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Sunday, April 26, 2015

NicoNico Chokaigi 2015 Postcards

I don't have a smart intro here, so let's skip that and jump to Chokaigi 2015 news about the new songs!

Text-only Claims (please take with a pinch of salt for now)

 GOIN'!!! (3/4/6; 346 notes on Muzukashii; 513 notes on Oni)
346 in the notecount and the difficulty spread refers to the production agency in Cinderella Girls, per Famitsu report. Oni's 513 is an upcoming CD release date (May 13).

 Thank You! (3/4/5; 150 notes on Futsuu)
The first song to show the new Million Live dancers (although the voice artist is struggling to show the full bar look)! One of the difficulties has the notecount 309 (=> sankyu = Thank you)

 マジで…!? Maji de...!? (3/5/6; 139 notes on Futsuu)
A surprising number of sofuran and offbeats in a 5★ Futsuu.

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