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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More songs for Taiko V Version

In a recently released promotional video by Sony for PlayStation's Spring/Summer 2015 line-up, we confirm one more song for the upcoming V Version!  天の弱 Amanojaku was chosen to showcase the Vocaloid song selection.

PlayStation Line-up Spring/Summer 2015 special site

Speaking of, the official site for V Version is updated with actual contents! We are also confirming a lot of previous scourging, as well as finally graced with the first batch of Namco Originals and Classical tunes in the official song list page:

 黒神クロニクル Kurokami Chronicle (?) NEW!
 クロス・ブルー Cross Blue (?) NEW!
 ドンカマ2000 Donkama 2000
 弩蚊怒夏 Dokadoka
 カレ・カノ・カノン Kare Kano Kanon

Also in the Donder Quest section we can also spy a little  君の知らない物語 Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari from Bakemonogatari making its first legit console appearance (iOS is discounted here).

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