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Monday, April 13, 2015

Across Japan (April 13 2015) - Murasaki Spreads!

Ladies and gentlemen of the Donderverse, we present to you: the announcement of Murasaki ver. update coming to Asian regions on April 16! This of course brings many of the Murasaki debuts (not all though :( ) and also reciprocating some of the missed Kimidori introductions.

Because there is no actual completely new songs here, instead of the usual red-blue new markers, we will be using purple NEW! marks to signal a Murasaki debut, and a yellow-green NEW! for the late-runners:

New Songs!
 Follow Me NEW!
 Dragon Night NEW!
 Highschool ♡ love NEW!
 Do You Want To Build A Snowman NEW!
 Miracle Go! Princess PreCure NEW!
 Seishun Satsubatsu-ron NEW!
 M.S.S.Planet NEW!
 Luka Luka Night Fever NEW!
 EDY -Electrical Dacing Yoga- NEW!
 Bokura no Sekai ni Dance o NEW!
 World's End Dance Hall NEW!
 Iro wa Nioedo Chirinuru o NEW!
 Gensou no Satellite NEW!
 Chikochiko NEW!
 Zero no Rhapsody NEW!

We are missing a rather expectable selection of licensed songs including all Yokai Watch songs. The all four im@s songs from the recent collaborations with two mobile phone spin-offs are unfortunately missing for now, but we have a rather nice track record of them running in later so there is still hope.

New DonPoint unlocks will of course not be said here, but completionists might find themselves more empty bars to fill and adding Night And Day, Sunset Runaway and Mahoujin -Summon Delta- to their song list. Hataraku 2000 and Jinpuumaru Ura was never noted in the Japan ver.'s song addition log, so their absence here doesn't mean they won't be released in the final firmware.

In promotional news, together with RAINMAKER (the song) is the special Kazuchika Okada x Taiko no Tatsujin T-shirt still available on the NJPW web-store. The shop also serves overseas in a dedicated section with a few further clicks.

Remember to come back on Wednesday (April 15) for the tournament results that just closed yesterday!

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