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Friday, April 24, 2015

Random: Donkama2000 with Detarame Full Combo - Twice the Random

Donkama 2000 is already known to be king of the gimmick charts, and many have resorted to memorizing the song in order to clear it. But what happens if you turn on the random notes modifier? Surely it is impossible to clear, let alone full combo, a series of randomized notes at randomized speeds?

Well, someone has done the impossible, on the Wii U Tokumori version! ...although, the method isn't quite as fair as you'd imagine. By repeatedly pausing the game, it is possible to hit each note one by one at your own leisure, though such a feat can't be easy, as it would still be very possible to miss a note or two. Also, keep in mind, this method involves pausing over 700 times! You'd had to have really good patience to do something like this.

Well, as I say, the only way to beat a cheating song is to cheat yourself!

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