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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

List of NG Words in Taiko no Tatsujin Plus

Being a family friendly game, Taiko no Tatsujin will have to upkeep some standards in terms of customizable contents, like your player name for instance, and some bad words will have to be forbidden. This continuously work-in-progress list compiles more than 700 NG (=no good) words that will not be accepted by the Apple smartphone Taiko no Tatsuji Plus due to sensitive or offensive reasons, as compiled by fans.

Please be very well noted that these words are forbidden for good reasons, including private body parts or in connection with racial insensitivity, sexual, violent or criminal themes or large-scale tragic events. We strongly discourage you from randomly using any of the words without fully understanding what they mean, and even if you do know what they mean it is still advised to steer well clear of them.

Here, though, let's talk about how the game detects NG words by checking out some special rules that the system follows, with examples assuming [たいこ] and [どんだー] as NG words (they are not though, why would you ban "Taiko" and "Donder" as names) :
  • Splicing the words with punctuation including ー~!? like in [た!いこ] [たいーこ] does not bypass NG words detection even when put in-between characters, minus some very limited exceptions.
  • Replacing some of the kana with a small form or a homonym like in [たぃこ] [たゐこ] also does not bypass detection.
  • For NG words with a long vowel bar (ー), replacing with small form vowels or tildes (~) like in [どんだぁ] [どんだ~] are also forbidden as they are read almost the same.
  • Replacing long vowel bars with a large form vowel like [どんだあ] is acceptable for a limited some of the NG words.

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