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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Song of the Week! 4 April 2015

For this year's pre-Easter feature, here are a couple of original songs for Taiko games that can't be regularly played in any games of the series' songlists!

 Mitsubachi Daisakusen (みつばち大作戦)
 Taiko Wii 3

The third Wii videogame's main feature was a multiplayer mode featuring 7 minigames; among these there was the reflex-based Mitsubashi Daisakusen, where the four Taiko players had to catch the nectar from a flower in the center by claiming the goods before the others, while also being careful in order to avoid false flower openings and bad items. See this video for a quick reference.

The background music being played, made by YMY (of Don Engasu no Fue Fuki fame), also shares the same name of the aforementioned minigame. Being played in a bee-related minigame, the song's lyrics are about short honey and bee facts, no less! Unlike other Wii 3 minigame songs (such as Theremin Rhapsody and Ikasama Pirates), this one didn't make it into the game's playable songlist or any future entries (up to date); it is, however, the first not-playable song from Taiko games whose lyrics have been featured in the (now defunct) official Taiko Blog's Lyrics section.

 Yozakura Ryouran Kanshasai (夜桜繚乱感謝祭)
 Taiko 3DS 2

Now here's something both dated and really current at the same time! Today's second pick, in fact, comes from the last Story DLC chapter for the second Taiko game for 3DS.

After that the 12th Taiko arcade has seen a song mash-up between AJURIKA's The Carnivorous Carnival and Garyoutensei series song Hyakka Ryouran, Taiko Team drummer Masubuchi Yuuji (増渕裕二) merges said song mashup (Yozakura Shanikusai) with Hyakka Ryouran again, in order to deliver the perfect benchmark for the very last boss fight for the game. As a result, both the song itself and its title result into a merging between the two former Namco Original songs, with the addition of the phrase 'kansha' (感謝, 'to give thanks') as a personal thank-you to every purchaser of the last DLC chapter.

Click here to see the Yozakura Ryouran Kanshasai battle in action, while head over to out Taiko 3DS 2 Boss Battle page (link) for a further description of the distracting visual gimmicks being involved.

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