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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (October 1 2015) - WCS2016 Inside Thoughts (2)

It is time for another of these, talking about the inner works of preparing for the World Championship 2016 event. Today's theme is "Smooth Tournament".

But first, did you know that there is a built-in options menu for all Taiko no Tatsujin arcade cabinets? Via this menu you can set many things, like the sound volume, the brightness of the screen, text flowing speed and more, just like how you can set up your own monitor and room conditions at your own home, and with the console games!

The only difference is that these options are limited to staff members of the arcade center, because these settings are operator-focused functionalities. But if you ever need something set, approach a staff of the arcade room for help. The more you know.

And that wasn't the main point, now it is. Remember when Etou asked for general opinions and thoughts for tournaments in general way back in March? A lot of people has responded, including participating Donders, staff of hosting arcade rooms, and tournament organizers, giving a lot of precious feedback. With that, the Taiko Team has come up a number of new ideas. Let's talk about some of them, within the aspect of smoothening the procession of tournaments (in general, not limiting to WCS2016).

Now hands up if you ever faced such situations:
  • Choosing my song for the match, but where is that song again, argh I can't find it... oh no time is running out, and I can't go back and choose again... orz
  • This tournament ask for Detarame and Detarame only, but I have set Double Speed to be always on. I am disqualified for not setting back and now I can't try once again... orz
  • Nooooooo, I forgot to set Shin-uchi back there... orz
  • Wait wait wait I haven't noted down the scores for both side and the numbers are already gone... orz
These and many more of the similarly embarrassing accidents just sucks so much, right? Having to deal with these accidents also sucks for taking up much time. So as another new operator-focused functionality, the Team present to you "Smooth Tournament Mode" which, as the name says, can smoothens proceedings of tournaments. ...oops, more like "presented" because it is already added for the October 1st update just happened today!

The exact details won't be spoken too much here, because again it is very much operator-focused, but given the chance at the next update news they would! Now just anticipate this mode at your next local tournament or WCS2016, and remember to vote for songs you like at the Song Contest starting right now, to determine the Donder's Choice winner!

Finally a preliminary notice that next week's Namco Taiko Blog will be off for one day, moved to Friday, October 9th instead of the 8th. Do have fun then anyway.

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