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Friday, April 24, 2015

Across Japan: Murasaki's first update!

Asian donders can look forward to an exciting month of new songs as, starting next Monday, tons of new songs will be released for Murasaki! On April 27th, four new songs will be out, corresponding to the JP Murasaki's first and second updates.

Game Version 1.10 (Asia) will contain:

 君に桜ヒラリと舞う Kimi ni Sakura-hirari to Mau
さぁ行け!ニンニンジャー! Saa Yuke! Ninninger!
 あったかいんだからぁ♪ Attakai'n Dakara♪
 ケラケラじゃんけん Kerakera Jyanken

In addition, the Nihon Elekitel Renhou cllabolation collaboration will be coming to Asia, offering costumes of their two hostesses! The collab will run from April 28th to August 31st, so you have about three months to grab the costumes~!

And there's....even more? The gradual release of the IM@S songs, previously announced on the Taiko Team's livestream...that's going to be brought over too! Well, four out of five of the songs anyway: THE IDOLM@STER, Thank You! (a new song), Maou o Kakete! and shiny smile will grace Asian Murasaki with their presence beginning April 28th. The dates of release are all on the above image!

Have fun, overseas players!

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