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Thursday, April 16, 2015

V Version Scourging: Songs and Other Details from Around the Internet

Sourced from this Plurk

Originally titled "Kibo e no Melody". Taken down and refactored to fit everything into one post.
And we found the actual Famitsu scans! The full print article has a lot more details worked into the RPG mode introduction. For instance, we now know that Maple has a butler-looking yellow fairy sidekick called Lira da Gamba (リラ・ダ・ガンバ, referencing a mid-20th century instrument).

The battle system is also different once again from previous installments. Within the notechart, sometimes a special note with the 必 character will appear. Hit it correctly and get a chance to deal some really great damage by initiating a Finishing Move (必殺技) from cards you have equipped. For some it even involves characters from other franchises as a collaborative effort, like God Eater 2 Rage Burst! Other equippables like the weapon, armor and support cards and Don-chan's outfit items also give boosts.

The Famitsu magazine is not the only place for new info though. Japan's Amazon.com has also just listed the game for preorder with its own image set! The picture above is one of these, framing a gameplay screen with a brand new Namco Original: Kibo e no Melody (希望へのメロディー; lit. Melody to Hope), possibly the theme song of the next portable Taiko game. In non-pictoral news, the description also lists Guren no Yumiya, Cruel Angel's Thesis and THE IDOLM@STER as returning tunes. The menu screenshot shows the Additional Contents (追加コンテンツ) tab, meaning DLC is once again expected, if you doubted it before.

On other online shops like Neowing and Amiami, it also adds BLAZING VORTEX to the Game Music department. The composition is from Critical Veloci-ty, which had given us Sunset Runaway just last console game on Wii U2, and probably will stand as the "Last GM New Boss" for this game (term coined by Lokamp here). Another returning port of Imagination from Haikyuu! is also notable.

In terms of the RPG mode, Neowing further elaborated that the difficulty will be adjustable among Normal/Hard/Very Hard (中辛/辛口/激辛), meaning this game does not hold your hand with an Easy mode, all while pushing to new limits with a brand new setting never seen in the series.

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