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Friday, October 2, 2015

First Video: Flying Bird Towards the Rising Sun

In what might become a series as hinted by IOSYS talents, we go to today's new song unlocked from DonChare in October.

 聖徳たいこの「日いずるまで飛鳥」 Shotoku Taiko no "Hi Izuru Made Asuka" (4/6/7/9; 814 note on Oni/Master Route)
And our new Namco Original is a forked path song, sang by the same vocalist as the classic doujin song Cirno's Perfect Math Class. Unlike the other one there is no Ura notechart. But hey forked paths has gotten so rare ever since Ura notecharts are a thing, and it's good to have a new one after Dragon Night.

Be warned though, even when the start feels like a happy medium-speed 8★ with just longer streams, there are about 170 notes in the middle on a steroid-like sped up section with frequent even-number clusters to throw you into off beat to warrant the 9th star. That's gonna break some combo if you can't keep up with the speed.

But this forked path is weird: it force-threw back to Normal notes after that little section even with almost perfect play. I mean would there be any secret password or something to access the Advanced Notes? I heard people like to use their birthdays as password (which is a bad move).

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