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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Across Japan (April 15 2015) - April Tournament Results


Here's April's tournament results in the great Asia region! How is everyone doing in the carnage?

Oni's very gusty challenge has Korea's Sesan pulling a Donderful Combo, triumphing the competition.

In the first ever doubles tournament that is Muzukashii department, familiar Hong Kong ranker Garnet teams up with Iyaro takes the cake with a total of only 11 可s. Iyaro also played with fellow Hong Kong Donder Watashi~ and secures a rather close second. It might be that it is hard to meet up for a doubles round, there are only 18 qualifying pairs listed this time, and the scores kinda sloops quite quickly towards the end.

For May, let's celebrate Murasaki ver. finally making to Asia by choosing only new songs, the Team says. Song choices will be announced on May 6 and the tournaments will run from May 9~17.

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