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Thursday, October 15, 2015

First Video: Tenkaichi Otogesai Galore

The fact that there's no relevant news on the weekly Taiko Team blog entries makes easier for us to delve into today's actual hot topic: the release of the first batch of songs for the second Tenkaichi Otogesai tournament!

Above is a video of Aka no Senritsu (4/6/7/10), the representative track from the Taiko franchise and Ao no Senritsu's brand new sequel. Checking in with 902 notes, its Oni mode offers a similar challenge to the aforementioned Taiko PSP DX debut song, with the added inclusion of more complex patterns and mono-color, long cluster nightmares crawling back from Hatsune Miku no Gekishou, also from PSP DX.

We don't know yet if the other Tenkaichi Otogesai songs will ever reach Taiko Murasaki for this tourney's edition (save for the Synchronica song), but it's our duty to report their first videos anyways. Skip to the jump in order to see the rest of the 2nd Tenkaichi Otogesai's Phase 1!

Our first stop is with Bandai Namco's Synchronica, and unfortunately for us, this is an incomplete stop.

As the game is still quite new in Japanese arcades, quick video footage release for all the new additions is still a faraway goal for Japanese players (the fact that no one so far knows how to output HD Synchronica videos helped too); as such, we only hold the videos for the 1st Tenkaichi Otogesai songs for now. We'll make you know when a video of Yoake Made Ato 3-byou arises! Addendum: Here is Yoake Made Ato 3-byou Advanced! Not quite Technical but you can get to hear the music before it comes to Taiko.

Below are the TECHNICAL videos of the not-Taiko tracks, hosted on nicovideo:

Garakuta Doll Play
Got more raves?

Up next is the second Tenkaichi newcomer arcade and its Phase 1 new song! The song is REDALiCE's Masakari Blade (マサカリブレイド), being played on the third SOUND VOLTEX arcade installment (GRAVITY WARS) at its highest difficulty setting, Exhaust. Being a SDVX song, the base music is altered in gameplay videos by the many distortion-oriented sound effects, so we have to wait for eitther an all-miss video, an external arcade porting or a soundtrack feature to hear the base song without any in-game changes.

Heading to Groove Coaster grounds, we have the song Solar Storm, made by Yusuke 'xi' Ishiwata. Being a Tenkaichi-original song, the background backdrops follow the temple theme from the Phase 2 Tenkaichi songs of last year's tourney, while also inheriting bits of elements from each of the past 4 songs.

If the chart above for a boss track feels too easy, there's a reason: the low-quality video above is for the game's easiest difficulty setting (Simple), as this is the only video footage available at the time of making this post. Addendum: Thanks to @Sakurina on Twitter for tipping us of a Solar Storm Hard video.

For the sake of this year's Tenkaichi Otogesai tourney, xi surely has made some double-shifts of sorts, as he's also the composer of Aiolos, maimai's Phase 1 new track. If hearing the actual song from this video may be quite a challenge, luckily for us there's a HQ audio rip of the song on Youtube (link).


As a closure note to this post, we've also found the first Hi-Quality videos for Taiko V Version's latest Chinese DLC pack! You can find the brand new 3 tracks (complete with difficulty ratings) in the game's songlist page on our blog.

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