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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Aisowarai Lyrics

Composer, Lyrics, Vocal:
  Chiharu ver.9.1.7 (ちはる ver.9.1.7) → Kaneko Chiharu (かねこちはる)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Across Japan: Song List Retcon Alert!

Following Japan, Asia's Murasaki ver. cabinets also updates (G/V 4.04) on October 1! In perpetual Cinderella Girls not liking Asia motion, Shine!! is not going to come on the same day (or maybe at all). But guess who is coming on time! And who is a tad late but here nonetheless!

 DRIVE A LIVE 「アイドルマスター SideM」より Idolm@ster SideM
 ブレイクライン Break Line
 夏竜 ~Karyu~ Summer Dragon ~Karyu~

Also on the retcon-with-Japan list are these two little devils... well less little and more like Goliath challenges. But soon like the Japanese counterparts, Asian Donders will be able to get two of the heftiest songs by Full Combo-ing other songs. If you have been getting those gold crowns beforehand, good news: they already count!

 ノるどん2000 Norudon 2000
Full Combo all four of the following songs in Oni (regardless of Regular/Ura):
  ・クロス・ブルー Cross Blue
  ・女帝 ~インバラトゥーラ~ Jotei ~Imbiratuula~
  ・チャーリー ダッシュ! Charlie Dash!
  ・Abyss of hell

 幽玄ノ乱 Yuugen no Ran
Full Combo all nine of the following songs in Oni (Regular only):
  ・燎原ノ舞 Ryougen no Mai
  ・旋風ノ舞【天】 Senpuu no Mai [Heaven]
  ・旋風ノ舞【地】 Senpuu no Mai [Earth]
  ・天妖ノ舞 Tenyou no Mai
  ・Black Rose Apostle
  ・White Rose Insanity
  ・Red Rose Evangel
  ・Blue Rose Ruin
  ・Purple Rose Fusion
(NB: 2P Transmission still in effect)

crown + crown + crown + crown = boom, daily commute hell

Link to original post

Monday, September 28, 2015

Wii U 3 Update: New Songs + PV + Animals!

We haven't received any real update about the third Wii U Taiko game since its reveal at the last Taiko Team livestream, but that changes today with its website's second update!

Twitter Snippets (28 September 2015) - Taiko Murasaki's dual Idolm@ster Collaboration

As these two freshly-typed tweets point out, the Taiko side of the two incoming Idolm@ster events is ready to be spilled out, as the official Donder page's two mini-websites are now updated with the content that Murasaki Version arcades will get.

See after the jump what's being brewed for this double feature!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

[BREAKING] Twitter Snippets 2 (27 September 2015) - Gold Tatsujin Rank Achieved

Having to consecutively clearing three of the toughest challenges under Tatsh's belt and Donderful Combo-ing all of them is no easy feat, and Japanese Donder Hiragi has just successfully pulled that off in a session earlier today and posted this excited tweet, receiving praise and admiration from both and Twitter-verse comments, likes and retweets. In fact this is such a spectacular achievement, Gold Tatsujin (金達人) has for some time rose up as the top of Japanese Twitter trends, and Etou himself has weighed in on this too!

Congratulations on the achievement from us too, and it appears Murasaki ver. can rest well now.

Twitter Snippets (27 September 2015) - Gorgeous Moon with a Gorgeous Unlock

*wipes lotus paste from cheek* So Mid-autumn Festival is a thing today. And what is more signature than the delicious moon cakes and fruits? Moon watching! Coinciding with a Supermoon, the moon is so gorgeous this year that Taiko Team has to open Gekkabijin (月下美人) through September 27~October 12 to celebrate. (Not available for tournaments or challenges)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Idolm@ster SideM Reveals Their Part of Taiko no Tatsujin Collaboration


150926sm_t02 150926sm_t03 150926sm_t04

On today's two sessions of Idolm@ster SideM radio show, much news for the male-centric idol-production mobile game is released unto the world. Matters to us is, of course, the upcoming collaboration with Taiko no Tatsujin.

The first of the collaborative efforts is that a host of idols (including left: Kyoji Takajo and center: Kuro Kiyosumi) will be receiving Taiko no Tatsujin-branded happi coats and hoisted up to the festival stand for some serious festival-going and Taiko-drumming action in a SideM-only event.

For the inter-game collaboration, SideM players will be able to obtain a rare Ace Donder alt of Yusuke Aoi playing what appears to be a mock-up shot of the actual DRIVE A LIVE notechart (looky, dancers! Addendum: Gratefully tipped by a SideM fan, from left: Teru Tendo, Bosatsu Sekigahara, Kyoji Takajo), by actually playing the song themselves when it comes out. If you remember, the play-to-get-character model resembles the first collaboration with the Cinderella Girls spin-off line.

Now Taiko no Tatsujin hasn't revealed the exact detailed on their part, but it is something at least. Stay tuned for more as usual!

Source: Idolm@ster Franchise-wide Blog

Song of the Week! 26 September 2015

For this week, we're doing one step backwards and two steps forward! ... confused? Well, let me explain.

As mentioned in a blog post earlier this week (link), we're going to add new Game Music song series very soon! Still, I need to cover up one of the still-untouched tracks from one of these song series in order to finally close a certain cliffhanger I threw out in one of 2015's first Saturday features...

There's also a non-series song today to join the fun, so everything is well in the world!... Right?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Twitter Snippets (25 September 2015) - Touhou Project Collab Extends

Enjoying a Touhou-filled Taiko day today? Let's end with this: Thanks to the prospectus of going to the Autumn Reitaisai, the currently-running Touhou Project collab will extend until the end of the month (October 31). If the exchange hasn't nice enough to get you the petit-chara(s) you want, the half-month should help more!

Taiko@Hakurei Shrine Autumn Reitasai '15 - The Arcade Side

スクリーンショット 2015-09-19 19.42.10

As mentioned in our previous blog entry, this year's Autumn Reitasai event will bring some Touhou arrangement tracks to the Taiko console scene for the very first time, free of charge. In actuality, Bandai Namco's currently-active arcade music games will get some thing else more from the bullet-hell arrangement lore in the aforementioned event!

V Version Update: Popular Song Pack 6 and Touhou Console Debut!

The 'end-of-the-month' V Version update has been delayed by a day from the usual Thursday, as today's reveals will be quite juicy for Taiko and Touhou aficionados alike!

Karamari no Hana Lyrics

Composition, Lyrics: Harunaba (はるなば)
Vocal: Yukari Yuzuki (結月ゆかり)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

3DS2 Popular Pack 4 Ends Distribution on October 23 2015

While we have a boom of new additions today, we will have to end with a rather sad removal. As we wrote in the title, the fourth DLC pack for Taiko 3DS2 have only one more month to be purchased/downloaded, after which it will not be available anymore. To speculate, it is probably because the Puzzle & Dragons tie-up concluding that Namco has to take the pack down the shelves.

Here are the contents if you forgot, and if you like any of these, grasp your chance to get them now.
  •  やわらか戦車 Yawaraka Sensha (+Ura)
  •  練習曲Op.10-4 Etude Op. 10-4 (+Ura)
  •  決戦!! Kessen!! 
  •  太鼓乱舞 皆伝 Taiko Ranbu Kaiden
  •  時空庁時空1課 Jikuuchou Jikuuichika
  • Extra Quest: Chaos! Omikoshi Dojo (大混乱! おみこし道場)
  • Costume: Pazudora Tamadra (パズドラ たまドラ)

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (September 24 2015) - Wii U3 Update: Anniversary Goods Walkthrough and More Songs!

In our second official blog post from the Taiko Team, Daifuku returns to give us news on the upcoming Wii U3 console release. First let's get a close look at the 6-item bunch of 15th Anniversary goods packed in with the first printing of the bundle.

Twitter Snippets (17-24 September 2015) - 2nd Tenkaichi Otogesai: The Soundtrack and Tourney Schedule

Since last Thursday, the Arcade Operator Unit's Twitter account restarted sharing details on a more frequent basis about the next edition of the musical smorgasbord event that is the Tenkaichi Otogesai. Starting from last week, the main topic of the previous tweets was the event's soundtrack, with the last one of this series revealing that it will bear both the 8 tracks from this year's edition and the other 8 tracks from last year's event. How can we get our hands on one of these soundtrack CDs, you ask?

Well, today's first tweet from the AOU gives the answer, as each of the participating stores will have a lottery draw among each of the players who will join the Qualification Block, both winners and losers. As it's possible to compete in multiple arcades of the AOU cirle to join the tournament, the chances of winning said album will also increase by participating in multiple Qualification Block events!

While it's still early to know about the event's shared songs yet, we already have the relevant dates for this year's Tenkaichi Otogesai tournament, with the Qualification Block events slated on November 19th, the Finals Block running on December 19th and the Nation-wise Final match among the Finals Block winners next year on February 20th (probably alongside some other big event, like last year with JAEPO).

Namco Taiko Blog (24 September 2015) - Speed Through the Historic AU! October in Murasaki ver.

Happy First Fourth Day of Fall! With the autumnal weather let's see the first of autumnal unlocks for the HD arcade! And we have...

October DonChare unlock song:
 聖徳たいこの「日いずるまで飛鳥」 コバヤシユウヤ(IOSYS) feat. miko
Shoutoku Taiko no "Hi Izuru Made Asuka" Yuuya Kobayashi (IOSYS) feat. miko

Oh cool, I like the historic pieces. I cannot wait to see how IOSYS talents interpret Shoutoku... Taiko? What?

Anyway, IOSYS's Yuuya Kobayashi returns again after Yamatai Night Party to give an alternate-universe twist to notable Japanese historic figures and concepts, this time on Prince Shoutoku of the Asuka period, with a little of the origins of the saying "Land of the Rising Sun" (日いづる国) mixed in.
(Taiko Time note: lit. Prince Shoutoku's "Flying Bird towards the Rising Sun", if you insist reading the kanji 太子/Prince kanji-by-kanji weirdly and not as the established "Taishi". Also punny is punny)

We are of course not able to do justice of the song here when it's due out only after a week, so please check out the song preview and comments from Kobayashi and miko in the original post.

October monthly outfit: Bicycle (自転車)

Japan dedicates so many thing to autumn it's getting confusing, but this year we adhere to the Autumn of Sports saying with a full set of bicycle gear (bicycle not included)! The helmet is free from just playing once with your Banapassport in the month, and the body suit is limited from the Rewards Shop.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Site Announcement: GM Song Series Parade!

Hi there! It's time for another update of what is brewing for our blog, outside from the "General Housekeeping" months of June and December.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TaikOp-ed: WCS2016 Song Contest, Taiko Time Readers' Choice

Thanks for checking out the format pilot for TaikOp-ed, basically a revival of the "pikaby asks" section we haven't seen for a year now but not restricting to pikaby asking. Hit us with anything you think of this!

太鼓の達人 ドンだー!世界一決定戦2016 課題曲募集だドン!

Remember that we are only a little more than one week away from submissions ending (September 30). If you have been wanting to make a song or two for the occasion but haven't finished, this post will serve as the penultimate reminder from us. Get to it!

Meanwhile, for a little filler action, let's open up the comments for you guys to share your favourite entries from the 550+ submissions currently up! Do you like the works from returning victors like Noriyuki? Big-hand creators from other rhythm games say 3R2? Our humble composer/contributor Packer? Or some new awesome find deserving more eyes than they got? Let us and everyone else know!

Japanese entries: https://creofuga.net/contests/taiko2016/entry_list/song
Overseas entries: https://creofuga.net/contests/taiko2016/entry_list/overseas

Taiko Plus - TGS 2015 Score Attack Results

As this year's edition of the Tokyo Game Show wrapped up, the Taiko Plus score based special event was finally brought to an end and -as you can see from the final score above- all the goals have been reached by scoring over 55 billion points over last week's latter half. Good job, everyone!

We held back this news' reveal to this date because of us waiting for a proper result announce from the Taiko Team and/or a proper schedule for the unlocked content's release over the next few months. Despite that, the only update we received about the TGS '15 campaign was the early Gakkyoku Tori Houdai addition of the 5 billion point song: the God Eater anime series's Feed A, available since September 18th. At this point, we can safely assume that the content won't be released all at once, but rather being periodically added in during the course of the next few months.

Monday, September 21, 2015

V Version Update: Two Drums, One Touhou

スクリーンショット 2015-09-19 19.42.10

In a really silent way, V Version's website got updated last Friday with a proper announcement for Touhou Project songs' first venture into Taiko console gaming, as promised by the Taiko Team, under the guise of the upcoming Hakurei Shrine Autumn Reitaisai for the year of Heisei 27 (2015), on October 18, 2015.

Joining the fun this year with veteran Touhou Project Reitaisai goer a la Murasaki ver. arcade build are the newbies V Version and Namco's new otoge Synchronica! Whatever new and awesome Touhou element would it mean for all these franchises? And does it link back to whatever brewing in Etou's plans for the next Murasaki software update (which also was announced last Friday)?

Autumn Reitaisai 2015 Special Page at Donder Page / at V Version main site

Sunday, September 20, 2015

[RUMOR] Taiko no Tatsujin Murasaki ver. to be replaced by White ver.?

Warning: Hardly substantiated rumor abound. Take with multiple pinches of salt.
From a staff notice board at a Japanese arcade place is this minor note about a rumored firmware update for the HD arcade, purportedly named White ver. (ホワイトver.). "For winter? For snow?" is also noted at the side as speculations for the naming.

While the schedule checks out (a July → March → December → July... pattern is emerging, and Murasaki did start this March), we have yet to find any order information from industry vendors we usually check, so we have no idea how credible it is. Tread lightly here, fellow Taiko fans.

The Idolm@ster Must Songs Red Album/Blue Album song list

Despite what the title suggests, this couple of games are played like Taiko games, rather than regular Im@s titles (as the rather inconspicuous 'Presented by Taiko no Tatsujin' on the bottom would suggest). Released in conjunction for The iDOLM@STER's 10th Anniversary, these are the first titles in a long time to mainly feature songs from a single music genre (Game Music), all of which...you guessed it, coming from the Idolm@ster series.

The two games play like any Taiko no Tatsujin title, featuring the usual Play mode and a signature mode called the Live Festival (ライブフェスティバル), in which players can try out sets of consecutive songs based on certain idol formations. One big aspect of the Must Songs games is the customization aspect, which deepens the player's interaction with the Idolm@ster universe's featured idols by both in-menu touch-based interactions and audio/visual customization elements with colored light-sticks for the spectators, alternative song versions for many group Idolm@ster tracks and even Taiko avatar suits to make the Taiko avatar sound like one of the 765 Pro studio idols! The main Taiko brother playable in the game changes in between games, with the usual Don-Chan appearing in Red Album and Kat-Chan starring in Blue Album.

While both games retain the same features and key aspects, the song selection in the two versions are different; more specifically, Red features songs from the first generation of games/media in the Im@s franchise (the original arcade/console game, Live For You!, SP and the Master Artist/Master Special soundtrack albums), while Blue has songs from the '2nd Vision' generation, featuring games and media from 2010 to this day (Im@s 2, SHINY FESTA, ONE FOR ALL, Dearly Stars, the Master Artist 2 soundtrack albums and tracks from the Anime series/movies). The games also feature extra songs that were either made for special events (such as the Taiko x Im@s 2015 arcade collaboration event) or were specifically made for those two games.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Taiko Plus: Has a PV

Welcome to Taiko no Tatsujin Plus Channel, i.e. the newest PV for the still perpetually running iPhone Taiko game, showing features like points for stuff, collabs galore and the Gakkyoku Tori Houdai subscription with quickfire slap-stick humor.

The Idolm@ster Must Songs Red/Blue

Breaking the status quo that there is at most one Taiko no Tatsujin handheld console game per year is the de facto The Idolm@ster best album/rhythm game The Idolm@ster Must Songs Red/Blue, releasing on December 10. Today, amidst the ramblings with Tokyo Game Show, the main site for the game is opened, together with the first full-size PV feat. Haruka and Chihaya, as embedded above.

Included Songs
The main difference with the Red and Blue versions is the songs: Red features mostly earlier songs (original AC/CS, Live For You, SP, and the Master Artist/Special albums), while Blue includes the more recent additions to the franchise (2, Shiny Festa, One For All, Dearly Stars, the TV and theater-length animes, and Master Artist 2 albums). And instead of all of them being Game Music, the "genre" in this game is sorted by the songs' first appearance in an Idolm@ster game.

(With 40 songs per game, not repeated between Red and Blue and most of them being new to Taiko, we are not going to list all them here, but ask you to wait for our full song list later. Thanks.)

First is the basic Play Production (演奏プロデュース) aspect, which is just your typical Taiko no Tatsujin gameplay... I don't suppose we need an explanation on that right? With excellent performance in production you will get money (マニー) for various other purposes in the game.

With adequate money you can venture into the other key mode that is the Live Festival (ライブフェスティバル), in which you select various live scenarios and consecutively play a set of song performances. During the show the idols will interact via one-liners, and you can set concert lightsticks by the audience that you can turn on or off.

Play these mode onwards to unlock elements via increasing Producer Rank and Idol Rank, and purchasing at the shop.

Pre-release Stuff
Now although the game is not until December, but preorders are starting already on the same day. If you are a big producer/produceress/Idolm@ster fan, you might be additionally interested in the first-printing pack-in bonus, of two designs of Idolm@ster-themed PlayStation Vita themes.

Meanwhile, you can check out interviews of voice actors for the various idols, starting with Haruka Amami/Eriko Nakamura, Chihaya Kisaragi/Asami Imai and Miki Hoshii/Akiko Hasegawa, hearing their memories with the franchise and what they anticipate and more.

Song of the Week! 19 September 2015

Okay, how can I put this... I got Saturday features switched up, for once.

Today's feature was actually intended to be released last week, in occasion of the overseas release of the first Hatsune Miku-related music game on portable systems, Project Mirai DX. Sadly I got distracted by the Wii U level creation craze and completely forgot about the game's release and slapped the week after's scheduled song instead. My personal apologies for yet another clumsy mistake...

We held this Vocaloid-based feature hostage for one week, so let's not waste any time and see what songs are shared between Taiko gaming and the latest SEGA music game on console!

Tokyo Game Show 2015 Livestream Schedule and Early Postcards

In this year's Tokyo Game Show BNEI is holding two days full of livestream across the public days. Taiko no Tatsujin Plus takes the most spotlight on the stream for the series this year, majorly surrounding hosts and guests playing the TGS 2015 Special Event on camera.

     approx. 12:00~ / 13:00~ / 14:30~ / 15:20~
     approx. 11:40~ / 13:30~

Meanwhile, also playing on TGS grounds is the latest PV for Wii U3, in which you can hear some parts of Isshou ni Asobo♪, see the Home Alone-style tragedy that is the Buddy Attack Mode, and confirms Coffee no Aji to and a few collaborating characters to befriend.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (September 18 2015) - Murasaki Update V7.12

Surprise blog post! Get ready for the version 7.12 update for the Murasaki ver. arcade coming October 1 (Thursday)!

Taiko Plus: TGS 2015 Special Event

Are you ready for something to do on your Taiko no Tatsujin Plus this weekend? Well go play  Angel Dream Dokidoki Mune Kyun Omatsuri Time or  William Tell Overture a lot of times, because all scores for these songs throughout the TGS weekend (9/16~9/20 15:45) are counted towards this special event, and passing designated goals mean new songs and events for the iOS game!
  • 5 billion points: Gakkyoku Tori Houdai adds  Feed A (God Eater)
  • 10 billion points: Limited free release of  指先からはじまる物語 Yubisaki Kara Hajimaru Monogatari 郁原ゆう Yuu Kahara NEW!! (Shingun Destro~y!)
  • 25 billion points: Gakkyoku Tori Houdai adds  crossing field (Sword Art Online)
  • 40 billion points: Limited free release of  believe in you and collaboration event with Tales of Asteria
  • 55 billion points: Limited free release and Gakkyoku Tori Houdai adds  Thank you! (Idolm@ster Million Live!)

Across Japan: September FB Tournament Results!


Here you go, September Facebook Tournament results are in for you to check (or go to the original post, which they have it HD'er). The Oni Department with Shimedore 2000 has somewhat a dilemma, in which should you be more impressed by Korea's Sesan pulling a 2-good run hailing in first place, or Kagamine also from Korea playing it in the devilish speeds of Yonbai and still not missing (but more goods landing in 8th)?

The fresh new addition Kokihi no Shinzou -SCARLET HEART- starred Muzukashii Department this month, and Iyaro from Hong Kong managed a high-drumroll-count Donderful Combo to get in first, beating slightly off Korea's Couperin (Deta-kobe but 1 good) and Hong Kong's Baachan (Detarame but 9 less hits). Slightly out of the table are Malaysian Donders Rayuki and Inuyasa at close 21st and 22nd respectively, making this first in a few recent months to not list a Donder in the region. Still applaudable, we hope you would go on doing better next time and see you on the leaderboards again!

Next month's tournament starts with song choice announcement on October 7, the actual run though October 10~18, and results announcement on the 21st.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Twitter Snippets (September 16 2015) - Calling the End for PSP DX [Updated Sept 17]

A whopping four years after its first release and three other handheld console games in between, Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX is finally called to a full end, as all downloadable content, including re-downloads of already purchased elements, will stop being available after September 30, 2015. This is a genuine last call to grab whatever you want from the game before that date.

Update (September 17 2015): Taiko Portable and Portable 2 are NOT closing DLC together with DX for now, but if and when it does in the future there will be due notice before-hand.

Namco Taiko Blog (September 17 2015) - The Last of (Wii) U2

Hello from Daifuku! ...well more like a pre-recorded message as herself would currently be at the big Tokyo Game Show 2015 expo, exhibiting Wii U3 at the Family Corner through the end of the week! (PS. Plus and im@s Must Songs will also be featured, but at the main show hall.)

But before starting off new stuff, let's close up the older stuff, a la the previous Wii U Taiko game. Here is the new and final batch of downloadable content for Taiko no Tatsujin Tokumori for the month of September, released just today (Sept 17):

 気分上々↑↑ Kibun Joujou↑↑
 ジョジョ ~その血の運命~ 「ジョジョの奇妙な冒険THE ANIMATION」より
JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~ from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure THE ANIMATION
 〆ドレー2000+ Shimedore 2000+

Once again, the songs are free of charge.

Link to original post

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Twitter Snippets 2 (September 16 2015) - Ranking Dojo Ramblings

In our second Twitter Snippets feature of the day we look at a group of tweets about the Murasaki Ranking Dojo. Above is the as-always data of various clearing statistics as of this Monday (September 14) (not including Asian version, I think). Apparently a big hurdle 3-dan is, when a very big slice of people are stuck at 2-dan.

And to the highest rankers, Takemoto expresses perhaps some expected future opportunity to feature one of the also as-always appreciation name-rolls.

And here is Takemoto's very regretful attempt at 4-dan, missing that very last bit of the spirit gauge to pass. According to him, while he has kept a good maximum combo within Kikyoku Ura, Kuon no Yoru has been the bane in draining much of that spirit. Daifuku, on the other hand, has successfully taken on 4-kyu and is actively looking to challenge 3-kyu. Wishing both good luck on their future challenges!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

[RANDOM] - Fan-spotted Taiko Anime Sighting!

After our last Taiko no Tatsujin cameo spotted in recent Japanese animation series, we have been made aware by a comment from Kapi Kypjin about another recent show getting Taiko cameos of sorts. And sure enough,... here it is!

The picture above comes from the 5th episode of the (still running) Anime series Himouto! Umaru-chan, once again starring some of the main characters having some fun in the arcades with really brief Taiko action. As a modern take on the geek/otaku culture, many other games are represented in the series in some way or another as well, even featuring bits of other music game series like pop'n music and DanceDanceRevolution!

I wonder how much will take for some Taiko-themed series, after all these winks and cameos...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Song of the Week! 12 September 2015

Today's feature takes us back to Namco's prized arcade shooter history, with a track coming from top-down perspective game Dragon Spirit's sequel.