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Monday, April 27, 2015

Taiko Plus: Can Your iPhone/iPad handle the Last Boss (and her Vocaloid minions)?

So how would the Sachiko Kobayashi collaboration descend unto iOS's Taiko no Tatsujin Plus? By a new song pack of course! But one song won't suffice your Taiko needs, so let's have GUMI fill in the quota! Behold the Vocaloid+Sachiko Kobayashi Pack:

 マトリョシカ Matryoshka ハチ Hachi (+Ura)
 十面相 colorful ver. Juumensou colorful ver. YM (+Ura)
 人生リセットボタン Jinsei Reset Button Kemu
 放課後ストライド Houkago Stride Last Note.
 さちさちにしてあげる♪ Sachi Sachi ni Shite Ageru 小林幸子 Sachiko Kobayashi (+Ura)

Remember that the Sachi Sachi outfit and other collaborative goodies are in the gacha right now! Get points and roll for them!

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