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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Across Japan (April 1 2015): Do You Even Socialize?

Well here it is, the April Facebook Tournament of Kimidori Asia will be using FUJIN Rumble (10★) for Oni and Shiny Kung-fu Revival (7★) for Muzukashii.

But let's play something fun with Muzukashii: make it a two-player tournament! This department will be taking the total score of two players, and To qualify for the tournament, both players have to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Both use Banapassport cards (or equivalent)
  • Both choose the Muzukashii difficulty together
  • Both use the normal score system (no Shin-uchi. Go wild with any other options)

Note that this time one player can rank in at more than one place in the rankings, as long as they are with different team member (say A played with B first and then played again with C, these two pairs can be separately ranked in). For the exactly same pairing a better score will just overwrite.

Oh and remember to do that "Haiyaa!" move thing that t+pazolite coined on that livestream in sync. Not really required for the tourney but recommended for effect.

Link to original post (April tourney)

Back to the limited songs, if you visit an arcade centre today you might find out the songs weren't there. The Team has admitted a failure on their part in setting the limited availability, and the songs will now be open for three more days from April 2~4 (Thurs through Sat) as compensation.

Link to original post (limited songs)

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