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Thursday, October 1, 2015

First Video: Idolm@ster Spinoff Double Feature

Welcome to a new month! While we wait for the DonChare news to come in, let's check out the First Videos for the new update!

 DRIVE A LIVE (3/4/5/7; 456 notes on Oni) (video processed to bypass muting)
Featuring three units from the 315 Production company and *Touma Amagase, Teru Tendo and Kyoji Takajo as the main dancers, the lively male-voiced song from the SideM line uses an abundance of double hits and enters off beat quite frequently. Still nothing too taxing to make this unjust as 7★, compared with the likes of Attakai'n Dakara or Highschool love (Tekken).

 Shine!! (3/4/5/6; 346 notes on Oni)

A pretty standard 6★ with mostly only single-color triples and a lot of drumrolls. The notecount here once again references the fictional idol agency in the series works.

 Shine!! (546 notes on 9★ Ura Oni)

Being the single Anime that spawns the most Ura notecharts (3 out of 4 songs), Shine!! comes with a medium-high 9★ Ura Oni, with closely packed longer clusters (5-hit a majority) and semi-regular mixed streams.

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