlockable: Racing the Storm (from Critical Velocity) by playing Performance Game or Party Game for a total of 15 times. 67 songs

UPDATE 6. Unlockable: Carnation (you know, that one CreoFUGA song that was written as Oranda Nadeshiko but not actually read that). 66 songs

UPDATE 5. First unlockable song is Dokidoki Mune-kyun Omatsuri Time by playing Performance Game or Party Game for a total of 3 times. 65 songs

UPDATE 4. Thanks to a friend of Deadwantsha (from Discord) we have confirmed some of the ratings of the new songs (changed above) and a freshly re-rated Alphabet Song (2/2/2/7). Furi-furi♪Nori-nori♪ also has an Ura Oni notechart at ★9, unlike Odoru Pompokolin which loses its Ura from 3DS3.

UPDATE 3. Select game store in Japan will host trial play events on select weekends. Check the listing on the main site for the Schuyler.

UPDATE 2. Masubuchi joined the CoroCoro Channel once again to promote the upcoming game, from which we can see a few notable discoveries:
2A. Minigames comes in three "genres", namely Friendly Play (なかよくあそぶ, all players as a team), Head-to-head Play (対決であそぶ, 4-player versus) and a yet-unnamed 2-vs-2 team battle genre as seen from Omikoshi Battle.
2B. CoroCoro Comics tie-in minigame CoroDragon's Grill Stall (コロドラゴンの焼き焼き屋台) which is played on camera.

UPDATE 1. The first update we have for this update post is that Hong Kong furagetters from some Hong Kong forums (like this thread) are having unanimous disdain with Furi-furi Ensou... yup, great opening to the week.