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Thursday, October 22, 2015

im@s Must Songs Red/Blue Update... Actually Nothing Much Taiko Really

Since the last time we check on The Idolm@ster Must Songs Red/Blue, the website did go through multiple updates, but there isn't too much Taiko no Tatsujin stuff... Let's check it out briefly nonetheless.

Interviews, Now Boasting Twenty
The interviews hosted on the Vita im@s site would be awesome insights for Idolm@ster producers, asking for precious memories from voice actresses, composers and more involved in the franchise. The October 13 update, though, has a little more towards the Taiko no Tatsujin audience: interviews with "the face of Taiko Team" Etou and notecharter/resident (im@s) producer/Must Songs director Kuboken.

ゲームセンター版太鼓の達人ディレクター エトウさん 「アイドルマスター マストソングス」ディレクター くぼけんPさん

Idolm@ster Fan Service Everywhere
What is a tribute album/game without some fan service, referencing to some of the series' significant marks? Here are some of them added on a October 19 update:

  • Following our many SotW features here and there, you should at least know that 765 Production is not the only idol production company. Have idols from other production companies and even one of the most prominent non-idol NPC of the series making her idol debut... wait, that silouette... is that...!?
音無 小鳥
  • The Live Festival feature may look like the typical set-list event/medley mode from the Taiko no Tatsujin viewpoint, but it can be the perfect stage to re-enact the best known scenes across the decade! Expect homages to your favourite game/TV Anime/anniversary moments!
  • The Stamp Album feature carries from many recent console games, but other than Taiko goals like crown counts, Idolm@ster-centric goals like fan numbers will keep you busy. Similar to 3DS1/3DS2/Vita1, clear them goals to raise your Producer Rank for more fetaures!
  • Ever imagined if your favourite idol(s) could send you a heartfelt message? Now you can receive them with the Messages feature!

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