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Thursday, April 23, 2015

First Videos: Ver. 2.03 Head-first! Saa Yuke! Ninninger and Ranking Dojo

Kinda troublesome that this new update has songs all over the place eh? Today only has one new song to first-video about, so for the rest of the post, we'll pad out with Ranking Dojo videos and news!

さぁ行け!ニンニンジャー! Saa Yuke! Ninninger! (2/2/5/5; 304 notes in Oni)
One of the easiest songs in a while, the newest Sentai song caters to more general masses with only at most single-colored small 16th clusters, sometimes a off-beat double, under a Japanese-infused melody. Also surprise shuriken drumroll!

Ranking Dojo
Here is a quick run-down of the initially open ranks until 10-dan.

The later unlockable ranks are, according to claims on YouTube:
  • Kurouto: Sotsu Omeshiki / Doom Noiz / Ura Black Rose Apostle
    100% / 可 <= 50 / 不可 <= 8
  • Meijin: Dokadoka / Hataraku 2000 / Ryougen no Mai
    100% / 可 <= 25 / 不可 <= 5
  • Chojin: Suuhaa 2000 / Shimedore 2000 / Joubutsu 2000
    100% / 可 <= 15 / 不可 <= 3
  • Tatsujin: Ura Xa / Souryuu no Ran / Yuugen no Ran
    100% / 可 <= 10 / 不可 <= 3
And very quickly here are some Donders already clearing some of the higher ranks. Onward brave Donders, to denstiny!

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  1. Obligatory "more like rank Tatsh-tsujin amirite" lol